1 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

Shopping day and breakfast at El Capitan where I had their El Capitan Skillet. It was good as was the coffee. I have given up on getting sourdough toast that is up to my standards.

The excursion through Safeway this morning provided a big surprise. Apparently the marketers at Greek Gods have been reading my postings. I started some months back adding maple syrup and vanilla to the Greek Gods Honey. Lo and behold, what do I find this morning but some Greek Gods Maple. They do not claim that it is Maple & Honey but there is some honey listed in the ingredients although I think most of the sweetener is from cane sugar.

On my way back into the Park I stopped at the office building where the laundry is located and got dirty clothes into a washer. I did it this way because of the ¼ mile round trip from my space to the laundry and I did my walking quota before breakfast.

"What we are witnessing in the United States is the first country to reverse the development process and to go backward by giving up industry, manufacturing, and tradable professional skill jobs. The labor force is becoming Third World with lowly paid domestic service jobs taking the place of high-productivity, high-value added jobs.
The initial response was to put wives and mothers into the work force, but now even many two-earner families experience stagnant or falling material living standards. New university graduates are faced with substantial debts without jobs capable of producing sufficient income to pay off the debts." - Paul Craig Roberts, The US Economy Is Failing

"When you give politicians — including Cabinet secretaries — trillions of dollars in other people’s money to do things not even implied by the U.S. Constitution, which called for limited government — then the swamp is what you get. It really doesn’t matter if Donald Trump is in office or Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Jeb Bush or anyone else. The fact remains that when you put human beings in charge of inconceivably large amounts of money that does not belong to them, and for which they are ultimately unaccountable, it will bring out the worst in even the best of people. Sick of the swamp? Want to drain it? Then get rid of most of government as we know it." - Michael J. Hurd, Tom Price: Why Is It So Hard to Drain the Swamp?

2 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

It was colder this morning than it has been and felt much colder with the wind chill down in the 30s. The high temperature for today is expected to be only 60 with the low tomorrow morning at 35. I'll have my winter gear on tomorrow because it is almost always colder than the forecast.

This Type 13 Pentagonal is the fourth, and last, one that Marjorie Rice discovered. I once again had trouble drawing this one because of side lengths. There were two sides that their length was determined by the angles and the lengths chosen for the other three sides and I guessed wrong. The primitive unit did 'fit' together but didn't look right and the units would not fit together when a tiling was attempted. Got 'er done and looking good!

All the News today is about the Las Vegas shooting. I suspect that the vast majority of what has been reported is incorrect but it does make for compelling News. I have only one observation at this time. Every time there is a mass shooting in involves a 'mass' of people. Crowds appear to me to be the targets of choice, therefore if you wish to avoid becoming a victim of a mass shooting I strongly suggest that you shun crowds.

3 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

I think there is an easier way to put a border around a pixel drawing in GIMP but you need to make that decision before you draw the art. What I did was saved the pixel art as a PNG file which I loaded into HTML5 Canvas that had the border in place then saved that Canvas image as a PNG file and that is what you see here. This is included in the two color cross stitch patterns but with the border it has become 4 colors. The zebra looks to be black and white but that is a shade of black the white is not considered a color in cross stitch since it is just the background with the gray shadow under the zebra being the second color. There are a few other gray pixels scattered around through the zebra but they are VERY hard to see even at much higher magnification. An interesting piece that has taught me a few things.

The low this morning was only 39° but with a wind chill of 34. I was dressed for it so it didn't feel that cold. The high yesterday was 59 with another day just like it forecast for today. I'm using NWS again for my actual temperature reporting and forecasts. Weather Underground appears to be 'improving' their web site again and it has become worthless.

Mass murders are good for business. You doubt me, then explain why the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq all closed at record highs yesterday. The Las Vegas killings were the News, all the News - what else could possibly have caused the new records? There certainly was not any great business News.

Meanwhile the Leftist are celebrating the deaths of those that they consider Trump voters, those deplorables, those people that former president Obama described as "clinging to their guns and bibles". There is the usual wailing for more gun controls of course but the guy used guns that are illegal now. It is not about gun control it is about disarming those that do not support the Progressives. As the Sheriff on the scene in Las Vegas said there was nothing that could have been done to stop this guy.

The shooting did remove Puerto Rico from the News cycle. It will be interesting to see if there is anymore coverage of it after this story cycle has played out. This shooting has legs and will last longer than the usual 3 days. What is being reported is also so contradictory that the real facts will never be known.

4 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

I was able to draw this small two color pixel art piece and then put the border around it in GIMP. I'm not sure if I can do it again or not. I tried so many different things until I finally got it to look as it does now that I can't remember what I did. I need to learn more about how to use GIMP Layers.

I was disappointed with the first container of Greek Gods Maple that I tried. I made up my dessert by adding fruit and nuts and it was not as good as when I make it using Greek Gods Honey with added maple syrup. I have another container of it to which I will be adding maple syrup.

The more the Las Vegas story gets spun the less believable it becomes. I don't much care what crock the government comes up with for the shooters motive. What I want to know is what the next act in this drama is going to be. There has to be a expected outcome - what is it? Remember: "never let a crisis go to waste".
"People who aren’t familiar with firearms have no idea how difficult it is to conduct sustained fire with an automatic weapon. It requires tremendous strength, endurance and training — something that Stephen Paddock had none of. Military special forces operatives train for years to be able to manage such weapons and handle all the problems they pose (barrel overheating, ammo jams, double feeds, recoil management, etc.). The idea that some senior citizen accountant can just pick up a machine gun and lay down thousands of rounds of effective fire in a sustained, 10-minute assault even though he had no experience with such weapons is completely ludicrous. - Mike Adams, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

5 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

There is not much happening here. I have spent some time trying to learn how to use layers in GIMP to draw picture frames with wood grain. I did manage to draw some wood grain but was not satisfied with how it looked. Found a tutorial on using layers that I have just started to read and work through. Maybe by the end of today I'll have made some progress.

I started another pixel art piece that will not be framed but will be two colors with a transparent background so will appear like most of the single color ones that I have drawn. Started an new book on my Paperwhite. Still doing about 4 miles a day with Patches who right now is snoring on the couch.

Another of Rex Beach's many adventure novels with this one taking place in the oil fields of Texas. A very entertaining read with a compelling main character. This novel was used as the basis for a film in 1940 although the storyline in the film did not follow the book very closely. The book was published in 1922 so it took some time before being made into a movie whereas The Barrier was published in 1908 and made into silent films in 1913, 1916 and lastly in 1926. Beach had to have been one of the early writers that understood that the money was to be made by turning his books into films rather than selling books.

