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Missive #263 Published 18 April 2024

Most of Pollan's books are about food and eating but this one about architecture was very interesting. I enjoy the way he ties the main subject of a book to side issues that relate to that subject. If you expect this book to be a 'how to' build a hut then you will be disappointed but if you want to read a well written book then give this a try. I'll be reading more of his plants, cooking and eating books as time permits.

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Missive #262 Published 15 April 2024

Great book. Not a great novel. But rather a highly thought provoking Socratic dialogue with an agenda to introduce the reader to evidence based, experimentally derived public policy creation and the behavioral engineering world view.
It's important to remember, the book was first published in 1948. So yes, much of it is dated. But it's brash, atheistic, rational, highly pragmatic, dialectical approach would be ahead of its time if it were written in 2019.
Skinner is perhaps the most misunderstood and wrongly maligned Psychologist ever. But in the age of internet based, algorithmic behavioral tracking, behavioral forecasting and behavioral modification, ignore Skinner at your own peril.

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Missive #261 Published 14 April 2024

Continuing The Anti-Federalist Papers

Agrippa XVIII
by James Winthrop
To the Massachusetts Convention

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Missive #260 Published 12 April 2024


Nasruddin was walking home late one night when he stopped at a well to drink some water.

As he stared down into the well, he saw the moon.

“Hang on, Moon!” he shouted. “I’ll rescue you!”

He lowered the bucket into the well but, as he tried to maneuver the bucket into just the right spot so the moon could climb in, he stumbled on the hem of his robe and fell over backwards.

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Missive #259 Published 11 April 2024

In the Money is a sequel to White Mule, and the second volume in Dr. Williams's "Stecher Trilogy," but it also stands alone as a novel complete in itself. White Mule is a study of childhood—of the baby Flossie Stecher and her sister Lottie, and their parents, Joe and Gurlie Stecher, of German and Norwegian origin, living in New York before the first World War. In the Money is Joe Stecher's success story—the tale of his fight against graft and injustice to found his own business and get "into the money."

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Missive #258 Published 10 April 2024

I did not like this book as well as the first one that I read in the American Folkways Series. It was published in 1942 so is very dated except for the geography and history which is good information. It is also as this other customer review said "this was not a story, but a series of small stories that frequently seemed disjointed and/or repetitive."

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Missive #257 Published 8 April 2024

I found this book interesting but a difficult read. The author is an academic and wrote this for her peers not someone like me. A lot of academic made up words, 182 pages of footnotes and considerable redundancy. Read at your own risk.

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Missive #256 Published 7 April 2024

Continuing The Federalist Papers.

Federalist No. 18
The Same Subject Continued: The Insufficiency of the Present Confederation to Preserve the Union
Author: Alexander Hamilton and James Madison
To the People of the State of New York:

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Missive #255 Published 5 April 2024


My dental appointment for a cleaning and exam went as I expected. While I was in Wellton I had two pain incidents with my lower front teeth which I have known for years would have to come out. The dentist here said it was time; there is infection around the root which was causing the pain. Therefor I'm back to see him again next Tuesday for extraction, back again after about five days for a temporary dental bridge then back again in about 6 months for the permanent bridge. There is a molar that is also infected that will have to come out; it is not doing me any good since there is no opposing molar that helps me chew. The good news about all this is the cost will be significantly less than what I would have to pay any United States dentist.

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Missive #254 Published 2 April 2024

I had a dental cleaning appointment yesterday with the dentist in Naco, MX; however the dentist didn't show up. I now go back tomorrow and try again. I was planning of going to do laundry and weekly shopping tomorrow so it is not an added trip just added time spent.

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