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Missive #244 Published 18 March 2024

In this stunning new book, Christopher F. Rufo exposes the inner history of the left-wing intellectuals and militants who slowly and methodically captured America's institutions, with the goal of subverting them from within. With profiles of Herbert Marcuse, Angela Davis, Paulo Freire, and Derrick Bell, Rufo shows how activists have profoundly influenced American culture with an insidious mix of Marxism and racialist ideology. They've replaced "equality" with "equity," subverted individual rights in favor of group identity, and convinced millions of Americans that racism is endemic in all of society. Their ultimate goal? To replace the constitution with a race-based redistribution regime, administered by "diversity and inclusion" commissars within the bureaucracy.

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Missive #243 Published 17 March 2024

Continuing The Anti-Federalist Papers

Agrippa XVI
by James Winthrop
To the Massachusetts Convention

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Missive #242 Published 16 March 2024

On 31 August 2006 I started what I named 'My Walking Project'— daily walks with the intent of improving my health and maybe loose some weight.

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Missive #241 Published 15 March 2024


Today is the third day with strong winds. They started earlier this morning that the other two days but I was able to get my shopping done and get back to the Park before they got too bad.

On the way to Safeway in South Bisbee I stopped for breakfast at Mornings Cafe in Warren, a 'neighborhood' of Bisbee. Warren is the home of Greenway Elementary School, Bisbee High School, and the historic Warren Ballpark.

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Missive #240 Published 14 March 2024

A good book but not as good as the author's historical fiction. There is one more in his Sailing Thrillers series and then I'll be going back to what he does best.

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Missive #239 Published 12 March 2024

Science, Liberty and Peace is an essay written by Aldous Huxley, published in 1946. The essay is an opinionated discussion covering a wide range of subjects reflecting Huxley's views towards society at that time. He puts forward a number of predictions, many of which turned out to be true up to 60 years later. A consistent theme throughout the essay is Huxley's preference towards a decentralised society.

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Missive #238 Published 11 March 2024

1677, on a late summer's evening two ships lurk off the coast of southwest Ireland. They are Barbary corsairs from North Africa, slave catchers. As soon as it is dark, their landing parties row ashore to raid a small fishing village — on the hunt for fresh prey…
In the village, seventeen-year-old Hector Lynch wakes to the sound of a pistol shot. Moments later he and his sister Elizabeth are taken prisoner.

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Missive #237 Published 10 March 2024

Continuing The Federalist Papers.

Federalist No. 16
The Same Subject Continued: The Insufficiency of the Present Confederation to Preserve the Union
Author: Alexander Hamilton
To the People of the State of New York:

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Missive #236 Published 8 March 2024


This book was published in 1954 so it is dated even with the Afterword by his wife, Ruth M. White, in 1967 and a Postscript in 1976 it is still dated. However, the history is well worth reading and the geography has not changed. A good book for anyone that knows nothing about the Adirondacks.

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Missive #235 Published 6 March 2024

This is a good book but if you have read The 'Men Who Made the Nation' it is probably not necessary that you read this one. The author wrote 'The Men Who Made the Nation' for the Mainstream of America Series and then wrote this one so his publisher could garner some additional sales.

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