"Gun control isn’t a policy. It’s a moral panic. Like prohibition, it’s a xenophobic reaction to a different culture that shares the same country with them. Guns have come to embody a rural conservative culture in the minds of urban leftists the way that alcohol once embodied foreign immigrants to prohibition activists and the way that drugs represented urban decadence to rural America.
It’s why the “common sense solution” talk quickly gives way to broad denunciations of a “national gun culture”, of “white privilege”, of rural folk “clinging to their bibles and guns”, of American militarism and toxic masculinity, and of all the things for which guns are merely a symbol to the leftists who hate them.
A cultural critique is very different than a common sense solution. It isn’t guns that the left wants to ban. It’s people. It was never really about banning guns. It was always about the culture war." - Daniel Greenfield, Truck Control, It Only Happens Here And Other Gun Control Myths

The Lame Stream Media and politicians of all stripes are not wasting any time to start the hue and cry for more gun control. It started within 24 hours of the Las Vegas shooting with the usual demand that "assault rifles" must be banned so "this will never happen again". The article I cited above puts paid to that myth rather quickly.

But the anti-gun lobby is tilting at windmills. The number of gun deaths that they like to use are ALL deaths caused by a firearm with about 2/3rds of them being suicides. I have no idea how many of those suicides used an 'assault rifle' but I suspect it is few.

In 2015 there were a total of 9,616 firearm homicides with 252 of them attributed to rifles of ALL kinds. That 252 number compares favorably to the 1,544 knife homicides, 624 personal weapon (hands, fists, feet etc) homicides or the 437 blunt instrument (clubs, hammers etc) homicides. I have long been advocating that this country needs hammer control far more than 'assault rifle' control; hammers are far and away a bigger killer.

6 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA354 October 6, 1929

I was able to put a frame around a picture in GIMP yesterday using layers. It is complicated for a first time user of layers but I can see that it will be very useful to learn how to use them. The frame is just a small thing compared to what all can be done.

I'm about halfway with the pixel art drawing. Maybe get started on stained glass panel #47 today and/or this weekend. I have been thinking about how I am going to draw it and can not see any easy way. Keep putting off the start.

Not much News. Not much happening with me other than the continued pains from the psoriatic arthritis. I did get an email from the VA pharmacy that acetaminophen and ibuprofen have been prescribed and shipped (well maybe not shipped but they gave me a tracking #) . Generally, the treatment of psoriatic arthritis involves a combination of anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) and exercise. This worked once before but I do not seem to be getting any better, not any worse but not better.

7 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

Shopping day with breakfast at El Capitan where I got their Skillet again. That is the best they have on their limited menu. Their lodge looked to be full with quad & side by side ATVs and dirt bikes. They came into Hawthorne yesterday from Mammoth, CA and today they ride a loop to Bodie, CA and back to Hawthorne then back to Mammoth tomorrow.

This is called the Dick Allen Sierra Safari which started in 1978 for dirt bikes and is held every year. I'm only guessing but there must have been around 40 ATVs and maybe 20 motorcycles.

After getting groceries I pulled into my space at the Park where I was lined up with the sewer and dumped tanks. Took on fresh water and I should be good to go until I am at my next camp. The sewer hose tools were a must, my hands today could never have connected and disconnected the hose.

I made a start on stained glass panel #47 yesterday. As I thought it is going to be a tough one to draw on Canvas with Javascript. I am adding color but that adds very little to the difficulty, this would be as hard, maybe harder, to do as a line drawing. It would not be very difficult to do with a ruler on a piece of paper but still somewhat of a challenge to get the measurements right.

I have some terrible signal strength from Verizon today so connected to the Park WIFI. It is better but not what I consider good. I'll probably be able to use it this morning but when everyone gets up and all the overnighters start arriving this afternoon it will most likely get a lot worse.

The VA has sent my prescriptions to the UPS Store in Sierra Vista and they forwarded them yesterday. With any luck I will receive them on Tuesday. If unlucky they will end up getting sent back to Sierra Vista. My next problem will then be someplace where they can be re-sent. The next RV Park that I want to stay at is not responding so I'm not sure where I will be.

8 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

This is the first of two Ukrainian patterns in two colors that are on the cross stitch web site. The second one is much bigger and I will do it but need a break. This one is small but almost every pixel had to be placed individually, that will be true of the larger pattern also. They are beautiful as pixel art or at greater magnification.

The high yesterday was 81° with an low this morning of 48. That high prompted me to get my small tower fan back in operation but will not be needed today is the forecast 66 come to pass. Tomorrow morning will be much colder also. The forecast is for it be 35 but I suspect it will be colder and winter gear will be worn.

Nothing happening here. I may cook some salmon fillets this morning for future 'linners' but that will probably be the extent of doing anything constructive. More drawing on panel #47 and more Paperwhite reading.

9 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

I was a cold blustery day yesterday with a high of only 59° and gusts of 32mph. The expected 66 high certainly did not happen so I am somewhat dreading the 63 high that is forecast for today. They are calling for it to be calm so that is good.

I tried to set up the next pixel art drawing with two layers yesterday and failed. I'll go back and give it another go today by walking through the instructions again. Obviously I did not retain them from the first time.

This story goes a long way to highlight, but not explain, what the Democrat anti-gun lobby is thinking. The aren't! DUH

"During an October 8 appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) stressed that securing universal background checks for every gun sale both retail and private is required. When Tapper pointed out that the Vegas attacker had, in fact, passed background checks for firearms, Murphy argued that it is not fair to limit the gun control discussion to one attack.
Such checks would mean that gun purchasers buying privately would have to pass the same background check that was passed at retail by the Vegas attacker, the Alexandria attacker, the Orlando Pulse attacker, the Lafayette movie attacker, the Aurora movie theater attacker, both Fort Hood attackers, and the attacker who shot and wounded Gabby Giffords." - Awr Hawkins Every Gun Purchaser Should Be Required to Pass Same Background Check as Vegas Attacker

"We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.' - Ayn Rand

10 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

I was slightly warmer yesterday than forecast with the low this morning at 36° with a wind chill of 31. Did not feel that cold because I was dressed for it. Today and tomorrow morning is expected to be warmer but then cold again on Thursday with morning lows back below 40. I'm not sure where my next camp will be next week but I'll be moving south and lower in elevation so it will be warmer.

