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Missive #204 Published 19 January 2024


I liked this book because it discusses desert plants in that part of Arizona where I grew up. A lot of area covered is also in Sonora, MX which I have some familiarity. The information about the desert foods is also very interesting. The author has written a lot more books that I want to try to read.

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Missive #203 Published 17 January 2024

This is the last book in the trilogy but Severin has some more novels that I will read. I think I like his novels better than his later non-fiction.

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Missive #202 Published 15 January 2024

I liked this book! Perhaps it is because I am of a like age and can empathize with the author's writing. He wrote one more book that was published posthumously that I will read. Then perhaps read some of his earlier books but not his poetry although you may like that as well.

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Missive #200 Published 12 January 2024


I did not like these essays as much as those that Wendell Berry has written. The very last one by Wes Jackson could have been given a miss.I don't suggest that you read any of them other than the one by Gary Paul Nabhan.

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Missive #199 Published 11 January 2024

MaCarthy was known for his graphic depictions of violence and his unique writing style, recognizable by a sparse use of punctuation and attribution. That is very true of this book although not so much in his Border Trilogy. I did not like this one as well as that series or his first book but will read more of his.

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Missive #198 Published 9 January 2024

"Honour and drugs don't always mix in the Caribbean… Nick Breakspear thinks he's opted for the easy life, but acting as nursemaid for the idle rich aboard the luxury yacht Wavebreaker in the Bahamas does have its downside. Especially when you come across a bullet-ridden boat not far from the infamous drug baron's hideaway island of Murder Cay.

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Missive #196 Published 6 January 2024

This is the second book in the Tale of Krispos trilogy and the sixth in the Videssos Cycle. A continuation of a good story by Turtledove with only one more book remaining to be read in this Series and the Cycle.

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Missive #194 Published 4 January 2024

This is the first book in a tetralogy with the fourth one just published in 2023. I plan on reading them all if I can find them free (I can wait). It is a good book but I have a warning; it is one of the very few books that has had me tear up.

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Missive #193 Published 3 January 2024

The author is known more for his poetry that his prose but this book was a joy to read. He is also criticized for his focus on death but I did not find that be be so in this book. He has a couple of others that I will read when I get to them.

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Missive #192 Published 2 January 2024

This book is the first in the series of 18. I'll read some more and see if they continue to interest me. The series has been classed as SiFi, Plulp SiFi, Alternative History and Fantasy perhaps others. I don't know if there is genre for speculative future fantasy but that is what I think this is. It does not get very good customer reviews at goodreads.com; mostly because of some VERY poor reviews by 'woke' readers. If you are not woke you might like it.

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