1 May 2016 Manzano's RV Park (Silver City, NM)

Yesterday morning the low was 39° and I felt cold. This morning it was 38° and it felt very nice. I don't know if it is the weather station report or me but I suspect the later. The weather guys think that the high today will be 62 with a 30% chance of rain.

That may mean no afternoon walk and it was a good thing that we did a little extra this morning. That colder high temperature may have me firing up the Wave 6 again before long this morning, still only 44° at 8:00.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon working on Geometric Design lesson #2. In lesson one I learned how to draw the shapes using Javascript arc but all of those shapes used multiples of 4 and 8, I'm now working with 6 and 12. I am also working with HTML Canvas which has an invisible grid that is made up of one pixel squares.

So, when working with a circle and 4 parts it is very easy to mentally determine the x,y coordinates for 0,90,180 and 270 degrees. It is not so easy to that when the circle has 6 parts and you are dealing with multiples of 30°. This made it easy for me to draw a 4 petal flower in lesson #1 and now I wanted to draw one with 6 petals.

I could see from the lesson that the centers for the arcs to draw the 6 petals were along the circumference of a central circle and 60° apart. BUT, I did not know what the x,y coordinates were. This is where I had to leave lesson #1 and seek help with circle geometry from the Internet and learn what I did not learn during my 'education' years.

Here is what I managed to draw yesterday.

What made it possible for me to draw these was the x and y coordinates on the central circle can be determined mathematically and Javascript has a Math.cos and Math.sin function that will do that for me. Then with the x,y coordinates known it is as easy to draw the arcs when the internal angles are multiples of 30° as it was for 90°.

The other thing that made it possible for me to draw the seven-circle grid base was that I recognized that the six circles surrounding the center circle had their centers on the same angles as those that are used to draw the 'flower'. Knowing that it was easy to simply add to the radius from the central circle and the x,y coordinates for the surrounding circles could be calculated using Math.cos and Math.sin.

I'll be trying to draw the seven-circle grid in a few days. But first I'm going to do some hexagon and hexagram drawings to see if I truly understand what I think I have learned so far.

2 May 2016 Manzano's RV Park (Silver City, NM)

It felt colder again this morning and the weather station agreed with my feelings. We had a light freeze here this morning with the low at 31°. That does not keep the weather gurus from forecasting the lows to be in the 40s and low 50s. They think the low for Wednesday will be 55° and there is going to be a high of 82° on Thursday. I hope they get it right for once!

Some observations on the primary elections and the upcoming general election campaign season. The Democrats have made the Koch Brothers the poster children of evil Republican activist but they have suddenly gone silent since Charles Koch had kind words to say about The Bill and The Hill. I think they smell some of that Koch money coming their way and now the Koch Brothers are not so bad.

I think the protesters outside The Donald's rally in Costa Mesa, CA, waving Mexican flags and calling for the reestablishment of Aztlán del Norte increased his chances in California. The national media coverage was also good for him, he could not have made a political ad that would have made his point about immigration that would have been better or more effective. The more protest of this kind there are the better it is for The Donald.

This quote is from a blog posting on 15 Nov 2015 and reposted on 1 May 2016:
"All policies and proposals have a "downside", there’s no such thing as a policy proposal with benefit to all and harm to none.
This empirical truth is toxic to professional politicians – therefore they spend an inordinate amount of time using pretzel logic to avoid it. As a direct consequence of avoidance, the media love to use the downside as a weapon.
For the first time in recent political memory Donald Trump represents a candidacy who is unafraid of their spear; and as a consequence, immune to the damage." - sundance

This book by H. G. Wells was much better that the last one of his that I read. I am selecting these books from the Gutenberg Project in the alphabetical order in which they are listed rather than their published dates. That may be a mistake, but a small one in my opinion. This is what Wikipedia has to say about this book.

Certain Personal Matters is an 1897 collection of essays selected by H. G. Wells from among the many short essays and ephemeral pieces he had written since 1893. The book consists of thirty-nine pieces and are written from a consistent first-person perspective, but only one (ironically, given the title) describes an identifiable event in Wells' life—how he responded to being diagnosed with tuberculosis in the fall of 1887.
The other essays adopt the playful persona of an aspiring young writer living in modest circumstances with a wife, Euphemia, who is only sketchily and obliquely described. Their tone reflects the demands of the market in London magazines for "short essays, or short stories, often with a twist, which can be read in half a dozen minutes, but which will pique a reader's attention and ultimately allow him to think, 'How true. I have done that myself', or to make some similar remark." More than half of the essays are humorous social satire; serious subjects are addressed only ironically. Politics, historical and economic topics, and identifiable portraiture are eschewed. Ten essays have literary themes, and in these, too, the point of view is humorous. Half a dozen essays engage scientific themes, especially natural selection and evolution, and in "The Extinction of Man" Wells shows he is contemplating themes that would be expressed in his next novel, The War of the Worlds.

I have downloaded another free book to my Paperwhite, this time from Many Books. It is a H. L. Menken book that I could have also downloaded from Gutenberg project but I am looking for other sources and wanted to try this site. So far it seems to have worked just like Gutenberg. It was in fact a Gutenberg Project e-book being distributed by Many Books - not sure the why of that?

Hey! I found some GOOD NEWS! Dogs' hearts beat in sync with their owners says latest study to show having a pet is good for keeping healthy is just another article supporting the claimed benefit of having a pet - especially a dog.

Australian researchers separated three dogs from their owners, strapped heart monitors on the people and animals and then watched what happened when they were reunited. Doggy and human heart rates quickly fell – and then began to mirror each other.
Charts showed that despite beating at different rates, they followed the same pattern, with each dog’s heart rising and falling in tandem with its master’s.

3 May 2016 Manzano's RV Park (Silver City, NM)

I worked on my latest floor tile drawing some yesterday. It is slow going but I am making progress. This drawing that I did from Geometric Design lesson #2 is the 'framework' that I needed to understand to be able to draw the hexagons and hexagrams that are to come.

This was easily done but drawing the shapes with a border and filled with color is going to be more difficult. Maybe in a few days.

YAY, we finally got an overnight low that was back up above forty, 43° that felt even warmer. The weather guys now have got one in a row right and they are pushing their luck with a forecast low of 50° for tomorrow morning. I don't think so but if it stays in the 40sw I'll be happy. They are still forecasting light freezes overnight at my next camp but it has quit snowing which is a big improvement.

I spent a lot of yesterday afternoon and evening drawing hexagons and hexagrams. Everything was going well until I tried to draw a '6 petal flower' like I showed on 1 May. However, the 'flower' that I was trying to draw this time was rotated 30° and each petal was filled as well as outlined. I went to bed thinking about what was wrong and woke up thinking the same thing.