I made a lot of good progress on the stained glass panel #47 yesterday. There remains a few more things to draw and then some experimenting with colors. Maybe finish it today or tomorrow. I was able to get two layers set up for the next pixel art piece. One layer for the picture frame and the second one for the art. I'll be working on the frame first so if I screw it up I can throw everything away and start over.

The only other thing going on in my life is the continued pain from the psoriatic arthritis flare up. The regimen that I am following is 10 days of 400mg three times a day of ibuprofen then 10 days of 500mg three times a day of acetaminophen. Rince and repeat until the inflammation goes away. The first flare up I had was back in 2011-12 and it took three cycles, or 60 day, before I had the pain back to a manageable level. I'm now nearing the completion of cycle #2 and still hurt a lot, not severe but a lot.

11 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

The Harvey Weinstein soap opera has replaced the Las Vegas Massacre as News. The Las Vegas story has become so convoluted that it is just as well that the Lame Stream Media has dropped it and gone to Harvey's defense.

I care nothing about Harvey knowing full well that he will avoid any long term punishment. He will return in a year or two and be just as prominent within the Democrat Party as Bill Clinton. His accusers will be the ones that suffer.

What I want to know is what was the purpose and expected outcome of the Las Vegas Massacre? I can not believe that the alleged killer was the prime shooter. He may have played his part which I don't think went according to the plan but who was the puppeteer? More importantly, what next?

On 18 September 2017 I sent a Secure Message (that is VA speak for an email) asking my VA doctor to prescribe the acetaminophen and ibuprofen to treat my flare up or advise. It took a couple more Secure Messages to make that happen and then the long delivery time began. The prescription was received by Pharmacy and filled on 2 October, shipped on 5 October and received at my UPS Store on 6 October. It was then forwarded to me and I think it arrived at the RV Park P.O. Box yesterday. Maybe I will get it today?

Panel 47

A lot of coding for this Panel #47 and I used a lot of loops that reduced what it could have been. The coding was not all that complicated but getting the measurement right was the biggest difficulty. There are some slight errors in what you see but not more than a couple of pixels here and there so they are not noticeable. I could make the background any color but for this piece I have made it transparent so the background of the web page where it appears is the background for the piece. I think it is a striking but will not be doing panel #48 which is almost identical.

12 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

The sun went down and the wind came up. Not too bad with gust of only 28 mph but it is blowing in some cold air. The next few mornings are all going to be near freezing per the forecast with high temperatures in the upper 50s and lower 60s. It is time for me to be winging south with the snowbird migration.

I did get my forwarded package yesterday. There was even a larger supply of the ibuprofen included than I expected. Enough for 9 cycles of the regimen that I have been on. My VA doctor has not told me to do anything different so I'll continue with the hope that it works as it it did once before. Getting the meds has been a worry on top of the pain.

I got two layers set up in GIMP again with one of them drawn as a frame for the art. My problem now is the layer that I want to draw the art on has guidelines that begin at the edge of the frame. This makes it doubly difficult to determine the pixel position on the cross stitch pattern and then find that same location on the art layer. I'm search for a solution for that problem before doing any drawing.

I think there is a lot of Wells personal life written into this book. He had multiple affairs, with his second wife's consent, that resulted in a son and daughter. Although the book was published in 1913 and the son was born in 1914 I can not help but think that his hoped for birth was on his mind. The son Robert West went on to also be an author (a Wells biography) and literary critic. Recommended for those that want to read all of Wells' work. "None of us knows much and most of us do not even know what is known." - H. G. Wells
I was surprised by how much I liked this as it is considered to be one of Wells' lesser novels. It's written as though it were a letter from a father to his adult son, explaining the path of his life and the affair he had. I found of the character of Lady Mary to be most interesting and perhaps the most radical of all Wells' heroines - a woman who didn't want to be a wife or mother, who wanted independence, her own money, space, beautiful clothes, and to make an impact. There was simply to place for her on earth in 1913 and there not be yet. - Customer review at goodreads.com

"Of course, as recently demonstrated in Las Vegas, the surveillance state cannot, or will not, keep Americans safe, in spite of their promises as written into the Patriot Act and every other one of their invasive, impotent, and misguided legislations. This is because passing laws is never about safety. It’s about control, and power, pure and simple. The Elected Ones openly defy their oath of office in broad daylight and the entire world witnesses the hubris, while the archaic Establishment Media abdicates their solemn responsibility to safeguard liberty, truth, and honor. Indeed, the propagandic purveyors of the Lamestream Media, have, instead, become the enemies of freedom via their intentional campaigns of misinformation and outright deception." - Doug “Uncola” Lynn, THE STAND: Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea

The Las Vegas story becomes more and more interesting as the original narrative unravels. I doubt that you will read this anywhere in the Lame Stream Media
"...upon the FBI searching the Mandalay Bay Hotel room used by CIA gun runner Stephen Paddock, a cell phone charger was discovered that had no accompanying phone—with SVR technology experts noting that this type of charger is used to charge a CP502520 3.0V 600mAh Li-MnO2 Non-rechargeable Thin Cell Battery used in various communication devices by both US Special Forces and CIA forces. The company making this unique lithium battery, this report details, is Ultralife Corporation, based in Newark, New York, that specializes in military communications systems for the Pentagon—and whose lead engineer for this particular communication systems development was John Beilman." - Jay Greenberg / NeonNettle, Key Witness in Las Vegas Shooting Kills Self and Daughter Following FBI Raid

13 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA355 October 13, 1929

I have been doing morning walks about twice a week to the 76 gas station and minimart (Golden Gate Petroleum) where I get a cup of coffee. At this station there are also 8 Tesla Charging Stations. I have never seen anyone at any of them getting charged but then again I can't imagine Tesla owners being up and about in Hawthorne, NV at 6:00am. I asked the clerk if the Stations were ever used and he said maybe 3-4 times a week - usually in the afternoon.

This morning was a last shopping trip while here and another breakfast at Maggie's Once Again. Limited menu had me going with just your plain sausage and eggs with home fries which were better than a lot of places. I also fill Desperado with gas so she will be ready to travel next week.

