1 April 2021
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
I had an 8:00 dentist cleaning appointment this morning that went well. The cleaning did not take long and the hygienist said my teeth looked very good.

So I left Sierra Vista by 9:00 and into the Horseshoe Cafe in Benson for breakfast before 9:30. Then went to the computer repair shop and picked up my Chromebook. The conversion to a Linux OS did not happen but the charging problem that I had was caused by a bad charger.The guy at the shop said that he was going to mail me a new charger — free of charge. Therefore I should have an operating Chromebook again when I get the charger. I can live with that; the Linux OS was just going to be an experiment.

I got Desperado’s cab windows washed yesterday. I’m now sitting here looking at a slobbery mess on the driver side window that Patches has left me in less than 24 hours. Maybe wash it again tomorrow.

I don’t plan on doing much of anything else today. The weather is nice with a gentle breeze blowing through Desperado for a change. I’ll just sit here, take advantage of it and read.

2 April 2021
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: April 2, 1933

Isaw a lot of smoke coming from north of Benson yesterday. The wind had most of it pushed to the south and east which blanketed all the mountains. This morning I could see that the western mountains were becoming hazy as well and thought I could smell some smoke.

My neighbors on the west side are moving today. There is one space at the east end of our row that has a cement slab. The man of the house wanted to move to that space because it has the slab. The woman of the house did not seem all that excited about the slab (perhaps it is because she must do most of the work) but she said ‘if that is what he wants we are moving’.

I’ll stay in this same space until the end of this month. I even sent an email to the Park asking for reservations in this same space for my next stay. No reply, I’ll be sending it again.

More R & R today with nothing planned other than reading my latest novel. Maybe more cooking but probably not until tomorrow.
This is nothing that JHK has not said many times before but in the face of Biden’s push for electric cars it needed to be said. A good article.
…but the electric car thing ain’t a’gonna happen, not at the scale envisioned, not unless the government plans to buy the electric cars and give them away to everybody, and that’s rather a stretch. [However, giving them away to just some people is possible. Remember Obama’s cell phone give away.]

First, the whole mass motoring racket is falling apart more on its financial model than on whether the cars move by gasoline or electricity. Americans are used to buying cars on installment loans, and, with the middle-class withering away, there are ever-fewer credit-worthy borrowers for those loans (for ever more expensive cars). Soon, as the debt markets groan and wobble under the weight of massive new debt, there will also be even less hallucinated capital (“money”) to loan out to this shrinking pool of borrowers.

Second, the decrepit US electric grid can’t handle the charging needs of such a gigantic electric car fleet (and fixing the grid alone would be a trillion-dollar project). Third, the manufacturing of electric cars depends on scarce rare mineral resources that are not readily available in the US, but controlled by foreign nations. Fourth, car-making utterly depends on far-flung international supply lines for parts and electronics in a time when the integrated global economy is cracking up under the strain of desperate competition for dwindling resources and the ill-will generated by that. There are yet more kinks in the electric car scheme but those are enough.–Paradigm Failure, James Howard Kunstler

3 April 2021
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
The Park is clearing out. A lot of empty spaces that were all filled when I arrived here. The snowbirds have taken wing and are migrating back to their permanent residences.

I have another batch of tapioca cooking in the Thermal Cooker today. That will be added to another experimental package of frozen fruit. Everything that I have tried so far has been good to eat but not always a good appearance.

I think I have arrived at the correct amount of oat milk for the amount of dry tapioca and the way to cook it using the Thermal Cooker. So overall the experiment is a success and I can have a dessert when non-dairy yogurt is not available.

I don’t plan on doing much today other than maybe finish reading the novel I have on Fire 8. Tomorrow is Easter and also my shopping day. Perhaps I’ll be lucky and get in and out of Fry’s before all the sunrise service folks get there.

4 April 2021
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
There would have been a crowd inside Landmark or there would have been people waiting to be seated in the restricted seating. But, they had a great morning to be serving outside where there were a lot of people having breakfast.