I had some ideas about how I could find my mistake and was successful this morning. I now have a rotated flower that is filled with color and each petal is outlined. Maybe finish the total drawing today and will post it tomorrow.

The new quilt block that I have posted in the Home Page margin is nothing special except the time that it took for me to do all the white line crosshatching. Without them the drawing looked rather blah.

Politico Magazine does an annual survey/poll of the White House Correspondents. This year they asked about political party registration and 27% of the respondents said that they were registered Democrats, 13% were registered Independents and 60% were not registered. Not ONE correspondent was a registered Republican. I leave you with that.

4 May 2016 Manzano's RV Park (Silver City, NM)

The hexagons and hexagrams that I have drawn here are my rendition of three tiles shown in a photograph labeled "Tiles from Egypt or Syria, 15th century" in lesson #2. They are shown at the top against the red background. Below each one of them I have also drawn the shapes of the components that make up each finished tile.

It was the 'flower' in the center finished tile that gave me the most trouble. The other shapes were relatively easy. Overall it was not as difficult as I had thought it would be.

Last night I finished the Mencken book that I had downloaded. The only thing I can say is that it was not what I expected, except for Chapters XI and XII. Known as the "Sage of Baltimore", he is regarded as one of the most influential American writers and prose stylists of the first half of the twentieth century. I don't think he did not get that reputation from what he published in this book. The Independent review was far too kind!

Published in 1916, this collection of previously published short pieces by Mencken is typical of his scathing wit and pessimistic outlook. As a 1917 review in the Independent put it, "A Book of Burlesques is some of Mr. Mencken's most entertaining work, skillfully depicted fantasies of life 'as is.'"

I 'picked up' Walk In Hell (The Great War, Book 2) by Harry Turtledove after finishing with Mencken. I got this from the Sierra Vista library which has a lot of his books. I read the first book in this Series on 28 September 2013 and have not found another of his books since then - another plus for Paperwhite, I now have access to a lot.

Another shopping trip in town this morning which went very well. I even found some Gorilla Glue in Albertson's that I thought I might have to go someplace else to find. Then found La Mexicana open at about 7:30 and had their Chipotle Adobo Omelet Special. I had this last year also and it is GREAT but never is on the menu. It has chipotle chile in adobo, chipotle cheese, onion, mushrooms and lots of spinach.

Back to my space in the Park and did some 'linner' cooking. That and more blog reading, News reading, Paperwhite reading and drawing will take care of the rest of the day. Not forgetting the walk with Patches this afternoon - she will not let me forget!

5 May 2016 Manzano's RV Park (Silver City, NM)

I got hammered again yesterday with Verizon data usage that I do not know where or why. Within an hour I used twice what I usually use in a day and was doing nothing different. I shut it down for the day.

This morning I set the NetWorx quota for a restricted byte diet for the next 3-5 days to get back within budget. That means I'll be reading daily blogs, glancing at the News but probably no drawing or very limited during that time.

I will be spending more time on the couch with Patches and my Paperwhite. The Great War, Book 2 has a well done summary of the story line from Book 1 which usually irritates me. It has been so long since I read it however that I am glad that the author did this. I think I'll be getting into the continuing story line more today with Chapter III.

New Study Challenges Consensus on Link Between Dietary Fat, Heart Disease is an article that will have the statin drug manufactures mad as hell. They have been trying their best to get EVERYONE on a statin drug to reduce cholesterol and reduce heart attacks.

Now there comes this study published in the British Medical Journal that claims that lower cholesterol does NOT mean that a person has a lower risk of a heart attack - it is just the opposite. Another reason for me to absolutely refuse to ever take a statin drug again!

But the study, which was published April 12 in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), found that “replacement of saturated fat in the diet with linoleic acid effectively lowers serum cholesterol, but does not support the hypothesis that this translates to a lower risk of death from coronary heart disease or all causes.”
“As expected, the diet enriched with linoleic acid lowered cholesterol levels, but this did not translate to improved survival,” according to a BMJ press release. “In fact, participants who had greater reduction in blood cholesterol had higher, rather than lower, risk of death.”

6 May 2016 Manzano's RV Park (Silver City, NM)

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA280 May 6, 1928

I did enough drawing yesterday afternoon to complete the floor tile that I have been working on for many days. I have started a weave pattern but will do one more floor tile also. Not today however, still on a byte diet. If I can stay at the level of yesterday for another couple of days I should be back within budget. I will do a little drawing today on the lesson #2 grid. The drawing is not going to use many bytes but the web research that I need to do is chewing up some.

I did some research yesterday to help me draw a grid(s) that are included in Geometric Design lesson #2. As I have said before, the lesson draws everything with paper, pen, compass and straight edge. I must be able to do the same using Javascript code which is a whole different way of drawing. However, the images shown on the tutorial web page are .png images that I believe were drawn on Canvas using Javascript. That tells me it can be done!

We got a little rain last night soon after sun down but the official measurement guy does not give it even a Trace. It was enough to settle the dust on Flury Ln but not much of a rain so I can not be too critical of the official measurement. Wind warning again for this afternoon with gusts to be 45mpg which may keep us in the Park for our shortened walk.

The floor tile pattern drawing that I have posted in the Home Page margin today is a favorite. I like the basket weave and herringbone patterns and the last, for now, floor tile pattern that I am drawing is another herringbone.

The Bureau of Labor released their non-farm job numbers for April today that showed an increase of 160,000 jobs - about 20% less than the experts thought it would be. I read through the News and did not find many headlines by the Ministry of Propaganda. The ones that I found seemed to be focused on the increase in wages and making excuses for the reduced jobs created.

The CES Birth/Death Model added 233,000 this month which is 10,000 more than the adjustment made for April 2015 and there continues to be more businesses closing than opening. The Ministry of Propaganda ignores this and ignores the fact that ALL the jobs created in April were due to the adjustment. If you look at the Household Data the number of Employed decreased by 316,000 breaking a six month trend of increases. Not a strong jobs report in my opinion.

The Unemployed decreased by 46,000 and the Not in the Labor Force went up by 562,000. Although this was a large increase in the Not in the Labor Force is was not enough to change the Unemployment Rate from 5.0%. A little bit more of an increase would have dropped the rate again.

The Participation Rate fell by 0.2% to 62.8%; the increase last month was good News that received a mention by the Ministry - this decrease has been ignored for the most part. The Not in the Labor Force now stands at 94,044,000, within striking distance of the all time record of 94,610,000 set in September of last year.

The average earnings increased by 10¢ to $25.53 an hour while the average workweek increased by 0.1 hours to 34.5 hours. I continue to think the numbers are a set-up for the Federal Reserve to raise rates again by another .25% by June.

7 May 2016 Manzano's RV Park (Silver City, NM)

It was cooler this morning as the weather guesser thought but not cold. The wind yesterday was not as bad a predicted either, or I am getting use to it, and there are no strong winds in the forecast through the weekend. There are always afternoon winds the only forecast is how strong they will be.