I needed some light reading and maybe a laugh or two after worrying about getting the meds necessary to stop the pain from this latest arthritic flare up. I'm not sure that the regimen will do it but without the ibuprofen I had no idea of what to do. This book provided some of that relief. The customer review 'gets it".
I loved this book! A series of letters from a fictional bushleague pitcher circa 1914 written by Ring Lardner ( a great sports journalist from the early 1900's ). If you liked to hear stories from you ole grandpas about times past etc you'll love this book. The vernacular is pure american. - Customer review at goodreads.com

I'll be doing housecleaning during the weekend and really do not look forward to it. I am hurting a lot when trying to get up and down. You have seen how 'ol folks have to rock back and forth to generate some launch speed so they can get up out of a chair - well I'm one of them!

The low was 32° this morning while we were out doing our walk and I could tell that is was lower than the forecast. Sunday morning is expected to be 31 so I'll be wearing my wool capote and maybe even a scarf because I'm guessing it will be below freezing. The high yesterday was 59 with a 65 forecast for today then back to 57 tomorrow. Winter is setting in!

14 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

I got the toilet and sink cleaned in the bathroom early this morning. Did that as I multitasked by cooking some sardine and potato patties. I'll get the bathroom and kitchen floors vacumned also this morning but I'm not so sure about washing the floors. I can get down there to do them but it is the getting back up that is the problem. "Help I have fallen and can't get up!"

It was not too cold this morning with the low at 39° and a wind chill of 31. It is staying cold however with it up to only 43 by 9:00 and the expected high is to be 58. They weather guessers still think the low will be 31 tomorrow morning so I'll dress for even colder temperatures.

I was hoping to stop at my next camp for two weeks and then move on to 'winter quarters'. Have not been able to get confirmation from the RV Park that I want for the two weeks so will do a three day drive to my winter quarters with a couple overnight stops along the way. I'm not looking forward to doing that because I stiffen up while sitting and it is hell to get out of Desperado and walk after just a short time. But you do what you have to do.

U S Today published a list of the 50 Most Livable Cities in the United States. I assume one of their criteria was that the city had to have a population of over 50,000 because I scaned through the list and found none that was less than that. I also did not see any place on the list that appealed to me. The one city that I noticed is a suburb of Las Vegas and you would not know when you were there or in Las Vegas.

15 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

I got Desperado's coach cleaned up yesterday. Today I see if I can get the cab vacumned, dash wiped down and windows washed. Probably later in the day when it warms up a little.

The low was only 32° and that happened after we finished our walk. I had on a thermal under layer, then a flannel shirt and my capote on top with my wool cap. Overdressed for a low that I thought would be below the forecast 31. It is staying cold, only up to 36-37 by 8:30am although the expected high is 70.

My next camp is going to be a quick reverse back to summer. I'll be stopping at a RV repair shop on the way into town to see about getting my A/C fixed. I'm going to need it!

The Tile Page of this book says "suggested by the play by Rex Beach and Paul Armstrong". It reads like a play and I don't think there was a lot of changes made in what was written for the stage. I could not find a lot written about the play but it did tour the United States prior to the book being published in 1910. What few play reviews I could find described it as being a farce or satire. Almost no book reviews and what few there are have nothing worthwhile to say. A comedic farce is probably the genre, don't expect too much and it is a pleasant read.

I went back and checked what I had written about the flare up I had back in 2011-2012. I was taking the usual over the counter Advil and Tylenol for a month or so and the pain was getting progressively worse.

Drove from Ajo, AZ to my VA provider in Pahrump, NV and she got me on a prescription level dosage which took a couple months before I was feeling better and stopped writing about the pain. I have now been 40 days on the regimen so it may be too soon to expect a 'cure' but from what I can remember I'm in less pain now than then. My feet feel better than they have for months. Start the 3rd cycle of ibuprofen today at noon which seems to always make an improvement since it is the inflammation fighter. We will see!

16 October 2017 Whiskey Flat RV Park (Hawthorne, NV )

I have almost all my household chores taken care of. The counter and stove top being the last thing to do after 'linner' today. I'll be on the road for the next three days so postings will be made when I can.

The low this morning was 34° but again that happened after we finished our walk. It was closer to the forecast 38 while we were out there then continued to get colder. It is warming up a little faster than it did yesterday and is expected to reach 75. Whereas my next camp is forecasting high temperatures in the mid 90s and me with no A/C. I am beginning to suspect unconscious masochistic weather selection is toying with me.

With just 16 hours of ibuprofen coursing through the system I felt a lot better this morning when I got up. Still hurt but not as much which is a good sign. I could also tell that the swelling at the base of my right thumb and right wrist had gone down some. I have hope!

"Science is no longer self-sufficient, isolated from moral ideas, an end in itself; it tends to become a mere agent of mob tyranny; it takes on gratuitous and incomprehensible duties and responsibilities; like the theology that it has supplanted, it has friendlier and friendlier dealings with the secular arm." - H . L. Mencken, Introduction to We Moderns by Edwin Muir

"If men had been equal at the beginning, they would never have risen above the savage. For in absolute equality even the concept of greatness could not have come into being. Inequality is the source of all advancement...He who is truly humble conceals even his humility." - Edwin Muir, We Moderns

17 October 2017 Pair-A-Dice SKP RV Park (Pahrump, NV )

I tried to get confirmation from this Park that they would have a space available for me to stay two weeks starting today. Filled out their web page Contact Form 4 times beginning around 3 October and never received a reply. No response at all. When I arrive I asked how the Contact Form worked and found out that the message goes to some 'officer' of the Park which 'usually' then tells the office about any received.

I had decided that I would just stay overnight in their 'boondock' area and as Fate would have it the first night is FREE. It is going to be a little uncomfortable this afternoon with an expected high of 83° but it was 82 when we got here and there was an ever so slight breeze. If that breeze were to pick up a little I think we are going to have a good day - and it is FREE.

We were on the road at 7:15 this morning and after two hours stopped for breakfast at the Stage Stop Café. I got their Corned Beef Hash with poached eggs and some of the best home fried potato rounds that I have had in a long time. The sourdough toast was better than most, at least it was thick and had some texture to it versus the white bread dough that other places try to palm off as sourdough.

We stopped again in Beatty for a potty break - both of us. A little walk around to get some of the stiffness out of my legs which hurt less than I was expecting. One more stop around noon for me to take meds. It was the hands and shoulders that were hurting me the most by that time. I have another day like this one on tap for tomorrow and hope it goes as well. Hurting but not a lot more than if I had not driven at all.

The route was 275 miles and virtually a straight shot: US95, NV160, Homestead Rd, Manse Rd & Oakridge Ave.