That was good because there was not that much of a shopping crowd at Fry’s. The crowd there was all at the two checkout registers that were open. There must be a dozen or more checkout stations but I don’t think I have ever seen more than three open.

The neighbors that left on my westside did not leave the space empty for very long. There was a big Class ‘A’ pulling a utility trailer with all their toys filled it by noon. They look like they will be staying here until I’m gone.

Started distilling more water. That will add some unwanted heat inside Desperado with the expected high forecast for today to be 88° and the same tomorrow.
leftpic ‘Once upon a time, in a land that was called Britain, these things happened … and I was there, and this is how it was.’ The Winter King , like the rest of the trilogy, is narrated by Derfel (which is pronounced Dervel), one of Arthur’s warriors. This first book tells how after the death of Uther, High King of Britain, the country falls into chaos. Uther’s heir is a child, Mordred, and Arthur, his uncle, is named one of the boy’s guardians. Arthur has to fight other British kingdoms and the dreadful “Sais” — the Saxons — who are invading Britain. Arthur is supposed to marry Ceinwyn, a princess of Powys, but falls disastrously in love with Guinevere — ‘There have been many more beautiful women, and thousands who were better, but since the world was weaned I doubt there have been many so unforgettable as Guinevere … and it would have been better, Merlin always said, had she been drowned at birth.’–Bernard Cornwell website book promo

This is what Cornwell has written about the series, which was written before the Saxon Stories series.
The Arthur Books

“Once upon a time, in a land that was called Britain, these things happened …” well, maybe. The Warlord Trilogy is my attempt to tell the story of Arthur, ‘Rex Quondam Rexque Futurus’, the Once and Future King, although I doubt he ever was a king. I suspect he was a great warlord of the sixth century. Nennius, who was one of the earliest historians to mention Arthur, calls him the ‘dux bellorum’ — leader of battles or warlord. I have to confess that of all the books I have written these three are my favourites. They have been translated into a score of languages and were best-sellers in a dozen countries.

5 April 2021
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
It was hot yesterday. The high was 88.2°, just what the weather gurus said it would be. They are forecasting that the high today will be the same. I had the A/C on after we finished our afternoon walk and will probably have it on again today. Maybe a little cooler tomorrow but still over 80.

There is hulled barley and oat groats in the Thermal Cooker this morning. They will be cooked by noon and I’ll then put some garbonzos in the pot to soak overnight. They will get cooked tomorrow and form the base of another potage for ‘liners’.

That is all I have going on for the day other than the nonfiction book I’m reading of Fire 8. I also have a book on that I can borrow for only one hour at a time that I am reading with their reader online with the Fire 10.
… it is crucial to bear in mind that neoliberalism and neoconservativism in the United States are not ideological opposites. In fact, they represent variations on the same ideological theme; their similarities often outweigh their differences. … In general, neoconservatives agree with neoliberals on the importance of free markets and free trade, but they are much more inclined than the latter to combine their hands-off attitude toward big business with intrusive government action for the regulation of the ordinary citizenry in the name of public security and traditional values. In foreign affairs, neoconservatives advocate a more assertive and expansive use of both economic and military power than neoliberals, ostensibly for the purpose of promoting freedom and democracy around the world.–Globalisms The Great Ideological Struggle of the Twenty-First Century, Manfred B. Steger

As a geographical location, the US, not necessarily under that name, can exist for a long time. But as a nation the US no longer exists. A nation requires a homogeneous population, which the US does not have, and far more unity than exists today in the US.… Today the US is a Tower of Babel.…The United States is the Constitution. Devoid of the Constitution it is some other country.–How Much Longer Will the United States Exist?, Paul Craig Roberts

I like this meme a lot.

They said that a mask and gloves were enough to go into the grocery store.
They lied, everyone else had clothes on.

6 April 2021
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
The high yesterday didn’t quite reach the forecast; it was only 87.3°. There was also a breeze which gave me some cross ventilation so no A/C. Today is expected to be cooler at 82 with high winds.

The garbonzos are now in the Thermal Cooker. Maybe they will be done by the end of the day. If not I’ll heat them up again and back into the Cooker overnight. The distiller is still hard at work, maybe finished tomorrow.