I managed to make some progress on the hexagram grid yesterday before having to shut down for the day because on my self restricted Verizon usage. With the progress that I made I could now draw one of the designs shown in the lesson but want to do more toward getting the grid useful for as many designs if possible. I may be able to show the grid in another day or two.

Since I am a little restricted on computer usage I am reading more of my latest book on Paperwhite. I had forgotten the structure of Book 1 but it now has come back to me. The author has 5,6,7 main characters that are scattered around the country that he jumps to during the story timeline. He will tell what is happening with them in their area and then move to the next characters within the same chapter. The chapters define the period in which the action is taking place. It can be a bit confusing.

I did more work on the grid this morning and will get back to it as soon as I post this. The drawing of the grid is not using many bytes so I may be able to get a lot done today. I'm rather pleased with how it is coming together. It will not be a grid as you think of one but will work for me using Javascript. I'll explain more when I post the grid drawing.

8 May 2016 Manzano's RV Park (Silver City, NM)

Lesson two in Geometric Design shows how to construct a seven-circle grid, to create root three (√3) patterns. These are patterns using equilateral triangles, hexagons, hexagrams as well as 12 sided shapes.

To create a hexagram grid they start with seven circles like I showed on 1 May but they went on to draw a flower in every circle. They then drew crosshatch lines from selected flower points creating a traditional crosshatch grid on a piece of paper. Within that grid there were now hexagons and triangles that through selective coloring would show all sorts of patterns.

Using Javascript on HTML Canvas I can not do it that way. I must create the shape that I want, place it where I want and color it virtually all at the same time. Therefor I have drawn this grid that shows me where the hexagons and triangles are to be. The green squares are where hexagon can be drawn and the yellow are for triangles. I have left the seven circles in the grid because they help me determine the angles that I need to draw the triangles correctly.

To create a pattern I can now select a location and using Javascript draw the hexagon or triangle and color it. Or, in the example that I have drawn I 'painted' the Canvas background yellow and then drew the green hexagons over the top which left yellow triangles between them.

There are a couple more patterns in the lesson that use their same grid that I will try to replicate using mine. That is a future attraction - stay tuned. HA

Not much else happening. This morning I have done a little drawing on the last floor tile that I will be doing for now. This afternoon I'll probably work on the other couple of patterns from lesson two until my self imposed byte quota runs out. I should be back within budget by tomorrow so that will give me more 'drawing time'. Other than that; just trying to stay warm, it has stayed rather cold this morning with an expected high of 66°.

'Dilbert' Creator's 6 Reasons Why Trump Will "Win In A Landslide" In November is an article that you need to read. It is an analysis straight from Dilbert and straight to the point.

9 May 2016 Manzano's RV Park (Silver City, NM)

I did not finish the floor tile drawing yesterday but I should finish it today. Started on one of the other two patterns that use the grid that I made for drawing hexagons, hexagrams and equilateral triangles. I could finish that today also - maybe. I'll draw the second one and then show them both at the same time.

I have also started to think more about my move to the next camp. Prepared my 3x5 route card although I know what it is without the card. Selected a breakfast stop and built the route map that will accompany my posting for the day of travel. I may have to change the map but that is relatively easy.

I am now back within my Verizon data byte usage budget for the billing cycle so have more freedom to do web site reading. Looked forward to lesson three in the Geometric Design tutorial and found that the next lesson includes a LOT of compass manipulation that I can not do but can easily draw the shapes that are described in the lesson. Then lesson four will get complicated!

I have put a new quilt block drawing in the Home Page margin today. It is nothing special except the star points/clover leaves are a little different shape than what I have been drawing. I also added to Drawing Archives the page that has all the drawings I did for the Geometric Design Lesson #1.

It was a very nice 43° this morning for our walk but has been rather slow in warming up to the expected 71° high for today. The wind has picked up early today also which makes it feel even colder. The 10 Day Forecast is for continuing warming BUT they have now thrown in a 40% chance of rain on my travel day. GRRRR

10 May 2016 Manzano's RV Park (Silver City, NM)

Yesterday I said that I would show both of the patterns in lesson two at the same time. I have finished one of them and there is a lot of code involved to draw the pattern so I am going to show it today and then the second one tomorrow or maybe the day after.

This was reasonably easy to draw using the previous drawing and my grid. I changed the color of a few hexagons, deleted a few to let the background that was 'painted' red show through and added the red triangles (star points outside the larger hexagon). The other pattern should also be easy.

I also finishing the floor tile that I had been working on. Then I did more drawing on a weaving pattern that I had started. Because I was doing web research (reading 'stuff') I used up my daily byte quota and did not finish it. Maybe today, if not sometime later.

I got sidetracked yesterday afternoon and last night. There was a quilt block that used hexagons in the pattern that I tried to draw 2-3 times and could not do it. With my new 'lernen' I decided to try drawing the pattern. I didn't get anything else done but I did draw it. I'll show it to you after I do a tweak to two.

Today was my last shopping trip at Albertson's and last breakfast at La Mexicana during this stay in Silver City. The breakfast almost did not happen because they were not open when I got there at 7:40. Waited 5 minutes and when they were still closed I decided to go to the Post Office and see if my General Delivery forward was there. Thought they opened at 8:00 but found out that it was 8:30.

Back to La Mexicana although I did consider going to Grandma's but she doesn't have much parking for my home. At La Mexicana I had their La Mexicana which was very good. Then to the Post Office again where I did get my forward which included my free TracFone upgrade. The mail also included the form that I need to sign for the University of Arizona Anatomical Donation. No problem signing the form and returning it but finding two witnesses to my signature may be a little more difficult.

That is it for today. Tomorrow I start doing household chores as I prepare to leave for my next camp.

11 May 2016 Manzano's RV Park (Silver City, NM)

This is the last pattern in Lesson #2 that used the hexagram grid. It was easily enough for me to draw by 'painting' the background tan, changing the color of the hexagons from a bright blue to navy blue and then covering some of the star points with blue.

The next part of Lesson #2 will be to take the star points and round them off. I have read through what they do with a compass and this morning discovered how I can replicate the pattern using Javascript. Even the pattern that the lines form as I draw the shape to be filled is very interesting; even more so than what is shown in the Lesson using a compass. Good stuff!

I learned a lot by doing the hexagon quilt block pattern. Learned how to use a 'function', that I created, in Canvas. Prior to this I had been using only those Javascript functions that are 'native' to Javascript. This is an important step in my Javascript learning process not restricted to just drawing.

I said I would I start doing household chores today but as it worked out I started late yesterday. After doing the 'linner' dishes there was not enough water pressure for the breakfast dishes today. Therefore, in the late afternoon I did the holding tank dumps and filled the fresh water tank. I knew it needed to be done today but I did not want to do it during the cold morning.