I only read this book because it was included in the H. L Mencken list of books at Gutenberg. He wrote only the introduction I think in part because the author, Edwin Muir, was a big follower of Nietzsche as was Mencken. Muir was also critical of H. G. Wells which also put him in good stead with Mencken. It was way over my head, far too much philosophy for me. Mencken I can sort of understand when he veers off into philosophy but this was too deep for me to get much from it. Read it if that is what you like!

18 October 2017 Ameri-Can Trails RV Park (Quartzsite, AZ )

I'm sure I had enough 'house battery' to keep my Chrombook and MIFI running but only have one converter and one 12v outlet. So, needing to exercise my generator as well as needing 110v power I thought yesterday was an opportune time to kill a flock with one stroke. Ran the generator for about an hour and had everything charged up when I shut it down plus I had been online during that hour.

During that time that it was running was also a time that I wish I had a working A/C. The temperature was 87° with a 2 mph wind - hot and calm, not good. It was also a good time to test my new refrigerator which switched over from gas to electric perfectly when the generator kicked in.

We were on the road at 6:30 this morning which got me into the Las Vegas morning commute. I had chosen to drive across town using I-215 which was not too bad. Driving multi-lane roads with the poor visability that I have from Desperado is not something I care to do but traffic was not as heavy going east and everyone was relatively courtious.

Went to the Omelet House where I has stopped some years ago and remembered that they served a huge omelet. I asked the server to box ½ of it before she served the other half. I'll have the boxed portion as my 'linner' this afternoon. The potato rounds that came with the omelet were huge as well and lots of them. Expensive but not when you can make two meals from what they serve.

The rest of the route was the same boring US95 & AZ95 that I have traveled many times before. It has been a couple or three years and I didn't see and changes except the Interstate construction leading to US95.. A total of 261 miles today on this route: Oakridge Ave, Manse Rd, NV160, I-215 (8 miles), N. Boulder Hwy, US93, US95, US95/I-40 (11 miles), US95, CA62 & AZ95.

I was a little more stiff and sore when I got here around 1:00. We had made only one potty stop and short walk around after breakfast. Not too bad compared to how I usually feel after driving a couple long days - long for me now in my 'golden years'. I am not seeing the hoped for improvement but maybe that will come when I get off the road and settle down for more rest. I have shortened up our walks while on the road but not a lot, the walking is good for my legs and does not hurt any more than getting up and down out of a chair.

Shorter driving day tomorrow. Maybe get A/C fixed and a shopping day at one of my favorite markets - Fry's.

19 October 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

I do have A/C once again and it is cooler already than it was yesterday with the high of 94°in Quartzsite. This morning the low was 66 which made for a good morning walk. I don't think Patches and I will do much this afternoon. It is 92 as I type this with an expected 96 for the high. But optimistically they are forecasting an 88 high for tomorrow and the next day before going back into the 90s.

Foothill RV Sales & service got right on diagnosing the A/C problem. A burnt up controller board that was probably brought about by a compressor that was getting ready to fail based on the sounds that I told them it was making. They also checked my converter and said it was working fine, the noise that I have heard it make are most likely caused my low voltage which my Surge Protector has detected. I think the Surge Protector is acting up as well and is over sensitive at time and at others gives high and low voltage a pass.

I have some other work for them to do while I am here. But when things go wrong they seem to come in bunches. The right lens of my glasses popped out and I can not just press it back into the frame so I need to get that fixed soon. Plus the watch that I bought not two years ago starts and stops more frequently of late. It did that about 6 months after I bought it but is doing it a lot more. I had a cheap Seiko that ran well for over 20 years and this not so cheap Bulava can not run for two years. Grrr

Very short day including the side trips to Foothill RV and to Fry's. I filled Desperado at the Fry's gas station for 54¢ less than in Hawthorne and 16¢ less than in Pahrump. The very surprising prices were in Las Vegas which were about 20¢higher than in Pahrump. I thought Pahrump gas came from Las Vegas and would be more expensive? Total distance was only 94 miles on this route: AZ95, S. Ave 11E/ E. Fortuna , South Frontage Rd, South Frontage Rd, S Foothill Blvd, South Frontage Rd, AZ195, E. County 14th St & S Ave 3E.

This Park is not much to look at and the utility placements have a lot to be desired but I got a VERY good price for the Yuma area. We will see how well I like it after 3 months.

20 October 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA356 October 20, 1929

The walking routes here look to be a bit restricted except for a big sandy field that we may take advantage of. I only went south this morning along 3rd Ave then and out and back along 19th St to the east. Lots of traffic on 3rd and gravel trucks on 19th, wide shoulders on both not a bad route. I'll go north tomorrow morning which may get me to some citrus groves. I have plenty of time to explore.

After breakfast I'll go explore Wal*Mart and see if I can get the lens put back in my glasses frame. Then when I return to my space here at the Park I'm going to see If I can find a position where my sewer hose will reach the dump outlet. I probably can but will want to move to a different position as my regular parking place.

Well I got my glasses fixed at Wal*Mart but not the first one I went to. I knew where there was one on 32nd St and that is where I went first but they had no optometrist department but the one on 3rd Ave did. So it was 20 miles to that one but only 10 miles to get back to the Park. Maybe 2 minutes to fix the problem which required me driving around for almost an hour. HA

The wind started to pick up about the time I left and built up to 37 mph gust by the time I got back into the Park. I'm reasonably well protected in my space with 12-13' oleanders along the back/north side and some distant RVs on the west side blocking the wind and dust. There was sand blowing across 3rd Ave as I was coming back with the official visibility at 2 miles but seemed more like ½ mile or less at times. I backed into a position where I think(?) I can dump from and also use as my regular spot to park. But no dumping today unless I'm forced to do it or the blowing stops.

Call me a sceptic but I find it very hard to believe the Jesus Campos story, 'hero' of the Las Vegas Massacre. Shot one time in the leg supposedly with an AR-15 at reasonably close range with the bullet passing first through a door and becoming deformed. Jesus not only survived but did so with delayed medical attention and did not bleed out (rather common for leg wounds). He then walks onto the Ellen TV Show using a cane, the majority of such gunshot wounded would be in a wheelchair or perhaps crutches after 18 days. He is not much of a 'hero' in my estimation but certainly is a miracle if the story is true.

