1 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: January 1, 1933

We cut the walk short by about 10 minutes again this morning. Not because it was cold, the low was only 30.8°, but I wanted to be on the road by 7:30.

It was not a long drive today only 115 miles which was around 20 miles more than necessary.

However, I wanted to drive historic US80 from Benson to the Junction with AZ 82 which I have not driven in 45-50 years. Did that and stopped at the Landmark in Sierra Vista for breakfast. Then filled Desperado with gas before driving some roads that I never had before through Hereford.

The route: S. Haskell (Willcox), I-10 (30 miles), Pomerene Rd, E. 4th St (Benson), AZ80 (historic US80), AZ82, AZ90, N. Buffalo Soldier Trail, Fry Blvd , AZ 90, Monson Rd (Sierra Vista), E. Hereford Rd, S. Hereford Rd, AZ92, S. Wilson Rd, & W. Newell St (Naco) no pic

Patches is not 100% but she is much better. Still a bit hesitant getting up the steps into Desperado but more enerjetic when she gets up in the morning.
A very sarcastic essay by a nom de plume James Madison that is a good read. I quote only the closing.
And the people? Heads down and keep them down. You are ruled by the best that fame and money can barter (with you being the goods traded). Be comforted. Your rulers are more than obelisk worthy, they are pyramid worthy, pyramids built with your sweat and labor, and upon your backs. A new patrician aristocracy made up of the old aristocracy has returned to save us. Yummy. They did so well before. Thank you 2020! You will make the next few years rewarding in ways we cannot imagine.

2020 was a great year. It completely dropped the veil on elite privilege and systemic elitism.–2020 Was A Great Year!, James Madison

Thought for the day…There is more money being spent on breast implants and Viagra today than on Alzheimer’s research. This means that by 2025, there should be a large elderly population with perky boobs, huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.

2 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
Didn't do anything after getting set up in my space in the new camp. Went for our afternoon walk which was exploratory looking for a good route to walk this morning in the half dark.

Walking the old railroad bed where the track has been taken up is not too bad in daylight; I don't want to do it in the morning. We did a loop through the old commercial district of Naco this morning with most of that downtown all boarded up. We also came upon 4-5 dogs running loose so that is not a good route.

The low here was right on 21° just what the experts forecast it would be. I can only hope that they are right again with the guess of 28 for the low tomorrow morning.
The Supreme Court refused to examine the charges of massive fraud in the presidential elections, brought forth and demonstrated by the plaintiff. The reasoning, in layman’s terms, is that fraud was none of the Court’s business, even when it involves the actual future of the country — of whose laws, and therefore civilized existence the Supreme Court is the supreme arbiter. One reasonable conclusion is that the majority of the Supreme Court does not feel as powerful or secure as the supremacy implied in its appellation would suggest. In laymen’s terms some of the ‘supremes’ fear for their ass. The confused citizen wonders what is ‘supreme’ about the Supreme Court…

Hence the ordinary citizen today does not know what power wants from him. He strives to literally follow the most absurd rules, at times nonsensical, at times draconian, at times falsely permissive. Yet, the more he strives to comply, the more he is threatened with imminent new dangers (e.g. new strains of the same virus requiring more coercion and (?) new vaccines). In the end the situation dampens the desire for rebellion, while it reinforces, in the most part, the feeling of having something wrong within oneself. For a confusional state, therefore, creates more dependence than fear or consent.–The Power of Confusion, Jimmie Moglia for the Saker Blog
Do I want the Coronavirus® vaccine? No thank you very much, I’ll pass.

“According to government [Israel] data, the majority of those who received the coronavirus jabs reported no side effects, although some people sought medical assistance due to weakness, dizziness, fever, and diarrhea, reportedly caused by the vaccination. The Israeli Health Ministry also reported cases of people suffering from allergic reactions and developing neurological symptoms after receiving the shots with the vaccine.”
…what climbs in a money bubble is the total amount of paper wealth in circulation. … most of the paper earnings generated by the bubble end up being reinvested in some other form of paper wealth. Here again, this has certainly happened; the only reason we haven’t seen thousand- percent inflation as a result of the vast manufacture of paper wealth in recent decades is that most of it has been used solely to buy even more newly manufactured paper wealth.–The Wealth of Nature, John Michael Greer

3 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
There was not much change in the low temperature this morning compared to yesterday morning. It was one degree warmer at 22° but felt colder. I hope the actual is closer to the forecast low of 29 tomorrow morning.