This morning I got the bathroom cleaned soon after I finished breakfast and the dishes. Then it was some computer and coffee time before washing the bathroom and kitchen floors. I may even get the living room carpet vacuumed this afternoon but if not there is always tomorrow.

I have said many times that I do not like telephones and the New Free TracFone has not changed my opinion. I could not activate it online and could not call because both old and new phones were not activated.

I did finally find the TracFone Chat which I have used before but it is always a treasure hunt. I was then 'chatting' for about 30 minutes to get the damn thing activated. Another 30 minutes to an hour trying to open the Menu and find out what I could set and what is in this damn thing. GRRR!!!

12 May 2016 Manzano's RV Park (Silver City, NM)

This is the 'extra credit' drawing I did for Lesson #2 using hexagons. I was also able to write the Javascript in such a way that it will be easy for me to draw a replication of the quilt block that gave me so much trouble before I started taking online lessons.

Yesterday afternoon I started trying to draw the patterns in Lesson #2 that use a triangle grid. I can not do that on Canvas so have to find another way. I could look at the pattern and see that the vertices of the shapes were the vertices of hexagons. Knowing that I was able to draw some of the shapes but it was a very slow process fraught with a lot of errors.

I needed a 'good' way to find the correct hexagon. I think(?) I have found that way by drawing a hexagon grid that I can refer to. If I know which hexagon(s) the pattern is going to be in it is then relatively easy to connect the vertices and create the shape that will then be filled with color.

I will know if this idea is going to work after I have completed my grid and give drawing the pattern in the Lesson another try.

I got most of the housecleaning done yesterday. This morning I washed Patches windows for her and wiped down the dash. The only thing that leaves me is the stove and kitchen counter tops. Those I'll do tomorrow after 'linner' and I am then ready to get on the road again.

I finished drawing the Curved Hexagrams pattern yesterday. I'll be showing you the construction lines tomorrow and then the filled pattern the day after that or the day after my travel day. The construction line drawing is fantastic. I had no idea that it would look the way it does until I had completed the second curved hexagram and started to see a pattern emerge.

The forecast for today and the next couple of days, for here as well as my new camp, are highs in the low 80s, lows in the low to mid 40s and only mild winds. The chance of rain has now been reduced to 10% so it will be really bad luck if I get rain on my driving day.

13 May 2016 Manzano's RV Park (Silver City, NM)

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA281 May 13, 1928

This is the Curved Hexagram Construction Pattern that I thought was so interesting. I had no idea that it would look like this until I coded it to show the lines before filling the shapes. Very interesting! I'll show you what the shapes look like when they are filled with color either tomorrow or the next day.

I finished the hexagon grid yesterday afternoon and then tried to draw the First Triangle Pattern from Lesson #2. I made some progress and think it will be easier with the grid to help me but it is still a difficult pattern to draw. The Lesson has a triangle grid on a piece of paper where each triangle can be colored to form the shape. I must form the shape and then color.

I picked up a couple cans of La Costenña brand Chipotles in Adobo Sauce. Have added some of that to my egg scramble in the morning and have found a new 'best' home scramble. I think it is the Adobo Sauce that I like so will see if I can find just the sauce during my next shopping excursion.

I'm cooking up 'linner' and breakfast batches today as well as making my desert for the next three days. A very busy 'ol guy in the kitchen this morning. Patches gets two treats from my efforts; gets to lick the Greek God Yogurt container and eat the salmon skin that is on the fillet that I am cooking. She is one happy dog!

14 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

This what the Curved Hexagrams look like when the construction lines are filled with color. This looks very much like what is shown in Lesson #2 but I went about drawing it in a totally different way.

My breakfast stop this moving day was in Reserve, NM where I had breakfast one year and a one day ago with kaBLOOnie. Well we did it again this morning. Patches got to say hello to Coffee Girl and we two humans got to sit for about an hour and a half visit.

I did not have a reservation at this Park in Milan and knew from past experience that it fills up with overnighters so I wanted to get here before too late in the day. Arrived at 1:00 which was right on plan, what I did not remember was that they closed for lunch until 1:30.

No harm done. It looks like there are a lot of space available and I can get this posting written, or most of it. Maybe even get it added to my web site before the office opens.

No issues during the drive except two herds of deer along the road that gave me a few anxious moments. A total of 244 miles on this route: Flury Ln, Kirkland Rd, US180, NM12, NM32, US60, NM36, NM117, NM117/Santa Fe Av, Juniper & Pinion Dr.

Tomorrow I will show the hexagon grid that I drew that helped me draw the First Equilateral Triangle Grid pattern in Lesson #2. I finished that first one yesterday and will show it after the hexagon grid and the explanation of how it helped me.

15 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

Yesterday morning we did a long potty walk, that is half our usual distance. Then in the afternoon I was going to a full 2 miles but it ended up being another long potty walk. We cut it short when about a half mile from Desperado we started getting some rain drops. Not enough to really call it rain but it looked like we could get wet.

This morning we got in a normal morning walk. There was a solid cloud cover but it did not look like it was carrying any rain. The weather guessers give it a 20% chance but then forecast increasing chances Monday night, Tue at 80%, Wen 60% and Thu 40% so we could get wet during this next week.

The only thing unique about the new quilt block that I have posted in the margin of the Home Page are the clubs in the center. I learned how to add text to the Canvas drawings and have used the ASCII text club symbols. The most difficult thing to do was the placement.

Good morning. What we have here is a picture that shows a pattern formed by coloring in selected equilateral triangles that are in a grid. My mission should I decide to accept it was to duplicate that pattern on HTML Canvas which uses a square grid.

I accepted what initially looked like a 'mission impossible' but with more study and web research I came up with a way to do it. First, in an equilateral triangle grid every vertex is shared by 6 triangles. Second, lines drawn from the center of a hexagon to its 6 vertices form 6 equilateral triangles.

Based on that bit of knowledge I knew that a hexagon grid would provide the triangles that were used in creating the pattern. Since I could write the Javascript code to show the hexagons I knew where their centers were. Then if I could identify which triangle vertices of the pattern were in which hexagon(s) I could write code to select that point using circle geometry and the Canvas software would convert to x,y coordinates, connect the points and form the shape.

It was difficult to look at the picture and then pick the correct hexagon and/or the correct point. However, after drawing 4-5 shapes it became easier with many of the shapes the same although in different locations. I'll show the first completed drawing tomorrow.

I made good progress on the second pattern drawing yesterday after our shortened walk. Continued drawing almost to my bed time and have finished this morning. Difficult but well worth the time an effort - I learned a lot but not sure how much drawing I'll be doing with an equilateral triangle grid.