Then there is this story about an independent investigator, what he found and what happened when he Tweeted what he found. The official narrative is under attack and the FBI is fighting back. I would like to know what is Jeff Sessions involvement, is he also a part of the Establishment working against Trump rather than for him?
"Falco told Intellihub exclusively that he received a phone call from the front desk of Mandalay Bay shortly before 7:30 p.m. in which a female operator instructed him to answer his hotel room door where four men (two armed guards, a security guy, and an FBI agent) simultaneously met him. Falco was then told to pack up his belongings before the FBI agent conducted a subsequent inspection of his room." - Shepard Ambellas, On Scene Investigator BANNED From Mandalay Bay, MGM, For Life After Uncovering Shocking Details Surrounding Las Vegas Attack

21 October 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

The wind gusts reached 40 mph with blowing dust but died down as the sun went down. This morning it is calm as calm can be with just a dust haze remaining. However, the forecast is for more winds today with possible gusts of 30 mph. I need to get the tank dumping done before that happens.

I was able to get the dumping done before the wind picked up and before the sewer outlet fell apart. I need to take the plastic inlet piece to the office and show them that there is a sewer dump disaster just waiting to happen. I was afraid that in backing into this space on Thursday that I was going to run over that inlet and it looks like that is what someone else did.

I'm going to settle in and emulate Patches. She had a rough few days of travel and is catching up on her rest, especially this morning. After we finished our walk she crashed on the couch and has not budged all morning.

"I realize that my tastes may be barbaric, but if there could only be one kind of music, and I were obliged to choose between the universal and the local, my preference would be wholly for the latter, which is the popular music...
I rebelled a long time at the notion that my life must be like that of everybody else, but I had no recourse in the end but to capitulate." - Pio Baroja, Youth and Egolatry (translated by Jacob S Fassett Jr. and Frances L. Phillips)

A very good article that calls McCain out for his latest philippic against President Trump. The dying senator will go to his grave trying to get revenge against the man that had the audacity to question his 'hero' status. That was McCain's ticket into the Senate and his only claim to fame and President Trump cast aspersions on it - that can not stand!

"In other words: Americans have no right to live their lives in peace, and to leave others in the same condition: they must perpetually be sticking their noses in other peoples’ business, sniffing out “injustice” and making sure the trains run on time.
McCain hails the crusade to “help make another, better world” – yet the American people don’t want another world, they want to live in this world in peace and security, rather than sacrificing themselves to some imaginary “duty” to uplift the world on Uncle Sam’s shoulders. That’s one reason why Trump is in the White House and McCain is on the outside looking in." - Justin Raimondo, McCain As Metaphor

22 October 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

This cat was done in black on a white cross stitch background but listed as two colors similar to the zebra that I did. For this one I made the background blue and then had to sort of freehand draw some of the right side of the cat in white or part of the cat would have been blue. There must be a dozen ways to draw a frame around the image and I will continue trying to learn how to do some of them but this is the easiest that I have found and was able to draw. Looking good!

This Park is a bit on the 'rustic' side which accounts for the price that I paid - about half what I paid for 3 months a couple years ago. That stay was in a 'resort' that had mostly long term residents as does this one. One of the techs that works at Foothill RV lives here full time as do perhaps half or more of RV that are here.

When I say 'rustic' that is prompted by the free range chickens that patrol the Park. I'm not certain which RV they belong to. The maintenance here is rather mañana in its approach, the the laundry gas dryers are down until they get the gas line repaired which appears to have been underway for some time. I'll do my laundry next week at one of two places that are on my way to/from Fry's.

It is also about three eighths of a mile round trip from my space to the Park laundry. I could skip doing a morning walk on laundry day and get in my distance just going back a forth. HA There are fewer walking routes available than what I had from the 'resort' Park with no latte stops along the way. We did about a mile walk yesterday morning in a lemon grove that is a half a mile north of us. Walking in the soft sand did not help relieve the pain in my right hip and knee so that will not be done as a regular route but will be done again.

"As for Socialists, I have never cared to have anything to do with them. One of the most offensive things about Socialists, which is more offensive than their pedantry, than their charlatanry, than their hypocrisy, is their inquisitorial instinct for prying into other people's lives…
It was pointed out a long time ago that laws are like cobwebs; they catch the little flies, and let the big ones pass through. How very severe, how very determined our politicians are with the little flies, but how extremely affable they are with the big ones!" - Pio Baroja, Youth and Egolatry (translated by Jacob S Fassett Jr. and Frances L. Phillips)

23 October 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

Another book chosen because it was included in the H. L Mencken list of books at Gutenberg. He wrote only the introduction, I think, in part because the author, Pio Baroja, thought and wrote so much like Mencken himself. There are no worthwhile customer reviews for the book but this is what goodreads.com says in part and edited.
Pio Baroja y Nessi (1872 1956) was a Spanish Basque writer and a novelist, trained as a physician, managed the family bakery and twice ran unsuccessfully for the Spanish parliament. As a young man Baroja believed in anarchistic ideals with a view of life that was pessimistic; held in disfavor by Catholic and traditional thinkers which he thought was a honor. In the 1890s novelists, poets and essayists appeared who had never been heard of before full of exciting ideas from other lands and of their own, Baroja was one of these. The book contains essays that are of an autobiographical nature while expressing his philosophy in a very understandable English translation. There are a couple more of his books at Gutenberg that are in English which I will read.

I was out and about in Yuma this morning. Got out there late because Sprague's Sports does not open until 9:30. Then after they opened it took me 1 hour 10 minute to trade my S & W Governor for a different model. Almost two years ago when I bought the Governor they accepted my RV Park receipt as proof of my current "residence'. Not this time, they needed something issued by the State showing that address i.e. voter registration, hunting license, DMV ID Card etc.

So, I went up to the store front counter and bought a hunting license that shows the current RV Park address as my 'residence'. They could then accept that to meet the 'residence' requirements to sell me a gun. The government knows all about me except they are not sure where my door is so they can kick it in during the wee hours of the morning.

Then I went to PetSmart and made an appointment for Patches to get a bath on Thursday. I'm not sure what I will do during the 3 hours that they claim it is going to take to give her a bath but I have a couple days to think about it.

The high temperature yesterday was 91° which was less than the weather guessers thought it would be. Usually they guess lower than the actual which I hope is true for today and tomorrow. They are expecting a couple of hot ones! The new A/C is doing a very good job and I have not run the little tower fan at all and staying comfortable. While we out for our walk during the high there was a nice breeze and it did not feel hot although Patches thought so.

24 October 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

This book is another of Ring's that has Jack writing letters to his friend Al. This was published in 1918 and Jack was in Army training prior to shipping out which is where The Real Dope published in 1919 starts. It probably would have been better to have read them in the order of their publication date with You Know Me Al published in 1916 coming first. An entertaining read, certainly not literature.