Our morning walk was out and back on Wilson Rd with a turn off into a new housing development when we reached a cattle guard on Wilson. This is a good route but I’ll probably modify it for morning walks.
Do I want some of that Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to protect me from Coronaviris®? I think not, thank you very much.
The Ministry of Health reports that a 32-year-old doctor, who received the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech, is hospitalized in the intensive care unit of a high-specialty hospital attached to the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Nuevo León state, after she developed a rash, seizures, decreased muscle strength and shortness of breath , in the next half hour to the application. The reaction was detected within the specific observation area of the vaccination cell in which the doctor received her vaccine.– Translated

A century from now, in 2110, if the technology to maintain a worldwide empire still exists… somebody else will be in that position [world empire]. It won’t be America, because empire is the methamphetamine of nations; in the short term, the effects feel great, but in the long term they’re lethal. Britain managed to walk away from its empire without catastrophe because the United States was ready, willing and able to take over, and give Britain a place in the inner circle of US allies into the bargain. Most other nations have paid for their imperial overshoot with a century or two of economic collapse, political chaos and social disintegration.–The Wealth of Nature Economics, John Michael Greer

As we view the achievements of aggregated capital, we discover the existence of trusts, combinations, and monopolies, while the citizen is struggling far in the rear or is trampled to death beneath an iron heel.

Corporations, which should be the carefully constrained creatures of the law and the servants of the people, are fast becoming the people's masters. — Grover Cleveland, State of the Union 1885– –1888

4 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
On 4 November 2020 I wrote this:
There is going to be a lot of ‘talk’ about the election through the weekend. However, I don’t think there will even be a tentative decision by Monday. The final decision will be on 6 January 2021 when the electors vote is counted by the joint meeting of Congress. There the decision may hinge on how many faithless electors there are, there were 10 of them in 2016, and which way they swing. Lots of drama between now and then.

I was about half right, there has been a lot of drama but the final decision may not be on 6 January 2021. There may be more drama to come and not because of faithless electors but rather from elector challenges. “May you live in interesting times”
leftpic The Wealth of Nature proposes a new model of economics based on the integral value of ecology. Building on the foundations of E.F. Schumacher’s revolutionary “economics as if people mattered”, this book examines the true cost of confusing money with wealth. By analyzing the mistakes of contemporary economics, it shows how an economy centered on natural capital—the raw materials that support human life—can move our society toward a more productive relationship with the planet that sustains us all.

The Wealth of Nature suggests public policy initiatives and personal choices that can help alleviate the economic impact of peak oil. These strategies must address not only financial concerns, but the issues of resource depletion and pollution as well. Examples include:
  1. Adjusting tax policy to penalize the use of natural nonrenewable resources over recycled materials
  2. Placing public welfare above corporate interests
  3. Empowering individuals, families, and communities by prioritizing local, sustainable solutions
  4. Building economies at an appropriate scale.
Profoundly insightful and impeccably argued, this book is required reading for anyone interested in the intersection of the environment and the economy as we enter the twilight of the Age of Abundance .–Book promo @
A lot of running around today with a trip into Sierra Vista and Whetstone. Stopped at the Country kitchen for breakfast before going to D & J RV to make sure they knew what I wanted done on 12 February. That is when they will remove the old hood and replace it with the new one that I have ordered plus give me switches for the water pump, water heater and generator.

The stop in Whetstone was at Roadrunners Body Shop. They do auto painting but also Cerakote things such as the plastic ‘furniture’ on my Ruger PC Carbine. They also sell ammo but could not order me a bulk supply of 9mm.

Picked up mail, including the kitchen faucet that I ordered, at my UPS Store. Then I stopped at a friend's place for a visit and patches got some dog play time. She seems worn out now that we are back in Naco.