I got off on a tangent yesterday and found a single-board computer (SBC) that can serve as a desktop. A SBC is a complete computer built on a single circuit board that is inexpensive; most of the cost is for the screen, keyboard, mouse and cables. It would have a Linux OS and could replace my Chromebook which is not working now although I do have it back.

I need a power adaptor and cables. The guy in Benson said he would give them to me but I have not received them yet. The SBC is not something I’m going to do soon but I think I’ll do it as an experiment.
Everyone knows that what PCR says in this article is true but the show trial must go on. The best outcome that I can hope for is a hung jury but that is very doubtful as well. Any juror that would have the courage to cause a hung jury would soon be a dead juror.
If Chauvin is found innocent, which is impossible as no American jury has that courage, America would still have a shot at law and order. He will be found guilty, and all the dumbshits will celebrate as they are ignorant of the consequences, which are that the police will cease to police black criminals.

Chauvin’s conviction will endow black criminals with immunity. An invaded white home owner could not resist robbery or rape without being gulty of “racial violence.” Your carry permit will be worthless as you don’t dare to defend yourself unless your attacker is white.–No Fair Trial for Officer Chauvin, Paul Craig Roberts

7 April 2021
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
I went out there and dumped holding tanks and added water early this morning. The wind was picking up and I wanted to get that done before it got stronger.

I also added mixed vegetables to the garbonzos and heated that up. Put it in the Thermal Cooker to finish cooking during the rest of the day. That pottage will make more ‘liners’ when I reheat each serving with added potatoes, napa cabbage, avocado and jalapaño.
I’m still reading about single board computers and putting together a list of the components that I would need to make it look/work like a computer as we usually think of one. I have tentatively decided on this:

Raspberry Pi 4 4GB
Raspberry Pi 4 official red/white case
User guide
Raspberry Pi official red/white keyboard & mouse
Raspberry Pi power supply
2 x micro-HDMI to HDMI-A (male) cable
16GB NOOBS with Raspbian microSD card

This is a ‘packaged’ kit that gives me everything I will need, except for the display screen and screen mount, which is not very expensive. It is the screen and screen mount that can increase the total cost. I could save money by going with a small screen but want one about the size of my Chrombook and that costs twice as much. In for a penny, in for a pound — total cost ~ $100 less than cheapest Chromebook.
This is probably as good an explanation of why the sheeple are all wearing ‘face dippers’ as you will find.
A new thing in costume appears — the flaring hoopskirt, for example — and the passers-by are shocked, and the irreverent laugh. Six months later everybody is reconciled; the fashion has established itself; it is admired, now, and no one laughs. Public opinion resented it before, public opinion accepts it now, and is happy in it. Why? Was the resentment reasoned out? Was the acceptance reasoned out? No. The instinct that moves to conformity did the work. It is our nature to conform; it is a force which not many can successfully resist.–Corn Pone Opinions, Mark Twain

8 April 2021
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
Finally received my $1,400 Biden Bucks. I was among the last to get them via direct deposit because of a screwup by SSA or IRS or Congress. Who knows who was responsible, everyone is pointing their finger at someone other than themselves.

I promptly ordered the Raspberry Pi 4 kit that I described yesterday. It is not going to stimulate the economy much because I think all those components were manufactured outside the USA. I know the computer board was. I also ordered a 13.3'' Portable Monitor Screen for the Raspberry Pi 4. This I know is made in China so not much stimulus there either. I guess I could have spent the Bucks on infrastructure.