Government Ain’t Fixable But It Will Correct! by Monty Pelerin is a very good article. I recommend it and have pulled this quote that I particularly liked.

The quadrennial event that is the Presidential election cycle is akin to Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football. Voters play the role of the hapless Charlie Brown. Lucy represents the political class and the football plays the role of campaign promises. The football is never kicked, altered or used. Yet hapless Charlie falls for the promise again and again.

16 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

We had a non-event walk this morning and then headed for Grants to do our shopping and other things on my to-do list. That was when the events began. Smith's opens at 7:00, which I think is late for a grocery store, and I arrived 5 minutes early. They opened the door for me a couple minutes before their official opening so that was not all that bad.

No dark chocolate bars and no Greek God Honey Vanilla but the store manager went in the back and found some Honey. That again was not too bad because I still carry a bottle of vanilla for just these occasions.

Went across the street to Rosie's Laundry where I got through the wash cycle just fine but after 20 minutes the dryer was not doing much of a job. Fortunately there is a person there that I could complain to and she gave me a couple quarters and pick a different dryer for me. Got dry laundry and a recommendation for breakfast at El Ranchero Café.

I wanted to give them a try since they are in Milan so that was good. The Enchilada Breakfast with rounds for home fries was only fair, not something I will order again. That does not mean I will not go back, I will give them another chance by ordering some thing else. Good service and good coffee.

Then across the street was Ortega's Propane where I took on exactly 10 gallon. I know when the idiot light shows nothing but red it is time to fill up and so far the light has not failed me. This is not someplace where an RV much longer than my 24' would want to try and get their on board propane tank filled. It was a little tight getting in and much tighter getting out.

Finding the Post Office was the biggest PIA of the morning. I had looked up the location and hours that they opened and since it after 9:00 I knew that I would not be waiting. Drove to the Google Map location (mislocated) and did not find a P.O. As I back tracked I stopped and asked a guy on the street where the P.O. was and he directed me to the one in Grants. When I asked "Is there one here on Air Port Rd in Milan?" he said no.

I drove back toward Grants until I knew that he had sent me on a wild goose chase and saw a USPO delivery truck and asked that mailman where the P.O. was. He too wanted to direct me to the one in Grants. When I asked for the one in Milan he gave me directions to the one on Air Port Rd that I had driven past twice. Mailed the University of Arizona Anatomical Donation form and verified that a package addressed to the Bar S RV Park P.O. box would come to me.

An exciting morning which wore Patches out with all the waiting she had to do.

This is the First Pattern in Lesson #2 that was formed by coloring selected triangles. I was able to duplicate the pattern by coding in Canvas the locations of the vertices of the shapes, draw lines between those points and then fill the enclosed shapes with color.

What made this a little more difficult was the triangle grid in the Lesson was trihexagonal tiling (or rectified hexagon tiling), Schläfli symbol r{6,3}, with the hexagon divided into its 6 triangles. For someone like me that did not understand tiling, other than on a floor, this was confusing. The grid that I drew to help me is a regular hexagon grid, Schläfli symbol {6.3}, that I could mentally divide into its 6 triangles.

17 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

The weather guys continue to forecast Chamber of Commerce low temperatures with the actual lows usually 5° lower. I knew it was cold this morning but did not think it was almost freezing at 33°. It was overcast but did not look like rain clouds although the guess continues to be an 80% chance and 50% tomorrow. I have my Wave 6 fired up again this morning with it 37° at 7:00 the expected high today to be 63 and tomorrow a 57.

The weather may have me on the couch more this afternoon with Patches and my Paperwhite. I might even finish the e-book that I have been reading. I check it out two weeks ago and have a week remaining on the borrowing limit so I am not under the same pressure to finish it that I was for the previous much longer book.

This is the Second Pattern in Lesson #2 that was formed by coloring selected triangles. I did the same thing that I described doing for the First Pattern.

The Lesson continues with the drawing of 7 Dodecagrams centered on the 7 circles that were used early on in the Lesson. I was able to draw the Construction pattern very easily and then to fill it was easier yet. I'll show both of those drawing in a day or two.

The last shapes in the Lesson are Archimedean, uniform or semiregular tilings (the names are different but describe the same thing) of {} shapes that have a triangle, square, hexagon and square sharing every vertices. When I finish that I will do one more 'extra credit' drawing for Lesson #2 and then move on to the next lesson.

I may also do all 8 of the uniform/semiregular tilings and add them to my page that has the floor tile drawings.

18 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

It started raining around 1:30 yesterday afternoon with a 20 mph wind and the temperature at 58° with a revised forecast high to be 59. It did not rain much but it started and stopped all afternoon. We did an in the Park potty walk because of that and it was cold.

That gave me additional time to finish the Harry Turtledove book that I have been reading and to download another H G Wells book of short stories from the Gutenberg Project.

It was not raining this morning but looked like it could at any moment and moderate winds. Looked like heavy rain to the south of us and after getting back to Desperado I checked the weather radar to find that there was a LOT of green shown and WonderMap indicating that it is coming my way. We were lucky to get our morning walk in without getting wet.

Not as cold this morning and I also had on my wool cap and gloves so was much more prepared than yesterday. The low was 43° but it is not going to get much warmer all day with the expected high now to reach only 53°. More time on the couch reading, more drawing from Lesson #2 maybe more drawing in my floor tile portfolio.

This first drawing is the Construction of Dodecagrams as I did it and is very similar to what was done in the Lesson with a compass and straight edge.

The Lesson ended at that point with instructions that the "final design can be filled in, or given a woven effect (how to do this will be covered in an upcoming lesson.)" I elected to fill it in and also added a contrasting background color to bring out the shape that appears between the Dodecagrams.
19 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

I knew it was cold when we went out for our walk but did not find out that it 26° until we got back. I think this is the coldest morning I have had this 'winter'. Have my Wave 6 working again and am almost sure that I have used it more during the NM Spring than I did during the 3 months of winter while in Yuma.

Once more I'm a little early - sort of like Patches, always early. They say that the owner looks like their dog, well I act like mine when it comes to starting the day and for moving to the next camp.

This is what Lesson #2 says for the final patterns in the lesson.
"Pattern With Squares, Triangles, and Hexagons
Let's finish with a slightly tricky, but different-looking pattern. As a basis, it requires the seven-circle grid plus the full triangular grid. This pattern looks best on an extended grid, where it can repeat more, but we'll stick to the seven circles for the demonstration."

I was able to duplicate drawing the pattern (what I call the {}) and will show that drawing tomorrow. I then spent all of yesterday morning trying to extend the pattern with repeats of the shape and the more I did the worse it looked. Finally in disgust I threw it all away. Worked on an 'extra credit' drawing using what I learned in the lesson and finished that this morning. I'll be back at the extended {} this afternoon. IF I can get that drawn I be showing it, IF I can't I admit defeat and move on.