5 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
The low this morning was 32° and it felt balmy. I even took my mittens off for a short time because my hands were sweating. I can only wish that we have more mornings like this during January. The 10 Day forecast is expecting the lows to be mostly in the upper 20s so I’ll probably be getting real lows in the lower 20s.
I had a problem with my Fire 10 opening web pages this morning. Wasted at least a half hour before trying to use the Toshiba and had the same problem with it. Both of them showed that they were connected to Verizon. I shut the Verizon MIFI down and opened it again and that fixed the problem. It had to have been a Verizon issue.
I for one don’t want to be another member of a glorified immunization trial. An untrustworthy medical establishment, rushed vaccine, incomplete trials, adverse anecdotal side effects, and absence of historical data are all good reasons to opt-out of a vaccine, but put all those factors together, and that’s a recipe for disaster not many want to touch, let alone put in their body.–I Won’t Be Taking The COVID-19 Vaccine. Here’s Why, Chase Watkins

Civil war, medical discrimination, spy satellites and cyborgs! How 2021 could make us yearn for 2020 by Helen Buyniski. I have not quoted from the article but she writes articles for RT because no Establishment media will publish them. A suggested read.
Consider this for just a moment.
Now [15 October 2020], for the first time, the Peace Corps does not have a single volunteer in the field. About 7,000 American volunteers and trainees were pulled out of 61 countries in mid-March because of the spreading covid-19 health crisis, and their service contracts have ended.

The latest ‘stimulus’ bill passed by Congress gives $90,000,000 to the Peace Corps. This is added to the budgeted amount that was included in the annual federal budget. The Peace Corps administrators are going to live well.

6 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
There is not much going on here. Just the same routine as usual. I do have some garbonzos cooking in the Thermal Cooker that will become more pottage by this time tomorrow. That and more reading.
I’m also awaiting the results of GA senate races and the electoral count certification by Congress. I’m undecided what I want to happen with either of those results. Leaning toward giving the Democrat Party complete political power so they have no excuses as this country swirles down the drain. That may wake, versus woke, the people in this country that there needs to be changes made - not selecting more Democrat or Republican Establishment members but some changes.
Patches’ hips seem to be much better. Maybe 95% what they were before this latest problem she had and this could be her new normal.

7 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
The only thing that I have been doing is following the insurrection in Washington D. C.; mostly on alt-news sites and bloggers. I don’t need to know what the mainstream media thinks, that is well known by now.

Amid the chaos president-elect Biden has been certified as the president elect by a joint Congress rather than by that same mainstream media. Perhaps in the future we can do away with any Congressional certification and simply rely on what the media tells us.

The Democrats also now have complete control of the federal government - let the punishments begin. At the top of the list is impeach president Trump. If you think that need not be done because he is gone on 20 January you don’t understand that if he is impeached then he can not hold office in 2024. This is very important for the Democrats.
In Washington D.C. right now…

… we’re seeing the truth of the old Biblical adage: “Those who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind.”
If I were in D.C. today, I’d be in the Capitol along with the protesters.
This is what happens when the Left thinks it can get away with murder, and acts accordingly - only to be brought up short by the righteous anger of those they’ve wronged and ignored.
So, now … let the cards fall where they may. As Julius Caesar said, “Alea iacta est”. The die is cast. Nobody knows what the future holds - but it will definitely not be “politics as usual” any more.

Peter Grant

A “mostly peaceful protest” at the capitol in Washington D. C. And the police shoot DEAD an unarmed woman. No fires were started, very limited looting, no police shot and no media headlines that proclaim that it was a Mostly Peaceful Protest.

For those of you that did not read President Trump's Tweet because it was removed for inciting violence here it is.
These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!

Let’s not forget here that the Elites and their Left-Wing dupes have all along made it clear that their so-called unity plans and great resets contain no room for opposition. They’ve always spoken and written of us in terms of a problem that needs to be dealt with; and never as a legitimate political or social movement. This very morning, I saw this headline at Yahoo News: ”Maskless Morons Gather in Washington to Support the Worst President in History."–A Brief Word On Today’s Violence, Nightwind

8 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: January 8, 1933

The ‘insurrection’ in Washington D. C. was great news for the stock market — I know not why. The DOW Index set new record highs on the back of the chaos at the capitol. It looks like it is going to be a Biden market for the next four years with no limit on how high the Dow can go. The only limit that might be imposed would be the Federal Reserve stops creating money out of thin air but that is unlikely.
There is no future for our country if we stay on the path that we are currently on. We are engaging in self-destructive behavior in thousands of different ways, and even though there have been endless warnings, we are so addicted to our self-destructive behavior that we just can’t help ourselves.
At this point, it is difficult to imagine how anyone can possibly be optimistic about the future of our nation.
But apparently stock market investors disagree, because they just keep pushing stock prices higher and higher.
It shall be very interesting to watch how high they can go before the system finally implodes.–The Worse Things Get, The More The Stock Market Likes It, Michael Snyder