Patches has me worried. She did our morning walk normally but refused to eat any breakfast. She ate her dinner last night but did not want to eat this morning. I hope it is just a temporary issue.
leftpic This new edition of Manfred Steger’s award-winning book explores the three principal ideologies of our time: the dominant “market globalism” based on a neoliberal vision of the world as a single marketplace, the “justice globalism” developed over the last decade by a transnational coalition of global civil society forces, and the “jihadist globalism” of radical Islamists seeking to galvanize their global community of believers into violent action. Market globalism has responded to these challengers by turning into “imperial globalism”—a political belief system that marries the capitalist language of the 1990s with the security concerns of our post-9/11 world. Steger has some differences with Thomas L. Friedman, I read his book on 8 February 2021, as well as what he calls the National Populism of the Right. He seems to be on the side of Justice Globalism of the Left. Although he is more objective than was Friedman. Full disclosure, I’m on the side of national populism. Steger, one of the world’s leading scholars on these subjects, explores globalization’s central questions: What, exactly, are the core claims of these conflicting globalisms? How does the imperial globalism of the 2000s differ from the market globalism of the 1990s? How has justice globalism managed to mature into a coherent ideology? What are the most likely future trajectories of this great ideological struggle of the twenty-first century? Written with impressive historical and theoretical breadth, this groundbreaking work is essential reading for all those concerned with the key questions that our shrinking world must face.–Book promo@
A great article by The Hardscrabble Farmer that does not write an essay very often but when he does they are almost always great.
…in fact the signature of the CDC over the past year has been to completely and totally ignore the promotion of healthy lifestyle, but replace it with a pharmaceutical treatment while allowing the individual to continue with their maladaptive behaviors, and even engage in increasingly bizarre and destructive responses such as avoiding human contact with loved ones, hiding indoors out of the Sunlight, and retarding their ability to breathe fresh air. It would appear, to someone standing at a distance, to be a formula to guarantee the spread of sickness among a population that would ordinarily walk it off without so much as a symptom even if exposed to it.–Herd Immunity, The Hardscrabble Farmer
9 April 2021
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: April 9, 1933

Patches seems to be better. She did our afternoon walk yesterday just like any other day. When we finished the walk I offered the Glucosamine treat that she gets every morning.

Yesterday morning she did not want it but took it haltingly in the afternoon. For her dinner she got a half ration and ate it all. This morning she gobbled down her Glucosamine and breakfast just like her usual self. Thank goodness.

If I were a gardener I would be out there today and this weekend transplanting from the cold frame into the garden. The mesquite have leafed out which means that there is no chance of another freeze. The mesquite are almost a week later to leaf this year compared to last year. A sign of increased global warming? Not here per the mesquites which I trust more than the ‘consensus’.
Do I need another reason for not getting “The Jab” — I think not, it is not working.
Amid a raging second wave of COVID infections, frontline workers of Indian hospitals have been reporting infection with coronavirus. These cases have been reported from the country’s top hospitals and these dozens of doctors had been inoculated with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in January this year.

At least 37 doctors at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi have tested positive for Covid-19 this month.

Speaking with Sputnik, the hospital authorities said, “32 of them have mild symptoms and are in home isolation, while five are under treatment at the hospital.”

Caitlin has another posting that is right on.
As Gregory Shupak documented in a 2018 article titled “A ‘Regime’ Is a Government at Odds With the US Empire”, this label is seldom affixed to US allies—even US allies with extremely oppressive governments like Saudi Arabia—while it is used constantly on empire-targeted governments like Venezuela and Syria. Shupak notes that we even see this label abandoned after a targeted government is toppled, with nations like Iraq and Honduras magically transforming from “regimes” to “governments” after they are successfully absorbed into the imperial blob.–“Regime” And “CCP”: Propaganda Tools For Dissociating A Targeted Nation From Its Government, Caitlin Johnstone

No quote, just a link to a very good article. Strong recommendation.

10 April 2021
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ
My day in town started with breakfast at Café Olé where I got my usual. From there it was a grocery gathering at Fry’s where everything went quickly. Not much of a crowd and very short wait at the checkout register. But I then had a wait for my UPS Store to open.

Picked up more coffee from Old Bisbee Coffee Roasters and Aeropress filters from a company in Canada that mails from NY. The third package was the power charger for my Chromebook that the shop in Benson sent me — free of charge.

It seems to be working. I also have the battery icon back so I can see how much power I have remaining. That was the first indication that something was wrong with the Chromebook those many months ago.

That is about all I’ll do today other than read the book that I have been checking out an hour at a time on I may even finish it today, tomorrow for sure.