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Missive #64 Published 23 April 2023

Floor planning is a form of retailer financing for large ticket items displayed on showroom floors or lots. Specialty lenders, traditional banks, and finance arms of manufacturers provide the short-term loans to retailers to purchase items and they are then repaid as the items are sold.

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Missive #63 Published 21 April 2023

If you have been keeping up with the economic News as presented by the MainStream Media there is little to be gained by reading this book. The author has VERY liberally quoted from many of those same sources that you have been reading. The author is very much against central banks but generally follows Western government narrative. Seems to think crypos are going to become the new 'money'.

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Missive #62 Published 19 April 2023

This is the first of eight historical novels by Eileen Mary Challans, known by her pen name Mary Renault. She was best known for her historical novels set in ancient Greece. I think I will read the other seven just to get a Greek history education.

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Missive #61 Published 16 April 2023

How does an Airman First Class, third enlisted rank in the US Air Force that is typically promoted to Airman First Class after ten months as an Airman, gain access to Top Secret Documents? This smells like a setup to me.

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Missive #60 Published 14 April 2023

This is probably the best book by Dos Passos that I have read so far. The stories of those whose lives impinged on Jefferson's were stories that you never heard when studying history in school. Reccommended!

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Missive #59 Published 12 April 2023

This is the last book in The Time of Troubles tetralogy, a part of the Videssos Cylcle. It is good Turtledove but I like his alternative history novel the best.

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Missive #58 Published 9 April 2023

This is the first of his books in The Border Trilogy. It has a lot of Spanish narrative which it is worth you time to translate. Some of it is Border Spanish slang but the translation is better than nothing if you do not read Spanish. I don't know who wrote the Book Promo but I didn't find there to be much comic adventure; tragic perhaps, comic I think not.

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Missive #57 Published 7 April 2023

The most sweeping account of how neoliberalism came to dominate American politics for nearly a half century before crashing against the forces of Trumpism on the right and a new progressivism on the left.

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Missive #56 Published 2 April 2023

I would classify this book as being a historical parody. It is one of about an half dozen of Kunstler's books that were out of print. This one has been brought back to life maybe I can find the others. It is a fun read!

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Missive #55 Published 31 March 2023

This is not a historical fiction novel which Cornwell is known for. The first of five sailing thrillers that I enjoyed. Probably will not be more. Cornwell had this to say "I enjoyed writing the thrillers, but suspect I am happier writing historical novels. I’m always delighted when people want more of the sailing books, but I’m not planning on writing any more, at least not now — but who knows? perhaps when I retire."

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