The Weekly review that I have copied does a fair job but has one glaring error. President Wilson was not the president of the Confederate states in this book, he was the outgoing president. He was the sitting president in Book #1 but in this book a new president (Semmes) is elected and Wilson plays no part. I found the story harder to follow that what I remember Book #1 to be. There are a LOT of characters and the author jumps from one to another with each chapter acting as a timeline. I will see if I can get Book #3 from the Sierra Vista library and if so I'll read it. Then perhaps start on a different series that Turtledove has written; he has a lot of them.

The Hugo Award-winning master of alternate world histories presents the second volume in the WWI series he began last year with The Great War: American Front. In Turtledove's version of the War to End All Wars, conflict rages on the American continent between the USA (with 34 states) and the Confederate States of America, which won secession during the Civil War. Allied with Germany and France, the USA in 1915 hopes to take advantage of a weakened CSA, which is plagued by a socialist revolution engineered by its former slaves. Setting his tale on a suitably large canvas, Turtledove introduces a variety of characters who exemplify the diverse political and economic circumstances of the period: Anne Colleton, a former Confederate landowner, must learn to cooperate with her activist fieldhands; Flora Hamburger, a New York intellectual, fights against class injustice and runs for a seat as a socialist congresswoman; Confederate sub commander Roger Kimball plans a risky attack on New York Harbor. Turtledove judiciously blends famous historical characters into the plot, so readers learn of General Custer's frustration at being unable to conquer Tennessee and see Woodrow Wilson as a Confederate president. Although there are numerous battle scenes, the gore is restrained. Instead, the author emphasizes character, and his thorough knowledge of the period's history will, as usual, captivate his readers. - Publisher Weekly

20 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA282 May 20, 1928

From the beginning of the year, after the attack against my Shoutbox, I was plagued with e-mail Spam that either I or Web Hosting Hub was able to direct to my Junk folder. That Spammer(s) gave up on March 24th. But I now have a new crop starting to sprout. The prior Spammers sent me about 150 messages before they gave up, it will be interesting to see how many I get from this one(s).

It was a little warmer this morning with the low at 32°. I can probably expect this for the rest of the month. The 10 Day forecast is guessing that the lows will be in the mid to upper 30s and they are almost wrong by predicting the lows higher than the actual. The high temperatures are expected to be in the mid to upper 70s and they guess those reasonably well so I can look forward to some very nice days.

The USPS tracking report claims that my Arbuckles was delivered to the Bar S P O box yesterday morning. I have not received it yet but will go to the Park office after I post this and see if I might now have it. I have been on Folgers Black Silk now for almost a week - it is not too bad but I do like my Arbuckles.

This is my drawing of the Triangle, Square, Hexagon, Square or what I call a {} that is the same as what the lesson drew using a 7 circle grid overlaid with a triangle grid.

The lesson then shows 4 different pictures of this pattern used a number of times. The individual shapes are colored differently creating 4 different looking patterns. I failed in my first attempt to draw the extended pattern (using multiples of what I show today) but have now completed three of the 4. I should finish the fourth one by the end of today. I'll be showing only one of them here on the Home Page but all of them will be in the Drawing Archives in Geometric Design #2 although it will be a few days before I have that page added to the Archives.

21 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

YAY! The low this morning was 41° with and expected high of 79. Now that is more like Spring. I think it is an aberration however with the 10 day forecast continuing to predict lows in the 30s and highs in the mid 70s.

Mother of all Head & Shoulder Patterns & China Just Completed the Right Shoulder is a good article that goes a long way in explaining how demographics has/will impact economic growth. The author's main contention is that there has been a serious decline in the under 45 ages while the over 45 has accelerated.

He writes from a world perspective but if you look at just the Good 'Ol US of A over the past 30-40 years you know this has been happening. Birth rates are down, except for the very poor, abortions are up and life expectancy for those allowed to be born has increased dramatically.

A LOT of the economic and social problems in this country can be attributed to this change in the demographic mix. High unemployment in the young with the old working longer and keeping jobs from the young. Old retirees that contribute far less to the economy than they take from it in the form of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid/Obamacare.

Socialism is now the political ideology of the young - make the rich pay! I think when the 'rich' are no longer among us the next logical step will be to 'abort' the old. I have long said that I wanted to live long enough to become a burden on society; and that when I reached that goal then Society would kill me. I think I may have been prescient.

This is the one of the four different colorings of the Triangle, Square, Hexagon, Square or {} patterns I liked the best although all of them are very good. It is amazing that the same shapes can render the different patterns just through the coloring and having the shapes outlined or not.

This completes Lesson #2. I'll show you an 'extra credit' drawing tomorrow that came from the lesson but was not shown as I have drawn it. Everything that I have drawn from the lesson is in the Drawing Archives as Geometric Design #2.

22 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

Another shopping day and another trip to the Smith's in Grants. I had no problem finding almost everything that I wanted - no Greek God Honey Vanilla but the Honey was out in the case. I bought another bottle of vanilla while I was there even though it was not on my list. No Romaine Lettuce Hearts either but they do have the whole heads of Romaine.

Wanted to give El Rancho Café another try but the waitress's claim that they open at 7:00 does not seem to be true. The big OPEN sign in front does not mean anything either. I went to the Kiva Café for breakfast where I had their Huevos con Chorizo with some very good beans and home fries. The coffee was decent, the service was good and they were OPEN.

When we got back to the Park I pulled farther forward in my space than where I like to be but where I needed to be to dump holding tanks. Got that chore taken care of and filled the fresh water tank then backed up to my 'proper' position. It has been a good morning - all of that done and I was sitting here typing with a cup of coffee by 9:00.

It felt a little colder this morning than yesterday and sure enough it was 36°. When I was at Smith's I struck up a conversation with the produce guy and he said it was going to be a hot one today. I asked him how hot and he said up into the 70s. I said that is not hot and his reply was - it is hot for here! The 10 Day forecast looks very good to me; lows in the upper 30s to low 40s with the highs in the mid to upper 70s.

This is the 'extra credit' that I did for Lesson #2. It is called the Flower Of Life and was drawn during the lesson on the way to building the 7 Circle grid. I did not use a grid for any of the drawings, except a hexagon reference grid, so did not draw this while doing the lesson. I do like the pattern and wanted to draw it before moving on to Lesson #3.

I'll be starting on that next lesson in a day or two. It is drawing shapes with 5, 10 or more sides which does not look too difficult for the way I will draw them. I think it is more difficult with just the compass and straight edge.

How Did You Go Bankrupt? by Monty Pelerin is another good article that President Obama would claim to be 'peddling fiction' but I believe to be 'telling it like it is'. This quote is an example.