A quote from an article written by someone that was on the scene and is not controlled by the Establishment. You will not see this article in the mainstream media, the writer does not have the correct narrative.
A man to my left makes a blunt proclamation: “Revolution—it’s past due.” The dramatic claim sums up fairly well the general mood in the crowd. There is palpable rage here, and not just among the QAnon fanatics or the rioters up front. It is about more than the election. Donald Trump is merely a focal point, as are (in the opposite direction) Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. Their fury is aimed at a system they feel failed them—or worse, worked exactly as intended. Impeach Trump, indict rioters—that anger is not going away. What’s happening on the Capitol steps, with tens of thousands gathered, feels dangerously close to a legitimacy crisis. Commentary later will call this a dark day—or a disgraceful end to the Trump years, the tragic culmination of escalating, dangerous rhetoric and conduct—but on the ground it feels far more like the beginning of something than the end of anything. When Congress reconvenes at night, the establishment will be openly hardened against the right-wing resistance that boiled over today. Some will declare it dead, banished from the GOP. But there is something here that will not go away.–What I Saw At The Capitol Riot, Declan Leary

Her name is Ashli Babbitt. Was she the first Trump supporter to die? How many more will there be? With the Democrats in total control of this country at the federal level is it now open season on anyone that supported Trump? Are there bounties?
It is not all bad. There is some good news here. I just had a morning walk in temperatures that were not freezing or below — it was 33° this morning. This was the first morning above freezing since 28 December 2020 and that was an aberration. It has been cold.
I was going to go back to Sierra Vista on Sunday, my scheduled shopping day, but received an email from the shop in Whetstone that he had finished the work that I left him. He is closed on Sunday so I’ll go tomorrow. There are packages to pick up at my UPS Store as well.

9 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
Everything went reasonably well this morning until I got back to the Park. There I plugged in to the electric and got none. Wandered around the Park for almost a half hour looking for ‘Management’. Told him I had no power, he came and gave a look after about 10 minutes, saw there was no power and said he would check a few things. It has been a half hour and he came back with a meter and checked for electricity at the pedestal then left again. I’ll continue the tale tomorrow.

The stove hood and sink were at my UPS Store so I have everything now except the stove top which I have been told has shipped. I ordered a stainless steel hood and received a white one. Not worth troubling about it which is most likely what the vendor thought also.
The Ruger PC Carbine looks great. Roadrunner Body Shop does firearm cerakote painting as well as auto painting and did a very quick job. The plastic ‘furniture’ is now a midnight bronze color rather than the standard ‘assault rifle’ black.
I don’t know what the low temperature was this morning although I think it was above freezing again. The reporting station is offline. Maybe they have no electricity either; my neighbor two spaces away on the east side has electricity. What I do have is some fairly strong winds so there may be colder weather blowing in.

I’ll get this posted while I have some battery charge remaining. Maybe get electricity by tomorrow.

10 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
The only way I could get 30 amp service again was to change the space I was in. When I first hooked up I had a warning light on my surge protector that would come and go. So I had been plugged in without it not knowing if it was the protector or the service.

The 15 amp plug had one of those CFI resets. Once it was pushed I had power back to the basement heater but the 30 amp was still not working. Into a new space where the surge protector is not showing a warning, the 30 amp and the 15 amp are both working. So I’m set again — for now.
I have Firefox on my Toshiba and have not been very happy with it for over a year, something changed, I see now that there are more changes planned so when I get my converted Chromebook back I’ll not install Firefox as my default browser.
The developers of the Firefox browser, the non-profit Mozilla Corp, jumped on the Stalinist bandwagon and announced more must be done to keep Donald Trump and other “bad actors” out of your precious cyberspace. They don’t give any hint as to who will determine who’s a “bad actor” or not.–Firefox Joins the Internet Stalinist, Diogenes Sarcastica

When people said Trump was a dictator, they were full of crap. With Trump, could you say something negative about him? Criticize him? Organize politically against him? Contrast what you were allowed to say about Trump with what you are allowed to say about the BLM, the hongweibings of the junta.–Our Junta, Clarissa

11 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
The very first line in the ‘To Mount Rack’ instructions was:
A helper will make the job easier.

That is a understatement but I was able to install the Big Sky Rack BSR–1 by myself yesterday. It took me about 4-5 times as long to do it as it would have with help but it is installed. The proof of how well will only appear after I drive over some rough roads and it is still ‘hanging in there’.
The low this morning was 24° but there are colder mornings coming. The next two are forecast to be 19 so I can expect something less than that. The high today is expected to be 46 with it warming to 52 tomorrow. The rest of the 10 day forecast has the highs in the 60s, or near 60s, with almost all the mornings above freezing. I might believe the highs but doubt the lows.

It is going to be cold but I have to get out there and do the tank dumps today, can’t put it off any longer, It is the water tank going dry that is the most pressing issue that forces me out into the cold today or I wouldn’t go.
The first and most overpowering impression upon seeing a great state suddenly plunged into agony and disarray is sheer disbelief at “how the mighty have fallen”… The magnitude of the disaster overwhelms both literally and metaphorically. In the latter sense it is particularly striking. A formerly dynamic and agile commonwealth, as in a fiendish practical joke, now in its doddering phase is being put in the charge of an embarrassing senile dotard whose decrepit condition exactly matches the demise of the once imposing entity that he is being installed to nominally govern.–Lights Out for the City on the Hill, Stephen Karganovic

A meme that needs thinking about - edited.
We spend $750 billion annually on “defense” and the center of American government fell in two hours to the duck dynasty and the guy in a chewbacca bikini and a buffalo horned headpiece.

12 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
The forecast low was wrong again for this morning but it was warmer than expected which is rare. The low was 28° with 19 the expected. That 28 this morning did feel like 19 from time to time due to wind chill.

The weather guessers have stayed with their 19 low for tomorrow morning but have raised their guess for the highs today and tomorrow a degree or two. There will most likely be freezing mornings through the end of this month unless the weather guessers get it right or are wrong like this morning.
I added water while at my space yesterday but could not get either of the two sewer caps off that were within hose length from there. I did find a sewer cap that I could get off so unhooked from the electric and moved Desperado there so I could dump tanks.

I had gone looking for the Park manager but he is never available when you need him. I then sent him an email but knew it would be hours, or maybe days, before he would respond. He did show up about an hour later and could not get one of the caps off either but did get the other one off. The sewer layout has two caps at each space which is ‘different’
leftpic Harry Turtledove—the master of alternate history—has recast the tumultuous twentieth century and created an epic that is powerful, bold, and as convincing as it is provocative. In Drive to the East he continues his saga of warfare that has divided a nation and now threatens the entire world.
In 1914, the First World War ignited a brutal conflict in North America, with the United States finally defeating the Confederate States. In 1917, The Great War ended and an era of simmering hatred began, fueled by the despotism of a few and the sacrifice of many. Now it’s 1942. The USA and CSA are locked in a tangle of jagged, blood-soaked battle lines, modern weaponry, desperate strategies, and the kind of violence that only the damned could conjure up—for their enemies and themselves.
In Richmond, Confederate president and dictator Jake Featherston is shocked by what his own aircraft have done in Philadelphia—killing U.S. president Al Smith in a barrage of bombs. Featherston presses ahead with a secret plan carried out on the dusty plains of Texas, where a so-called detention camp hides a far more evil purpose.
As the untested U.S. vice president takes over for Smith, the United States face a furious thrust by the Confederate army, pressing inexorably into Pennsylvania. But with the industrial heartland under siege, Canada in revolt, and U.S. naval ships fighting against the Japanese in the Sandwich Islands, the most dangerous place in the world may be overlooked. — Book promo @
The Saker has written a good aricle about the “attack” on the capital that does not follow the Establishment narrative. Recommended read!
Conclusion: now we are all Palestinians!

True, no “mob” won on the Capitol, unless we refer to the (disgraced, hated and useless) Congress as “the mob”. And, of course, neither did “the people” or the protesters. The only real winner in this entire operation was the US deep state and the US Nomenklatura. But they did not win any war, only the opening battle of a war which will be much longer than what they imagine in their ignorance.

