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Missive #193 Published 3 January 2024

The author is known more for his poetry that his prose but this book was a joy to read. He is also criticized for his focus on death but I did not find that be be so in this book. He has a couple of others that I will read when I get to them.

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Missive #192 Published 2 January 2024

This book is the first in the series of 18. I'll read some more and see if they continue to interest me. The series has been classed as SiFi, Plulp SiFi, Alternative History and Fantasy perhaps others. I don't know if there is genre for speculative future fantasy but that is what I think this is. It does not get very good customer reviews at goodreads.com; mostly because of some VERY poor reviews by 'woke' readers. If you are not woke you might like it.

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Missive #190 Published 31 December 2023

Continuing The Federalist Papers.

Federalist No. 11
The Utility of the Union in Respect to Commercial Relations and a Navy
Author: Alexander Hamilton
To the People of the State of New York:

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Missive #189 Published 29 December 2023


A man slapped Nasruddin on the face, so Nasruddin took the man to court, accusing him of assault.

The judge ordered that the man must give Nasruddin a gold coin by way of damages.

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Missive #188 Published 28 December 2023

I don't know that this book is the nightmare that it has been cracked up to be but I do agree that it is wacky. I may give Chesterton's books another try and see if he writes in the same style.

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Missive #187 Published 27 December 2023

This is the fourth volume of There Will Be War which is a compilation of short stories and essays that have mostly been published elsewhere. The exception in this volume is No Truce With Kings which is a novella that can be found as a stand alone book. As I have done in the past I show the Contents.

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Missive #186 Published 26 December 2023

In the mid 1930s, North America's Great Plains faced one of the worst man-made environmental disasters in world history. Donald Worster's classic chronicle of the devastating years between 1929 and 1939 tells the story of the Dust Bowl in ecological as well as human terms. Now, twenty-five years after his book helped to define the new field of environmental history, Worster shares his more recent thoughts on the subject of the land and how humans interact with it.

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Missive #185 Published 25 December 2023


"Only a farmer could delve so deeply into the origins of food, and only a writer of Wendell Berry’s caliber could convey it with such conviction and eloquence. Long before Whole Foods organic produce was available at your local supermarket, Berry was farming with the purity of food in mind. For the last five decades, Berry has embodied mindful eating through his land practices and his writing. In recognition of that influence, Michael Pollan here offers an introduction to this wonderful collection.

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Missive #184 Published 24 December 2023

Continuing The Anti-Federalist Papers

Agrippa X
by James Winthrop
To the People

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