Presidential elections often generate optimism and the false hope that things will be remedied under a new president. The optimism will likely get us past the election but nothing will be remedied. We are too far gone for even the best turnaround artist with full cooperation from Congress to change our destination to bankruptcy. The excesses of fifty or more years, especially the pretending of the last thirty, have written the future in ink. It is no longer a question of economics. We have reached the point where the immutable laws of mathematics ensure our demise.

23 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

When I said that Lesson #3 looked like it would be relatively easy I had only quickly read through the lesson. Once I started to draw what was shown in the lesson I was quickly shown the error in my thinking.

This was the easy part. Drawing the three ways to construct a Decagram (a 10 pointed star) was not a problem.

Drawing the Decagram Grid, which is a grid constructed by overlaying the decagram formed with a single line by the one formed of two pentagrams, was also not a problem. I will show that grid drawing tomorrow.

The problems began when I wanted to draw the same shapes that were being drawn on the grid. When using the grid on a piece of paper it is easy to trace over the lines to construct the shape(s). On Canvas I can not do that, or perhaps I do not have the knowledge/skill, so I am trying to mimic a compass with Javascript arc coding. IF I can 'tell' Canvas via code where the vertices of the shapes are then Canvas will draw the lines. There lies the problem - how to 'tell' where the vertices are.

That has been what kept me occupied most of this morning. After our walk I did a little cooking and then a lot of Lesson #3. After I post this I'll take a break on the couch with H. G. Wells short stories and Patches. Then probably more effort on the lesson after our afternoon walk. The mornings are still cold, 31° today, but the high temperatures in the 70s during the afternoon is t-shirt weather for sure.

24 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

It was a little warmer this morning at 33° that yesterday but I felt colder. If the weather guys have it right there will be another couple of mornings in the 30s and then up into the 40s for the rest of the 10 Day forecast. The afternoons have been great but may be up into the low 80s by next week. Patches does not like it over 80 but if I can put up with her preferred 30s she can just deal with it.

Not doing much. took a break from drawing shapes on the Grid. Spent most of this morning working on another part of the lesson that looked like it would be more fun. It has been a challenge so far but has also been more fun. I'll have the grid ones done in a day or two but they are a bit tedious. I thought about skipping them but looked forward in the lessons and some of them look like they are used so I will persevere.

This is what the Decagram Grid looks like in Lesson #3. I have drawn the one line decagram in white and the two pentagrams in blue. I'll continue that same coloring as I draw the shapes onto the grid to duplicate what is shown in the lesson. I'm not so sure of my geometry but I have managed to draw four of the shapes so far. If I can get close then by filling the shape it coves up any slight errors. The first couple that I did were difficult but each one becomes easier because of what I have learned from those that are completed before.

25 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

I finished drawing the 9 shapes that were shown to be in the Decagram Grid. I'll not show them on the Home Page but they are available on the page that will be added to Drawing Archives. What I am showing here today is the other drawing from the lesson that I said was more fun.

It has one of the 9 shapes, the center yellow decagram, but there were 20 other geometric kites, or Torange, in the Grid also. In the past the grids have not been of any use to me but for this pattern it was needed for me to find the vertices of the shapes. I also needed some geometry help which was available at Geometric Calculators an invaluable tool for those of us that are somewhat lacking in geometric knowledge.

Archimedes has been quoted as saying 'Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the Earth with it' when describing the mathematical principle of levers. I am certainly no Archimedes but, so far, if I can see where a shape vertex needs to be on HTML Canvas relative to a known x,y coordinate I can draw the shape. Seeing where the vertex needs be is where the Grid became VERY helpful.

Then I also need to know the distance from the known coordinate to the vertex. That is where the Geometric Calculator has been a big help. But what I have also found is that I can guess what the radius of a circle would be that passes through the vertex. Once I have found the correct radius, I know the distance, I can the determine what angle is needed to place a line from the known coordinate to the vertex. The end of that line is the vertex and a point on the arc of the circle which Canvas can the translate into an x,y coordinate when coded using Javascript. It is not quite magic but it is as close to that as I have ever been able to perform.

I have some 7,9 and 11 sided shapes to draw yet in Lesson #3 but they should be rather easy. Then it will be on to Lesson #4. I must also get the Will Rogers weekly articles downloaded and formatted for another month. So I have enough to keep me occupied until the beginning of June.

Perhaps June will bring some warmer morning temperatures, it was another 33° here this morning. My next camp is a little higher in elevation than here so I checked to see what the temperatures where like there. It was about 5 degrees warmer there than here which is heartening but overall the weather should be pretty much the same.

26 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

I did great yesterday with the Will Rogers weekly articles. I could have finished getting the entire month downloaded and formatted but ran out of enthusiasm. I finished that project this morning.

I also made good progress drawing the 7, 9 and 11 sided shapes that are the last thing to be done in Lesson #3. I think I'll finish those today also. Probably will not post any of those drawing on the Home Page but will include them in the Drawing Archives - probably tomorrow.

Late in the day I realized that I was way behind in reading my Monthly blogs. Got started on catching up but it is going to take me a few more days to get current again.

The forecast for today says it will be much cooler than yesterday with a high of only 63°. Yesterday they were guessing that the low this morning would be in the mid 30s and we got a 29°. They have revised the 10 Day forecast so that there are still 3-4 days with morning lows in the 30s before they get up into the low 40s.

Slavery hasent been abolished. In the old days they could sell you to another Boss, but nowadays they can keep you till they want to get rid of you, then fire you and you have to hunt another Boss. So things don’t change much after all. Things just get different names, but remain about the same. - Will Rogers

27 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA283 May 27, 1928

I worked on my latest Uniform Tiling drawing yesterday afternoon and evening. Got it to the point that the coding would be repetitive and was able to finish the pattern this morning. I really like how these look when I finish them.

I have also started to read Geometric Design Lesson #4 and started to draw the first thing presented. I have not finished that yet and do not like what I have done so far.

It has warmed up some this morning but still in the 30s at 36°. The expected high is to be back in the low 70s which is good but there will be winds this afternoon. They even started early today with a strong breeze blowing by 9:00.

I have updated the Drawing Archives with the page that has everything that I drew for Lesson #3. Some of those shapes will be used in later lessons and I may want to use some of them for other drawings so I did them and now can go back to the coding if I need/want one. Without them being in some pattern they do not do much for me.

28 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

It was colder again this morning and I felt it. I was wishing that I had my gloves on before we had gone the first half mile. I have been here for two weeks now and seven, that is half, of the mornings have had a low temperature below freezing.

It is the yin and yang of being a RV Fulltimer. I 'wintered over' in Yuma, AZ for 3 months and did not have one morning low that was below freezing. In fact I only had four that were below 40°. Woe is me!

We were off to Smith's again and arrived right on schedule - 5 minutes before they opened. Still no Greek God Honey Vanilla but there were 3 cartons of Honey in the case so I was able to get two that I can 'doctor'. However, this week they had no white mushrooms; they did have some very expensive portobello mushrooms that I gave a pass.

Tried El Cafecito restaurant for breakfast which is the place to go in Grants, NM. It is a very nice restaurant in the declining town of Grants. The waitress was attentive, the coffee was good but the El Cafecito Special was only so-so. I may give them another try just because of their positive points.

Yesterday I did finish the first four drawing from Lesson #4 which is about working with circles. The four drawings were four different ways to draw a spiral using a compass. I found a lot of mathematic formula on the internet which I think would be much easier to use if I were to code the formula into Jaascript. But, I mimicked the compass method and was able to get them drawn.

The lesson then showed how to draw a Golden Spiral using a compass. I could have mimicked that process as well but had no interest in doing so. IF I even need to draw a Golden Spiral, or any spiral, in the future I will be using a mathematic formula.

I moved on to the next part of the lesson which was to inscribe a circle in a larger circle sector. The manipulation of compass and straight edge to accomplish this has me in awe of those that first discovered how to do it as well as those that have kept the skill alive. I have managed to do it using mathematical formula and Javascript coding which took some doing also but nothing like the skill needed to do it with a compass and straight edge.

I may have something drawn that I can, or want to, show tomorrow or the next day. The drawing at the culmination of the lesson is a very good one that I hope I can duplicate.

29 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

This morning remained cold at 32° but the weather guessers continue to predict the lows will be in the 40s. They just keep pushing the date when that is going to start happening forward by a day when it does not happen.

They think that the high today will be 82°. That would be a 50 degree difference between the high and the low. Not something that is unheard of but not something that happens very often nor something I would be predicting.

I finished up another Uniform Tiling this morning. This was almost the same tiling pattern that was created in Lesson #3 when a Grid of Equilateral Triangles was drawn. I made up my own reference grid using hexagons but I could have probably used this tiling.

The Uniform Tiling 'name' is 3.6(2) which means that there are two equilateral triangles between two hexagons that are joined at their pointy ends. If the hexagon where divided into their 6 equilateral triangles it would then match what was drawn in the lesson.

It was rather easily done and I thought the next one in the list would be also. Found out that my thinking was faulty or my execution - perhaps both because I failed and have gone back to thinking about it again.

I can not say that I understand the mathematic formulas that made these drawings possible. The circle segments were the easy part but to then put an inscribed circle in each segment was the very hard part requiring the formulas. For the third row where I show the inscribed circles as rosettes I could have made it easy by simply covering the center with white. Which is what I did but first I cut the circles where their tangents met. You do not see the resulting pattern now but the far left had a square, the center a pentagon with the point at the bottom, and the right a hexagon.

I will now be moving on in the lesson to learn to inscribe circles within other shapes. I can not believe the mathematic formulas will be any easier for me to understand but I am hoping that what I have learned so far will help.

30 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

It was colder this morning than yesterday - 31° or down one degree and below freezing again. The guessers came close yesterday with their 50 degree spread on the high and low. It was 81 high versus the 32 low.

They have it getting really hot in a hurry starting this Friday with predictions in the upper 80s and a 90 forecast on 7 June. My next camp has guesses that are 5 degrees cooler during that week. I might have made the right decision and the timing might be right for a change - perhaps.

When I drew the 3.6(2) tiling with only hexagons I used a Javascript 'If Loop' to draw a row of them. Then changed the coding by a couple of numbers and drew the next row. I thought I could do the same thing with the 4.8(2) that had only octagons. I could draw the rows but there was also a line drawn through the completed octagons. I did managed to find the cause and cure and got it drawn but it had temporarily defeated me.

I am now working on the 3(2).4.3.4 tiling which is very complicated and I have failed in my first attempt. Now have a second approach that looks like it could work but much too soon to claim success.

That plus reading on my Paperwhite and walking with Patches are what fill most of my days and this one is not any different.

There Has Been A Coup In Brazil by Paul Craig Roberts is another of his scathing articles against the Establishment. I am very surprised that they let him live. The parting shot in the article is so true but no one wants to believe it.

In the Western world voting is a waste of time. The election hype is nothing but cover for elite control. Electorates, always hopeful, never catch on.

31 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

As I was posting to this web page yesterday my NetWorx tracker informed me that I had used 100% of the daily quota that I have set up. On most days (the day before for an example used .16GB all day) I do not reach 100% during the entire day - something hammered me again.

I am well within my monthly plan usage limit so there has been no harm no foul - but there could have been. I checked to see if I could find the culprit and just like last month none of the likely suspects seemed to have done it. I now have a growing suspicion that the spikes in usage are being caused by Verizon. The daily and monthly usage that they show on their web site claims that it is estimated. If that is so then I assume that at some point the estimate is 'adjusted' to what I have actually used. That may account for the spike these past couple of months but I did not see that happening in the past. Another of the mystery in life - Verizon data usage.

This is what Verizon has reported my usage to be for the first time 'cut' of the day for the week leading up to the spike on the 30th. My usage did not change much from day to day but suddenly I used my entire self imposed daily quota in the first 'cut' of the day.
05/30/2016 6:36 AM 0.20861
05/29/2016 6:37 AM 0.10349
05/28/2016 8:38 AM 0.07943
05/27/2016 6:28 AM 0.07377
05/26/2016 6:31 AM 0.08155
05/25/2016 6:37 AM 0.06839
05/24/2016 6:34 AM 0.05014
05/23/2016 6:33 AM 0.05343

The second approach to drawing a tiled pattern of 3(2).4.3.4 tiling was a step in the right direction. It took a third try however before I found a solution to the problem. I'll finish drawing it today and show the result on this Home Page tomorrow.

Today I'm going to describe the problem(s) I had. These two pictures are from the web site where I am getting my inspiration to draw the tile patterns. The picture above is of one tile which is made from 3 equilateral triangles and 2 squares all meeting at a common vertex. The first problem that I had was how to draw this tile. I could draw it but I could not see how it could be placed next to another tile like it that would create the pattern.

After doing some drawing and failing I saw that if I drew the entire tile that a second tile could be placed so that part of it overlapped the first. That was the second problem. How do I determine what part of the tile is to be placed at what x,y coordinates on the Canvas? I could also see that sometimes I could take two complete tiles place one of them on Canvas, then rotate a second tile 180° thereby placing the two single triangles together forming a pair like on each tile. But I still had the problem(s) of drawing the tiles in place and could not wrap my head around where those places were. I'll let you contemplate these problems and be back with my solution and the finished drawing tomorrow.

If you are still working and not aware of what ObamaCare may be doing to you, beyond the increase in premiums, then please read this interesting article The Obamacare Cliff: redistribution and the disincentive to work.