I have said it many times, Trump really destroyed the USA externally, in terms of world politics. The Dems have done the same thing, only internally. For example, Trump is the one who most arrogantly ignored the rule of law in international affairs, but it was the Dems who destroyed the rule of law inside the USA. It was Trump who with his antics and narcissistic threats urbi et orbi who destroyed any credibility left for the USA as a country (or even of the the AngloZionist Empire as a whole), but it was the Dems who really decided to sabotage the very political system which allowed them to seize power in the first place.–The Mob Did Not Win, The Saker

13 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
The low this morning was 19.8° but I had frozen water lines which didn’t happen at that temperature before. I think it is colder here than what the closest Weather Underground reporting station is recording. It felt colder than the 24 reported when we finished our walk as well.
I think that today will be devoted to getting, and staying, warm. I have books and articles stacked up on my Fire 8 that will keep me busy.
Globalism pretended to promise the same nirvana as communism had failed to deliver in its time, and came into full flower just as communism lost its legitimacy. Globalism also had the same tendency to impoverish and enslave huge populations while enriching the elite who managed its operations. The American people were sold on it, even while it destroyed their towns, their landscapes, and their vocations. What a shock, then, to find out that the so-called global economy was just a set of transient economic relations made possible by two historically peculiar circumstances: twenty-odd years of relative international peace and reliable supplies of cheap oil.–Long Emergency, James Howard Kunstler

This article by Wendell Berry addresses the same topic. Well worth reading, as are all of Berry's books and articles.
Sentimental capitalism is not so different from sentimental communism as the corporate and political powers claim. Sentimental capitalism holds in effect that everything small, local, private, personal, natural, good, and beautiful must be sacrificed in the interest of the “free market” and the great corporations, which will bring unprecedented security and happiness to “the many” – in, of course, the future.

These forms of political economy may be described as sentimental because they depend absolutely upon a political faith for which there is no justification, and because they issue a cold check on the virtue of political and/or economic rulers. They seek, that is, to preserve the gullibility of the people by appealing to a fund of political virtue that does not exist. Communism and “free-market” capitalism both are modern versions of oligarchy. In their propaganda, both justify violent means by good ends, which always are put beyond reach by the violence of the means. The trick is to define the end vaguely – “the greatest good of the greatest number” or “the benefit of the many” – and keep it at a distance.–The Idea Of A local Economy, Wendell Berry. Note: This is a PDF download.

14 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
My website and email host moved all my files to a different server on 9 January 2021. I think I have now got everything straightened out but not certain. There may still be some things that I have overlooked.

This morning the low was 31° and I took my mittens off for a short while because my hands were sweating. The forecast lows for the next 10 days are near freezing, plus or minus, which would be great if it were to happen. The weather guessers are also expecting rain next Tue, Wed & Thu which will not be good if that happens.

The only thing different happening today is my coffee order. I am unhappy with the new owners of Leapknot Coffee. They may not have been totally responsible for the last delay in shipping but two of the three orders I have placed with them were delivered very slow. I’m going to give Old Bisbee Roasters a try and placed an order with them this morning.
While innumerable Trump supporters have lost their Twitter and Facebook accounts due to social media censorship and cancel culture, cases of individuals being cut off by banks and other financial services are now growing too. The purge has gone beyond the realm of simply silencing people on major platforms for their opinions, but punishing them for expressing them by trying to make their lives unlivable.–Deplatforming Reaches New Heights of Absurdity, Diogenes Sarcastica

Bye bye Miss American Pie

And that’s why the drama is way, way, bigger than a mere discombobulated POTUS.

Every single institution controlled by the ruling class — from schools to mass media to the way workplaces are regulated — will go after the Deplorables with no mercy.

Professional CIA killer and liar John Breenan, key conceptualizer of totally debunked Russiagate, tweeted about the necessity of, in practice, setting up re-education camps. Media honchos called for “cleansing the movement”.

Politically, the Deplorables only have Trumpism. And that’s why Trumpism, with a possible avenue to become an established third party, must be smashed. As much as the 0.0001% is more terrified by the possibility of secession or armed revolt, they need urgent pre-emptive action against what is, for now, a nationalist mass movement, however inchoate its political proposals.–9/11 Was the Prelude. 1/6 Is the Holy Gr, Pepe Escobar
"Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters." — Daniel Webster
Why, after 20 years of post-9/11 police state and katrillions of dollars spent on weapons and surveillance and censorship and belligerent propaganda, was the Capitol not defended? Well, one cynical answer is that the government is run by morons. Yes, there is much evidence to support that view. An even more cynical answer—the true answer, I think—is that it doesn’t really matter what happens to the Capitol. It’s like the bird that fakes a broken wing to distract you from where her eggs really are.

The Capitol is a front. Not important. Try breaking into the NSA building, by contrast. Never mind. Don’t do that. Don’t even think about it. You wouldn’t get within 10 miles of the place before being vaporized.–Rabble Without A Cause, Jason Morgan

15 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: January 15, 1933

It was below freezing this morning, at 30°, but did not feel very cold. If the rest of the mornings in the 10 day forecast are like this that will be good. The rain, if it comes, will be bad.

I’ll just be doing the usual today then go to Sierra Vista again tomorrow. I have a stove top waiting for me to pick up at my UPS Store.
I’ll pass on getting the Coronavirus® vaccine, thank you very much. I believe this to be a ‘feature’ of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

WHO is aware of reports of 23 deaths following COVID-19 vaccination in Norway. The Norwegian Medicines Agency reported on 14 January its preliminary assessment of 13 of the deaths, all of whom were older adults in frail health. The agency reckoned the deaths could be linked to the normally mild side effects of the vaccine.
But here is a simple truth that many of us seem to resist: living too long is also a loss, it renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining, a state that may not be worse than death but is nonetheless deprived. It robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to work, society, the world. It transforms how people experience us, relate to us, and, most important, remember us. We are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but as feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic. By the time I [Ezekiel Emanuel] reach 75, I will have lived a complete life.–Why Folks are Concerned that Ezekiel Emanuel Is Named to Biden's COVID Advisory Panel, Cortney O'Brien

Another remarkable and unexpected symptom of national decline is the intensification of internal political hatreds. One would have expected that, when the survival of the nation became precarious, political factions would drop their rivalry and stand shoulder-to-shoulder to save their country. True to the normal course followed by nations in decline, internal differences are not reconciled in an attempt to save the nation. On the contrary, internal rivalries become more acute, as the nation becomes weaker.–The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival by John Bagot Glubb

16 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
Ithought the trip to town today would be quick. However, I didn’t expect the lens in my glasses to pop out while at Fry's getting groceries. I was down on hands and knees looking for it with 2-3 others helping. A woman finally found it in my shopping cart where I had looked before but couldn’t see it.

That took some time but even more time was spent at Wal*Mart waiting for the glasses guy to finish working on a pair of glasses. The fix for mine took perhaps two minutes at the most.

I had breakfast at the Landmark and then picked up three packages at my UPS Store. The most important was the drop in stove top. I now have all that is required for the countertop project except the countertop which I am hoping the guy that said he would do the work will provide — or tell me what to buy.
leftpic Very interesting book about the overall assessment of empires and what led to their decadence. The author argues that wealth is one of the factors that lead to that. Wealth is an individualistic gain that turn the focus of people from common good and social caring into personal benefit. Other than wealth, the author seems to present the conservative values as the ones protecting empires from decay. Weakening of religiosity, high immigration This ‘book’ is only 52 pages in paperback and I think it was published essays. It provides a step by step description of how empires have repeatedly failed and it does not take much imagination to see that the United States is on the last step. rate and unbalanced diversity, the welfare state in addition to other factors all contribute to the decadence of empires. His argument is that empires live an average of 250 years and then start having the mentioned issues that leads to its decay. Many examples are given from Roman, Arabs, mamluks, Turks, British,etc… that illustrates his point of view. The book is very short and easy to read.– Customer review @

17 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
It is the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine that is being used in Israel. This mild side effect is being reported by many websites but not by the mainstream media in the USA. I don’t think I want the vaccine, thank you very much.
Some 13 people have experienced mild facial paralysis as a side effect after taking the COVID-19 vaccine, the Health Ministry reported, and estimates are that the number of cases could be higher. Health officials have raised questions about whether or not to administer the second dose to these individuals, but the Health Ministry is recommending that the second dose be given.–13 Israelis Suffer Facial Paralysis After Coronavirus Vaccine, Jerusalem Post Staff
I’ll not be doing much of anything today. More reading time on my Fire 8 is all that is planned.
leftpic The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-first Century is a book by James Howard Kunstler exploring the consequences of a world oil production peak, coinciding with the forces of climate change, resurgent diseases, water scarcity, global economic instability and warfare to cause major trouble for future generations.

Kunstler and Greer have the same opinion about what the future holds for the USA and the world when all the fossil fuel is gone or too expensive to obtain. Where they part ways somewhat is how soon it is going to happen. Kunstler has it happening more rapidly than Greer and he paints a darker future that does Greer. A recommended read. The book’s principal theme explores the effects of a peak in oil production, predicted by many geologists, on American society as well as the rest of the world. In both this book and in his other writings, Kunstler argues that the economic upheavals caused by peak oil will force Americans to live in more localized, self-sufficient communities.–Wikipedia
Given the entrenched nature of the political/economic and cultural cleavages in the Republic[the USA], conflict now seems inevitable. How this will play out seems moot but there is surely “Something…rotten in the State of Denmark.”

From a fixation with its external enemies in the communist bloc — American foreign policy since the1950s — the United States has now decided to open a second (home) front against its internal enemies, the deplorables. It should be borne in mind, however, that wars on two fronts are rarely successful…

The West’s assumptions of superiority and even divine right, of course does not go down at all well with the developing world (and China which should now be considered as being developed). The historical West’s powers-that-be want everything to stop as if it was still in 1945 — with them still in charge. Their rationale for this being the time-honoured TINA which now dominates the West’s ultra-conservative outlook. The current international regime as inherited from being virtually unchanged since WW2 no longer corresponds to the economic realities. But the West still controls the institutions of economic stewardships the IMF, WTO/WB BIS OECD, and financial literature and the global reserve currency — the US$. Trouble seems to be shaping up.

Somehow, something has got to give.–The American Brumaire, Francis Lee for the Saker Blog
18 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
I keep reading that president elect Biden and the Democrats want “unity” and to “heal” the divisions in our country. This after doing everything they could to divide it for four years. The mainstream media has even got this wrong what the Democrats are saying is they want the people in this country to HEEL.

Is this an example of what the next four years are going to bring? There are 25,000 troops at the U.S. Capitol to install the Biden administration. Why do you need armed soldiers at the inauguration of the “most popular Presidential candidate in American history after the most secure election in history?”
The death toll from the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in Norway has been increased by another 6 since the last report. It is small comfort that Pfizer finds the 29 deaths to be not alarming and in line with expectations. Note: I have added the bold type. I thank you but I don’t want the vaccine.
“There are 13 deaths that have been assessed, and we are aware of another 16 deaths that are currently being assessed,” the agency [Norwegian Medicines Agency] said. All the reported deaths related to “elderly people with serious basic disorders,” it said. “Most people have experienced the expected side effects of the vaccine, such as nausea and vomiting, fever, local reactions at the injection site, and worsening of their underlying condition.”…

The agency found that “the number of incidents so far is not alarming, and in line with expectations,” Pfizer said.–Norway warns of vaccination risks for elderly sick patients after 29 die, Bloomberg

leftpic When meandering through this novella, I found myself wondering if it was worth reading. And meandering is likely the best word to be using since the novella is broken down into smaller segments / scenes. The first half was slow and kind of dull, but well written to the extent that small contained scenes This review says what I thought of this book. It was Dos Passos’s first novel and expresses his socialism at that time. Not recommended unless you are reading all that he wrote. can be. By the halfway point, and slightly beyond, I found myself still questioning the merit of the novel. Then boom — the philosophical discussion on war (or rather anti-war) hits. And it’s both deep and heavy handed to the point where it might be overboard. And that makes this interesting from the view of John Dos Passos’s stance on war, but at the same time is a little obnoxious with how hard he hits his point when he gets there. All in all — it’s a decent novella — but quite unbalanced.–Customer review @

19 January 2021
Bisbee RV Park
Naco, AZ
Ididn’t wear my wool scarf this morning and wore my gloves rather than mittens. The low was 38° which is the warmest morning that I have had since 10 December 2020. If the forecast is right tomorrow morning will be even warmer but maybe with rain.
I have garbanzos cooking in the Thermal Cooker this morning. Will add yellow split peas later today and then let that cook overnight in the Cooker. That and more reading on Fire 8 will fill my day with activities.
Political language — and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists — is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.–Politics and the English Language, George Orwell

No quote, just a link to a thought provoking article. The author does not think Josh Hawley, the careful student of Teddy Roosevelt, shows skill and ambition but little by way of electability & Ted Cruz is still Ted Cruz. But does think that a Bull Moose Party, with a bull moose to lead it, is needed in 2024. I agree.

A great Meme.
Sources say that Ghostbusters have been deployed to Washington D. C. in case all the dead people that voted for Biden become violent.