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Author name: Ed Frey

Missive #125 Published 15 September 2023

Ten years ago, the twentieth century and the Bronze Age were tossed together by a mysterious Event. In the decade since, the Republic of Nantucket has worked hard to create a new future for itself, using the technological know-how retained from modern times to explore and improve conditions for the inhabitants of the past. Some of these peoples have become allies. Some have turned instead to the renegade Coast Guard officer William Walker. And for ten years, the two sides have tested each other, feinting and parrying, to decide who will be the ones to lead this brave new world into the future. The final battle lines have now been drawn. And only one side can emerge the victor."

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Missive #125 Published 14 September 2023

This is Volume III and for the most part is just as good as the first two. However, Psi-Rec: Of Sword and Sitar can be skipped and you will not have missed much.

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Missive #124 Published 12 September 2023

A very good book written by someone that is not an economist that believes the current ideology. The reviewers that give the book low ratings are such true believers. I for one agree with what he says and think we are now in that depression and it will get worse before it gets better.

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Missive #123 Published 10 September 2023

Continuing The Federalist Papers.
Federalist No. 3 The Same Subject Continued: Concerning Dangers From Foreign Force and Influence For the Independent Journal. Author: John Jay To the People of the State of New York:

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Missive #122 Published 8 September 2023

Kelly Turnbull, the hero of People’s Republic, Indian Country, Wildfire, and Collapse, is back this fifth novel that tells the story of how America split apart into red and blue. Brought back to the United States to work with an elite group of operators who are seeking to stop the slide to open civil war, Turnbull pursues a leftist terrorist mastermind who will stop at nothing to burn down the country.

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Missive #121 Published 6 September 2023

These are thee very good stories that the author wished to be called short novels not novellas. She wrote mostly short stories with only one completed novel. The book that I read had a Cronology of her life that was an interesting read as well. She was married four times and quite a minx even into her more mature years. A good read.

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Missive #120 Published 4 September 2023

This was the first book in the Kelly Turnbull Series but is #5 in the story chronology. It is much better than the first book that I read by Schlichter but would not call it great literature. It is of the political fiction or dystopia genre depending on the book seller or reviewer. It is good entertainment.

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Missive #119 Published 3 September 2023

Continuing The Anti-Federalist Papers
Agrippa II by James Winthrop To the People.

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Missive #118 Published 1 September 2023

I did not like this book although there were some reviewers that thought it was great. There were two reviews that I have quoted that express what I did not like. First, was the non-linear narrative1 and second was too much philosophy2. Huxley once stated that his aim in his fictional works was to “arrive, technically, at a perfect fusion of the novel and the essay.” Perhaps he thought that he did that with this book. I think he made a hash of it and would have been better to publish the 'story' as a novel and the rest as a collection of essays.

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Missive #117 Published 31 August 2023

An interesting book that makes a good point about one of the things that has created the new aristocrats/elites and the 'deplorables'.

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