The weather guessers were one degree under yesterday's actual - a gimmie. The bad news from them is they have extended the 90s as the high temps until 30 October. Then the 80s begin and become cooler as far as the forecast has been made. I'm looking forward to them being right since it is already 81° this morning at 9:00.

Busy today ordering accessories for my new S & W; a holster, different grips, loaders and training cartridges (dummy rounds). Also ordering health 'stuff'; more Glucosamine & Chondroitin for Patches, some GoPo® (Glycoside of Mono and Diglycerol) for me. These supplements claim to maintain healthy joints and the Glucosamine seems to have helped Patches, I am hoping that the Gopo® will help me. I'm also getting the jar opener that I need and ordering for a second time some Frontier 90000 Heat Unit ground cayenne pepper (they were out of stock the last time I ordered).

25 October 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

We started the day like any other shopping day with breakfast soon after our walk. This morning that was at Los Manjares de Pepe Foothill, which will be stop of choice while here, where I had Huevos con Chorizo, home fries, beans and a lot of each. Then just up the road a few blocks to Fry's.

I then went to a laundromat near Wal*Mart and a Wells Fargo. Walked in looked around a walked out. About 1/2 of the machines had Out Of Order signs on them and I was not in a gambling mood. The machines also required buying a card which I will not do although I see the day coming when it will be required that I have a Smartphone to do laundry.

Went back where I had come from to a laundromat across the street from Big O Tire. I had considered it but did not like the outside appearance. It is a much better laundromat than the one near Wal*Mart and is open my kind of hours 4:00am to 7:00pm. While doing the drying cycle I had Big O check tire pressure and they found another leaking valve stem. That makes 3 now. When I get new tires in February-March I'll make sure they install high pressure all metal valve stems.

The last stop was at a Post Office not to far from Fry's where I mailed a check to the holster maker. I had a bad experience with a holster maker some years ago and hope I'm not getting into the same situation again. This one has a lot of favorable reviews on the S & W Forum so maybe I'll get what I want when I want it.

The high temperature was 99° yesterday, a degree over expected. Today they are guessing that it will reach only 97 but it was 90 at noon. There is some difference of opinion about it being 90 or less on 31 October but then moving down into the 80s in November.

This Type 14 Pentagonal was realatively easy to draw since it is very much like the Type 11. However, this one has completely determined tiles, with no degrees of freedom other than the side lengths. All of the angles must be as shown in the single tile drawing. The tiling of the Units was even easier than most of these have been. There is one more type that has been found and remaining to be drawn, it is going to be a doozy.

26 October 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

Not doing much today other than take Patches for her bath appointment and then wait, wait and wait. While waiting I did go to the nearby main Post Office and send a second check to my holster maker.

I finally received an email reply that said that both of my previous emails had been replied to but I received nothing. Anyway, I owed for the shipping that will happen in 5-6 weeks - I hope. The main Post Office had 5 clerks 'working' and a line of about 15 people when I joined it. Maybe 10 minutes later I had purchased the one stamp needed and was on my way.

The actual high temperature was one degree over the gurus guess again, but I give them a gimme if they are that close. Today the NWS thinks it is going to reach 95° which is one degree less than The Weather Channel. The two groups of guesser also disagree about when we will start seeing 80s with The Weather Channel in favor of Monday but NWS has forecast that to be 90. I'm hoping that The Weather Channel gets it right.

I have started another pixel art drawing that looks like it will be interesting. I'll be putting another frame around it just because I now can. The stained glass panel #49 is in the contemplation stage. I'm trying to think of a way to draw it although I know it will require a lot of curves.

27 October 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA357 October 27, 1929

It has sure has been a busy 10 days since we left Whiskey Flats. I'm looking forward to not driving anyplace for these next 3 days. I think Patches is looking forward to having her usual routine return also.

I received my first package yesterday, the new grips. Amazon's tracking claims I'll get part of my orders today and tomorrow. I'm not sure how much of everything that I ordered will be in those two packages but NOT the GoPo®. That will be coming sometime between 8 November and 27 November.

It is just as well that will not be available. I hurt a lot in the morning when I get up and I'm on the 10 day acetaminophen cycle. That means I need to do another 10 days of ibuprofen and maybe more. I want to get the pain level down to a level that I'm not taking any pain meds before starting on the GoPo®. That does not mean pain free but down to the 1-2 level on my pain scale.

The weather guessers were very close again with their predicted high yesterday. It was cooler than the day before but with no wind I did a shorter afternoon walk. When I started out this morning I was not convinced that I could do our usual 2 miles but started to hurt less at about the ¾ mile mark so continued on. I am soooo looking forward to The Weather Channels forecast high of 77° on 5 November.

As I said before the Jesus Campos story becomes more unbelievable the more I read about him. He not only survived but was able to drive within a week of getting shot in the right leg at relatively close range with a deformed AR-15 bullet. It is a miracle or he is certainly one tough hombre.

"Customs and Border Patrol documents obtained by Fox News show that the 25-year-old [Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos] entered the United States from Mexico at the San Ysidro border crossing in California — one week after the mass shooting. It’s unclear how long Campos was out of the country. The documents only show that he re-entered the US." - Chris Perez, Jesus Campos reportedly left the country days after Vegas massacre

I have not quoted from this blog posting by Doug “Uncola” Lynn but suggest it as worthwhile reading, Stabbing With Their Steely Knives, They Just Can’t Kill the Beast

28 October 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

I didn't hurt quite as much when I got up this morning. We did our usual 2 miles but I know we have been doing them slower since this flare up started. I saw this morning that I have now developed the classic 'sausage fingers' on my right hand index and middle finger. The right wrist has been painful and swollen also which did not happen with the first flare up that I had.

The appearance of 'sausage fingers' give the medicos the evidence that they need to diagnose psoriatic arthritis versus the common garden variety of arthritis. You have psoriasis, you hurt like someone with arthritis but have no rheumatoid arthritis blood marker and you have 'sausage fingers' - Voilà! You have psoriatic arthritis.

I'll not do much today, like most days. I did get a batch of breakfast meals cook yesterday. I also got my sewer inlet repaired but this Park has some very old plumbing and the fitting I have for my sewer hose is not the same size. One of the other Park residents has put his on the inlet and I'll use the while I am here.

The daily high temperatures continue to drop each day. Not by much but they are going down with the expected high on Monday to be 87-88°. The migrating snowbirds should be showing up soon after that. I don't know if this Park get a lot of them or not I'll have to wait and see. Right now I have an empty space on my left side, 4 empty on the right And two empty in front.

Received another package with part of my Amazon order yesterday. This was the loaders with the 'dummy rounds' maybe coming in today if the email from Amazon is correct.

The Las Vegas Massacre narrative has changed again. It is the time line that they can not seem to get right. Jesus Campos was originally shot 6 minutes before there were any shots to the crowd. Now the story is the shooter fired single rounds at the crowd and then one minute later shot Campos. The shooter then fired 12 'automatic' bursts into the crowd with some more shooting inside between burst 5 and 6 for an estimated total of 900 rounds.

I don't much care about the timeline, I think that is a distraction, but have a problem with the 'automatic' bursts. The shooter had twelve of the rifles modified with a “bump stock” which would simulate an automatic however the magazines that the Lame Stream Media have been showing appear to be 60 round capacity in weapons without 'bump stocks' (so be it, 12X60=720). What is this estimated 900 rounds is there not someone capable of counting the number of shell casings found in the room? The more they spin the narrative the worse it gets!

29 October 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

I was anticipating another delivery (dummy rounds) yesterday from Amazon which split my order into two deliveries for 3 items. The USPS tracking number claims it was "Delivered: To Mail Room". What that means I have no idea. I asked the Park 'manager' about it and he said that he did not receive anything for me. If it does not show up on Monday I'll go to the Post Office on Tuesday and see if they can tell me where it was delivered and how do I get it.

Update: My package was delivered to another space here at the Park yesterday by the 'manager'(?) in error and a woman brought it to me this morning. As with about ½ of all the Parks that I have had mail sent to this delivery was botched in one way or the other. Receiving mail as a fulltimer living in multiple locations throughout the year is a challenge. I don't know that there is a 'good' way to do it.

The NWS and The Weather Channel are now in agreement that the expected high tomorrow will be 88° and no more 90s in the extended forecast. I now have my doubts that the high tomorrow will be below 90.

I could find no reviews for this book although there are probably a lot of them for the Spanish edition. It was originally published in Spanish in 1919 and translated to English by Lewis How in 1976. If this is a representative sample of Pio's writing I am sorry that I do not read Spanish because it is a very good novel and there are few of his that have been translated. There is one more of his that is in English that I have downloaded from Gutenberg that I will get to soon.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District and the author of The Economic Collapse Blog which he started in 2007. His latest series of postings are How The Elite Dominate The World:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
They are worthwhile reading although they serve as a campaign pitch what he has to say contains a lot of truth. IF he should be elected and IF he does what he says he will do what we need is more people with his same views in the House.

30 October 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

I get these dark thoughts from time to time usually early in the morning just after I wake up. Maybe the continuation of a dream? The one that I had this morning was that my psoriatic arthritis condition right now is the 'new normal'. It is not going to get any better than this and the next flare up that I have will be some magnitude worse.

Perhaps my reading a blog posting by a woman that is also a victim of this condition put the thought in my mind. She is on methotrexate which she describes as scarry (severe toxicity of the liver, kidneys and bone marrow, which require regular monitoring with blood tests) and still has the same pains and problems that I am having now. So the psoriasis will never kill you but the treatment can - Scarry!

On a happier note there is James Howard Kunstler's blog posting for today Thar She Blows!. I have not quoted anything just recommending it as a good read

The customer review that I have copied is spot on. The five short stories as told by the husband (never named) are far better than the previous three books that had Jack writing his pal Al. Jack was a country boy and spoke the country vernacular, the husband is more cosmopolitan and speaks with the Chicago vernacular and a sharper wit. Groucho Marx is said to have loved Ring's writing and I can see why, they had similar quick wits and comebacks which had me laughing as I read.
Lardner is neglected, but he's worth seeking out. These five connected stories, about a lower-class Chicago couple circa 1916 with pretensions of upward mobility, are narrated by the husband in vernacular, a Lardner specialty. They're a delight to read, as the husband skewers much of what he encounters, and as we see what he doesn't, which is that people are laughing at him and his wife. Often laugh-out-loud funny.

I need to get busy today and get the next month's Will Rogers weekly articles copied and formatted. Probably finish doing that today or tomorrow for sure. It has become easier to do since I have been using Chrome but it is still time consuming and tedious.

I was overdressed this morning with my flannel shirt. The low was about 70° with the humidity at about 70% and I was sweating more than when on our afternoon walks in the 90s.
31 October 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

Shopping day. Same routine. Breakfast at Los Manjares de Pepe and then groceries at Fry's. The only thing even slightly different was that I planned on having Huevos a la Mexicana and it was the Breakfast Special.

After getting groceries it was a cross town trip to Sprague's Sports. I got there only 10 minutes early so not much of a wait until I got inside waiting for someone to help me. It then did not take very long for them to change the grips so that I can now use the speedloaders which would not clear the factory issued grips.

Back to the Park and backed up to a position to dump but will see if I can make it through today and do that early tomorrow while it is cool. The weather gurus were spot on with their guess of 88° for the high yesterday. I hope they are right for the next four days with their predictions of 82-83. This morning was a little cooler at 66 but the humidity was near 80% and I soaked my flannel shirt with sweat again. Maybe t-shirt and windbreaker is the appropriate dress?

"It’s in California. Everything is in California, all the great sights of nature, and along with all these wonders we have out here is the World’s greatest collection of freak humans on earth. We maintain more freak religions and cults than all the rest of the world combined. Just start anything out here and if it’s cuckoo enough you will get followers." - Will Rogers

"Simply that Nietzsche preaches a mighty crusade against all those ethical ideas which teach a man to sacrifice himself for the theoretical good of his inferiors. A culture which tends to equalize, he says, is necessarily a culture which tends to rob the strong and so drag them down, for the strong cannot give of their strength to the weak without decreasing their store. There must be an unending effort to widen the gap; there must be a constant search for advantage, an infinite alertness. The strong man must rid himself of all idea that it is disgraceful to yield to his acute and ever present yearning for still more strength. There must be an abandonment of the old slave-morality and a transvaluation of moral values. The will to power must be emancipated from the bonds of that system of ethics which brands it with infamy, and so makes the one all-powerful instinct of every sentient creature loathsome and abominable. It is only the under-dog, he says, that believes in equality. It is only the groveling and inefficient mob that seeks to reduce all humanity to one dead level, for it is only the mob that would gain by such leveling." - H. L. Mencken, The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche