1 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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I think I will finish reading the book that I have on Paperwhite today. Then start reading a much shorter book that I have on Kindle Fire. I have looked at that one and the ePub OCR scanning is very poorly done once more, so it is not going to be as pleasant read as has been the MOBI file on Paperwhite. There is also the PDF that I read off and on that is on the Toshiba. I have no idea when I might finish that one.

It has been a little surprising that the Park did not fill up for Labor Day Weekend. When I paid for this months space rent yesterday I was talking to the Park Host and she said she was a bit surprised as well.

However, she said that the Park was completely booked starting 16 September through the weekend. So are all the other RV Parks in the area. Apache County, the towns of Eagar & Springerville and US Forest Service are hosts to the 15th Annual White Mountain UTV Jamboree held on Sept 19-23, 2019. I can hardly wait. HA

2 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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Verizon has 'throttled' my data usage but I still managed to use a lot yesterday. It took a long time and a number of false starts but I have been able to open a PDF file book in Kindle Fire. I was hoping to see it in Aldiko where I have been reading ePub books but I could not read it there. The 'native' PDF reader in Fire does not offer many bells and whistles but I'm going to read the book that I have on there now before adding another app with more features.

Patches got a lot of attention yesterday afternoon as we were leaving and returning from our walk. The first couple that we went past wanted to meet her and she was happy to oblige. The woman called her Patches and I had not told her what Patches' name was although I may have said her name and the woman picked up on it. We walked past another woman that wanted to meet Patches but I saved that meeting for when we returned.

leftpic This book would probably have been better if I had read it in the order that it was published. I read the Colonization series first. It was still good as have been all of Turtledove's books.

In the Balance is the first novel of the Worldwar tetralogy, as well as the first installment in the extended Worldwar series that includes the Colonization trilogy and the novel Homeward Bound. The plot begins in late 1941, while the Earth is torn apart by World War II. An alien fleet arrived to conquer the planet, forcing the warring nations to make uneasy alliances against the invaders. Meanwhile, the aliens, who refer to themselves as the Race, discover that their enemy is far fiercer and more technologically advanced than expected. - Edited Wikipedia
3 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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Not doing much today but will get started on the ePub book again. The data throttle that Verizon has imposed will make that more difficult but what I have planned for today should not be impacted very much. Most of what I want to do can be done offline.

Yesterday I cooked another salmon fillet in the Roaster. I now have enough 'linners' prepared for about a week. There are enough breakfast meals ready for a few days so no need to do more cooking anytime soon.

Making good progress reading the book I have on Paperwhite. The PDF book that I have on Kindle Fire is another very poorly done OCR scan and not a very easy read. The poor OCR scanned PDF files do not convert well, if they convert at all, so if that is all that is available then that is what I try to read.

leftpic Sun Hunting is probably a collection of articles that Roberts wrote for the Post that were then published as a book in 1922. He tells of his adventures and observations among the native and migratory tribes of Florida, including the stoical time-killers of Palm Beach, the gentle and gregarious tin-canners of the remote interior, and the vivacious and semi-violent peoples of Miami and its pulieus

The most interesting portion of the book for me were his observations of the tin-canners, what we today call RVers. It is generally thought that RVers came about after WWII but Roberts describes the 'tribes' well and this was during the early 1920s.

Every year the Bureau of Labor Statistics revise the jobs created during a past 12 month period. It is almost always a downward revision but for the period from April 2018 to March 2019 the revision was down 501,000. This is the largest downward revision in a decade. This BLS announcement did not get the headline treatment that each of the month's 'jobs created' announcements did because it did not fit the narrative.

We live at a time when “normalcy bias” is rampant in our society. About 70% of people reportedly display normalcy bias in disasters.
Normalcy bias, or normality bias, is a belief people hold when considering the possibility of a disaster. It causes people to underestimate both the likelihood of a disaster and its possible effects, because people believe that things will always function the way things normally have functioned.

4 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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I made a good start adding Trip 6 to the ePub book yesterday. It is the longest one of them all so it is going to take some time to finish. Looking forward, I need to draw all the maps for the second tour in Bulgaria so that one is also going to be time consuming. The same is true for the Vietnam tour but it was not as long.

The book that I'm reading on Paperwhite is a collection of short stories. I have been reading one of them each day so far and hope to continue that. I then also read some of the book that I have on Kindle Fire. The terrible OCR PDF format is becoming easier to read the more of it that I do read. There are some words that I must skip over however since I can not determine what they are because of missing letters.

During our walk yesterday afternoon I found what I think was a bee swarm on the south shoulder to US60. There were some active bees at that time. This morning when I went past them they were in much tighter clump with no activity at all. When I pasted them about 30 minutes later the clump was starting to stir but there were no bees flying around. I think this is an old queen moving to a new nest before winter sets in.
If you want to know what a gun ban in America would look like, think about the war on drugs. Because Dems and leftists are proposing a war on guns, just like the miserably failed war on drugs...
Gun owners are morally and psychologically fit people, unlike most drug abusers. Rounding them up and treating them as criminals will be a far, far more horrific spectacle than anything we’ve seen so far with the war on drugs.

A part of me almost wants to see them try. But I also know it will lead to a level of civil strife and civil warfare – psychological if not actual – not seen since the era of the Civil War and the American Revolution. Let’s be real: America is already on the edge, as it is. If Donald Trump went away tomorrow, that divisiveness would not disappear. In fact, it will only grow, especially with Democrats calling all dissenters “racists” and threatening legal sanctions against anyone who won’t live the way they think everyone should live. - The War on Guns Will Be Like the War on Drugs, Michael J. Hurd

5 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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The Park is relatively empty this week. I haven't had a neighbor on either side of me for quite a few days now. Maybe get 10 days or more without any before the UTV Jamboree folks start to arrive. If I am lucky I'll only get neighbors for 3-4 days when that happens.

More work on the ePub book today. More Paperwhite reading, maybe finish the Poe book that I have on there.

Arthur Conan Doyle once said that Edgar Allan Poe's stories were "a model for all time." Just how much Doyle relied on Poe's model when he developed his own contribution to detective, crime, and murder mystery books and stories can readily be seen when one examines the internal evidence of the stories both men wrote.

The Murders in the Rue Morgue (1841) and The Mystery Of Marie Roget (1842) are proof of that. Poe's Chevalier C. Auguste Dupin is certainly the model for Sherlock Holmes.

The proper question in cases such as this, is not so much ‘what has occurred?’ as ‘what has occurred that has never occurred before?’ - Chevalier C. Agusta Dupin

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes
There are ideal series of events which run parallel with the real ones. They rarely coincide. Men and circumstances generally modify the ideal train of events, so that it seems imperfect, and its consequences are equally imperfect. - Novalis (The pen name of Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg). - from The Mystery Of Marie Roget, Edgar Allan Poe
We should bear in mind that, in general, it is the object of our newspapers rather to create a sensation - to make a point - than to further the cause of truth. The latter end is only pursued when it seems coincident with the former. The print which merely falls in with ordinary opinion (however well founded this opinion may be) earns for itself no credit with the mob. The mass of the people regard as profound only him who suggests pungent contradictions of the general idea. In ratiocination, not less than in literature, it is the epigram which is the most immediately and the most universally appreciated. In both, it is of the lowest order of merit. - The Mystery Of Marie Roget, Edgar Allan Poe
“The principal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse. The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building.”

Notice three things: (1) it has taken 18 years to get a real investigation of the destruction of a building blamed on Muslim terrorists, (2) the only way “near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building” can occur is through controlled demolition, and (3) this remarkable finding is not reported in the presstitute media. In other words, the study is assigned to the Memory Hole. This is the way The Matrix operates. - The Official Story of the Collapse of WTC Building 7 Lies in Ruins, Paul Craig Roberts

6 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: September 6, 1931

Breakfast at Booga Red's where I got their Special this morning, with red, but home fries rather than hash browns. Then groceries at Safeway, where I found that I must do without roasted peanuts in the shell without salt. Always in the past there have been a few bags of them along with a lot of bags of roasted with salt. Today there were neither.

What I found today was the entire bin area full of Hampton Farms Hatch Chile Flavored In-Shell Peanuts. Why? Are people clamoring for such a product? They do have 160mg of salt per serving so that will satisfy the people that previously bought the salted bags but completely ignores those of us that do not want salt.

I think I'll finish adding Trip 6 to the ePub book today or certainly by tomorrow. Then maybe do the drawing of maps for the second tours in Bulgaria. That will give me a break from the tedious job of adding to ePub. It is not very difficult but very repetitive and I lose concentration and start to screw up.

leftpic Edgar Allan Poe (bio)
Death of Edgar Allan Poe (bio)
The Unparalleled Adventures of one Hans Pfaall
The Gold Bug
Four Beasts in one - the homo-camel-leopard
The Murders in the Rue Morgue
THe Mystery of Marie Roget
THe Baloon-Hoax
MS Found in a Bottle
The Oval Portrait

In this first collection of Poe's short stories there is one that is clearly titled as being a hoax. However Poe was unabashedly fond of hoaxes. He approvingly called his time the “epoch of the hoax.” During his lifetime Poe would attempt a total of six different hoaxes. Most modern anthologies fail to acknowledge that these stories were originally published as non-fiction. One of them is "The Unparalleled Adventures of one Hans Pfaall". Both of these would be included in the scifi genre but Verne and Wells are usually given the honor of being the first sci fi writers.

7 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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Today I'll be doing some cooking. There are some beans on the stove this morning which will be for my daily salads. When they are cooked, I'll use the pot for some hulled barley and oat groats which will be for breakfast.

I change what I add to the barley-n-oats from time to time just to provide variety. The past few days I have been adding chopped apricots, raisins and pecans. That is very good with a little maple syrup and some almond milk.
While the U.S. spent an enormous amount on developing large aircraft carriers, 'stealth' airplanes and useless missile defenses, Russia spent much less to develop weapons that can defeat all three. Carriers are today, at least for Russia, India and China, not threats but large and juicy targets. - Source

I don't find this story covered by any of the mainstream media in the United States. I would think this would be headline News. The big bad Russian Bear and the Chinese Dragon teaming up against the one indispensable American Eagle. Oh no!

Chinese and Russian senior military officials have agreed to strengthen military cooperation between the two countries to jointly maintain global peace and stability.

Zhang Youxia, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reached the agreement during a meeting in Moscow on Wednesday.

Zhang, who is also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, praised the development in China-Russia relations over the past 70 years of diplomatic ties.

China and Russia have elevated their relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era, opening a new epoch of higher-level relations with greater development, Zhang said at the meeting. Source

8 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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We got a little damp while out for our afternoon walk yesterday. I started raining around noon but never very hard. At our regular time to walk there was a few sprinkles but it looked like it was clearing. No problem for the first 10 minutes, got rained on for the next 10 and then back to just a few sprinkles until we got back to Desperado.

Summer is over here in the high country. We are now in Autumn although it is not the 21st. The day time highs are expected to be in the 70s and the lows will be dipping down into the 40s during the next 10 day. I hope I don't get snow before I leave.

Month after month the BLS claims that there have been 'jobs created' and they continue to add to said jobs from the Birth/Death Model. Yet more and more employers are announcing layoffs. Is this how you make America Great Again?
Employers also announced the most layoffs of any August since 2009, the outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas said.
Job cuts rose 38 percent over July, with 53,480 positions to be slashed from employer payrolls, led by workforce reductions in health care, which had been a mainstay of recent job creation, the tech sector and manufacturing... August marked the eighth consecutive month this year in which job cuts were higher than in the same month in 2018, it said. - Companies in US blame trade war for 10,488 layoffs in August: Report

These demographic trends make plain that, as racially diverse younger generations become part of the labor force, tax base, and consumer base, the nation will need to balance these groups’ distinct interests and needs in areas such as education, family services, and affordable housing with the health and social support requirements of a large and faster growing older population that will be entering its post retirement years. Indeed, the youthful “minority white” tipping point shown in the new census statistics needs to be duly noted. It has important implications for America’s future. - Less than half of US children under 15 are white, census shows , William H. Frey
This is the question that Frey quietly raises: “In Identity Politics America, where white people are demonized as victimizers and everyone else receives sympathy as their victims, where the Mexican-American head of New York City public schools has announced his campaign to remove ‘toxic white values’ from the school curriculum, where the New York Times has committed to ‘reframing’ the United States as a racist white slave state, will the new majority composed of white people’s victims consent to giving up resources to provide Social Security and Medicare for people they have been brought up to believe victimized them?" - The End of White America Is Now Assured, Paul Craig Roberts

9 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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I have been whining about the poor OCR PDF format that the books I'm trying to read on Kindle Fire have. It is not the OCR PDF, it is the 'native' PDF reader that is offered on Fire. I opened the same PDF book in the 'native' eReader on my Chromebook and it didn't have all the missing letters in words that I was experiencing on Fire.

Went app shopping and after installing a couple, and uninstalling, I have settled on ReadEra. It provides a very readable book on Fire using the same PDF file that was causing me so much grief. I have also now added the PDF book that was on the Toshiba to Fire. ReadEra claims to read ePub and MOBI files which I will have to give a try. If it does I may use it for unprotected ePub and use Aldiko for DRM protected ePub. The protected MOBI will still go to Paperwhite. Confusing, somewhat but it will become routine soon.

I have drawn the total tour map for the second Bulgarian bike tour and half of the individual place to place maps. If I can stay at it I should have them all drawn in the next few days. Then it will be back to adding trip 7 to the ePub book. Making progress but it is much slower than I originally thought it would be. HA

10 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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There is just more of the same on my agenda for today. That PDF book that I had on the Toshiba is now on Kindle Fire. If I try to read it in Portrait (vertical) orientation it is readable but the text is rather small. ReadEra does not have a text size option however if I read the book in Landscape (horizontal) orientation the text automatically increases. I like ReadEra more and more as I continue to use it.

The only negative is the lack of a How To Use ReadEra manual. Perhaps it is intuitive to those people that have been using smartphones and tablets for years. For those of us that are a bit long in the tooth and are way behind the 'bleeding edge' of technology a manual would be a big help. A manual that can be read not some YouTube! I avoid YouTube as much as I avoid telephones.

Fred Reed has got it right. If he understands that the talk of war against Russia and/or China is nothing other than bravado why doesn't the mainstream media and The Establishment? Do they really think that the United States could win a full scale war? Or, do they think they will obtain even more power with a defeated United States?
The United States cannot fight a large land war, as for example against Russia, China, or Iran. Such a war would require conscription. The public would not stand for it. America no longer enjoys the sort of patriotic unity that it did at the beginning of the war against Vietnam. It will not accept heavy casualties. People today are far more willing to disobey the federal government. Note that many states have legalized marijuana in defiance of federal law, that many jurisdictions across the country simply refuse to assist federal immigration enforcement. Any attempt to send Snowflakes and other delicates to fight would result in widespread civil disobedience. - Unused Militaries

leftpic This is the book in PDF format that I was having such a difficult time reading on the Kindle Fire using its 'native' eReader. I finished reading A Floating City using ReadEra and then read all of The Blockade Runners on it. I also added my ePub book to the ReadEra library and it looks good on there but has different page breaks than in other readers. I don't know if there is anything I can do about that; it seems every reader presents the same book differently.

Two classic tales from Verne. A Floating City deals with a large ship, larger than any built (at the time) and the adventures on board, ending with a duel and long description of the grandeur of Niagara Falls. The inner geek in Jules Verne lovingly describes the technological innovations that went into the construction and activity of the ship, The Great Eastern.

The Blockade Runners is a straightforward nautical adventure yarn of an English blockade runner during the American Civil War who, in exchange for cheap cotton, is giving ammunition to Confederates who are under siege. He finds more than he bargains for with a young woman who stowed aboard. - Edited customer review @

11 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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I have now finished drawing all the Bulgaria tour place to place maps. Today I'll go back to adding tour 7 to the ePub book. When that is done I'll add the two Bulgarian tours and have only Vietnam remaining. I need to draw maps for that one as well and will probably do that as a break from adding the Bulgarian tours. Making progress - slowly.

The same thing can be said about my progress in reading the Michael Hudson book that I moved from Toshiba to Kindle Fire. It is a better read on the Fire but very dry material.

The Democrats didn't like Bolton's appointment and now that don't want him to leave. It has nothing to do with Bolton, it is all about Trump.
Personally, I do not care. I don’t care if Trump fired Bolton over an argument about which Sesame Street characters would win in a bare knuckle boxing match. I don’t care if Bolton was carried bodily out of the White House by a strong gust of wind. Trying to sort out the specifics of the drama in an administration packed with lying sociopaths is always an exercise in futility, and in this case it’s even more pointless, because all that matters is that John Bolton is gone now. That is an intrinsically good thing, by itself, regardless of what events led up to it. - Democrats Somehow Frame Bolton’s Exit As A Bad Thing, Caitlin Johnstone

leftpic This is the third book in the King Alfred series. The year is 878 and Wessex is free from the Vikings. Uhtred, the dispossessed son of a Northumbrian lord, helped Alfred win that victory, but now he is disgusted by Alfred's lack of generosity and repelled by the king's insistent piety. He flees Wessex, going back north to seek revenge for the killing of his foster father and to rescue his stepsister, captured in the same raid. He needs to find his old enemy, Kjartan, a renegade Danish lord who lurks in the formidable stronghold of Dunholm. Uhtred arrives in the north to discover rebellion, chaos and fear. His only ally is Hild, a West Saxon nun fleeing her calling, and his best hope is his sword, with which he has made a formidable reputation as a warrior. He will need the assistance of other warriors if he is to attack Dunholm and he finds Guthred, a slave who believes he is a king. He takes him across the Pennines to where a desperate alliance of fanatical Christians and beleaguered Danes form a new army to confront the terrible Viking lords who rule Northumbria. 'The Lords of the North' is a powerful story of betrayal, romance and struggle, set in an England of turmoil, upheaval and glory. Uhtred, a Northumbrian raised as a Viking, a man without lands, a warrior without a country, has become a splendid heroic figure. - book promo @

12 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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Shopping day with the first stop at Trail Riders for their Tamale plate breakfast. Then a quick stop at Safeway where I had a slightly shorter list but still seemed to spend just as much money.

I noticed that there was some water on the floor of the shower. Not much but I knew that I was close to needing to dump the gray water tank and the driving around splashed some up into the shower. Therefore, I dumped holding tanks as soon as I got back to the Park. Added water to the fresh water tank and have that chore taken care of again.

Making much better progress reading the Hudson book on Kindle Fire. I might be wasting my time however since I don't understand much of what I am reading. I think the book was written for people that are a little above my pay scale. I will finish it with the hope that some of it will register as I read other economic books. This one was more a text, I need something directed toward the everyday man.

Aded a few days of trip 7 to the ePub book yesterday. Maybe get some more done today, although I'm not in the mood. That means it will be work and I don't work anymore if I can avoid it.

13 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: September 13, 1931

I think it is going to a quiet day. There is nothing planned other than do some work on the ePub book. That and reading. Maybe finish the Hudson book today, if not then tomorrow.

Won't get a lot done on Sunday. That is going to my last day at the Show Low range. Maybe finish adding trip 7 to the ePub book if I get enough done today and tomorrow.

I didn't watch the debate last night but it seems that I didn't miss much. I am not a big Trump fan but if the choice is Don, Joe, Bernie or Elizabeth I think I will have to go with Don.

Beto did say what none of the other primary candidate would. “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” the former Texas congressman vowed from the debate stage in Houston, Texas.
Okay, so let’s talk about Thursday’s debate. Apparently, every month the Democrats are going to subject us to at least one of these debates, and I suppose that this time around we should be thankful that they did not stretch things out over two nights. All of the big news networks are covering the debate as if it was some sort of political playoff game, but the truth is that Thursday’s debate probably won’t move the numbers much at all. Nothing of substance was said that wasn’t said in previous debates, and there were no defining moments that will significantly change the course of the campaign. So that is really bad news for anyone not named Joe, Bernie or Elizabeth. - The Most Memorable Quote From Each Of The 10 Candidates During Thursday’s Democratic Presidential Debate…, Michael Snyder

14 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
no pic
I was very fatigued yesterday with a mild headache and woke up soaked with sweat. Took a look in the mirror and sure enough I am experiencing another psoriasis flare. It is not as bad as the one I had at the beginning of this year and so far has not included a psoriasis arthritis attack. Probably will cancel the trip to the range tomorrow, the low energy level does not bode well for all the standing involved.

Caitlin is somewhat a friend of the United States. If this is what she thinks can you imagine what our enemies think of us?
American liberals and progressives talk a bit about white privilege, male privilege, straight privilege etc, but one thing I never hear them talk about is American privilege: the ability their nationality gives them to have a relationship with this world that the rest of us do not have. American Privilege, Caitlin Johnstone

leftpic This book was far too academic for me. I didn't understand very much of it. Started reading it as a PDF on Toshiba then loaded it onto the Kindle Fire which was a much easier read in the horizontal/landscape orientation.

In this survey of international economic thought, Michael Hudson rewrites the history of trade, development and debt theorizing. He shows that mainstream free-trade surveys are censorial in excluding the protectionist logic that has guided the trade policy of Europe and the United States, especially by leaving out discussion of the transfer problem and payment of international debts. He points out that most economists throughout history have focused as much on war financing as on trade and development. Free-trade ideology and IMF-style financial austerity under today's rules, rather than benefiting all parties and maximizing welfare, leave "client" nations severely indebted. By excluding dynamics that used to be central to trade theory such as emigration and technology transfer, today's global production and financial policies tend to concentrate economic and political power in the hands of dominant nations. - book promo @ Amazon

15 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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We had rain start at 2:30 yesterday afternoon and it has been raining off and on since then. We were able to get a break after 'linner' and did the afternoon walk with some sprinkles. This morning I went out with an umbrella and we did a potty walk. Patches got wet, I stayed relatively dry. So far the total has been 0.35" but it looks like we could get more and the afternoon walk today is questionable.

Almost everyday that I have been here I have seen trucks going east carrying copper anode plate. Yesterday morning I saw one parked in town and stopped and talked to the driver. He was carrying 55 of those anode plates, that weighed 700 pounds each, to the ASARCO refinery in Amarillo, TX. They come from the ASARCO mine in Hayden, AZ.

leftpic * I read this edition that was published in the United States in 1874. This is probably not Verne's best work. But if you want to know how to measure an arc of longitude this book would be a good place to start.

The Adventures of Three Russians and Three Englishmen in South Africa (1872) or Meridiana: Adventures in South Africa* is about three Russian and three English scientists that are in South Africa to measure the 24th meridian east. As their mission is proceeding, the Crimean War breaks out, and the members of the expedition find themselves citizens of enemy countries. - Edited Wikipedia

A great Blond Joke

A blond orders a beer.....

The bartender fills the mug and slides it down the bar, it hits the blond woman's boobs and splashes all over them.
The bartender goes over, retrieves the mug and licks the beer off her boobs.
Each time the blond calls for another beer this happens.
So after the third beer, a guy sitting at the bar decides to help the bartender out.
The next time the bartender hit her boobs, the man jumps up and starts to lick her breasts.

She decks him!

He is lying on the floor moaning, 'Jeez, lady... Why do you let the bartender do it and not me?'

“Helloooo!", says the blond”.... “He has a licker license!”

Then there is this little known fact....

Before the crowbar was invented, most crows drank at home.

16 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
no pic
The rain continued throughout the day yesterday. I stepped outside at our regular time for a walk in the afternoon and immediately got back into Desperado. It was raining, not hard enough for me to hear it but hard enough to get us wet. Tried again about 45 minutes later and we were able to get in our walk. I'm feeling better; no night sweats, no fever, still a slight headache but the butt is not nearly as red.

I'm now adding the Bugaria bicycle tours to the ePub book. There is the possible completion slowing coming into sight. That and more book reading will be on the agenda for today.

The Fascisti came to power to correct what the people were sick of under the communists. The 'left' in the United States today insist on calling President Trump a Fascist but they don't know what a Fascist was. It is simply a pejorative word that they have been encouraged to use. The simplist definition of Fascist, in the early years in Italy, was anti-communist; that is why they hate him.
Mussolini and the Fascisti were sick of practical politics. They, and the conservative but inarticulate bulk of the Italian people along with them, were sick of prime ministers who attempted to please about sixteen different parties or blocs in the Chamber of Deputies at one and the same time. They were sick of people who preached the saving of money in government expenditures, and then didn't have the nerve to cut down expenses for fear of hurting somebody's feelings. They were very weary of people who knew that various reforms should be effected in order to make Italy a decently governed country, but who refused to put them into effect for fear of losing votes. They were bored to death at the regulation buncombe, hot air and bull that emerged in ceaseless and fruitless streams from the folk who governed Italy; and slow shooting pains coursed through their arteries at the fool laws that had been and were still being passed by the Italian parliament for the exclusive benefit of the noisiest and most feather-brained of Italy's organized minorities. - Black Magic, Kenneth Lewis Roberts

Caitlin Johnstone comments on Biden's performance during the last Democrat presidential primary debate. Why has not the mainstream media picked up on this? They seem to want Liz, the faux Indian, to get the nomination so why are they not attacking Biden's mental issues?
It is certainly understandable that people are concerned about the presidential frontrunner having a racist worldview. But what’s really weird and creepy is how few people are discussing the obvious fact that the presidential forerunner is also clearly suffering from the early stages of some kind of dementia. The brain that spouted the gibberish transcribed above would probably score poorly on a basic test for the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, yet discussion of his inability to complete a coherent sentence is relegated to the margins of political discourse. This is someone who is campaigning to have access to the nuclear codes, yet we’re only talking about how he’s kind of racist and not about the fact that his brain is turning into Swiss cheese right before our eyes. It’s freaky. Biden’s Brain Is Swiss Cheese And It’s Creepy That We’re Not Talking About It

17 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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The 1970s energy crisis was a period when the major industrial countries of the world faced substantial petroleum shortages as well as elevated prices. The two worst crises of this period were the 1973 oil crisis and the 1979 energy crisis, when the Yom Kippur War and the Iranian Revolution triggered interruptions in Middle Eastern oil exports. The recent attack against Saudi Arabian oil facilities may bring back those good 'ol days when America was Great.

"Because we have done so well with Energy over the last few years, we are a net Energy Exporter, & now the Number One Energy Producer in the World. We don’t need Middle Eastern Oil & Gas, & in fact have very few tankers there, but will help our Allies!" - Trump tweet.
I think this is simply more bravado by the president.

What the United States is exporting is ultra-light shale oil because American refineries were all built before shale oil and they were designed to crack heavier oil which is still imported.

For those of you that were around in the '70s it might be time to see if you can find your WIN (Whip Inflation Now) buttons. They were issued in 1974 as an attempt to spur a grassroots movement to combat inflation in the US, by encouraging personal savings and disciplined spending habits in combination with public measures. Urged by U.S. President Gerald Ford, the campaign was later described as "one of the biggest government public relations blunders ever". You Millenials would do well to catch up by reading some history of the period. "History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes." - misascribed to Mark Twain

"Saudi Arabia oil supply was attacked. There is reason to believe that we know the culprit, are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed!" - Trump tweet

US intelligence agencies have handed over a secret report to their Saudi counterparts which has implicated Iran directly for the weekend’s attacks on two major Saudi Aramco oil facilities, the Wall Street Journal has reported, citing unnamed sources said to be familiar with the situation.

Let me get this straight in my mind. Saudi Arabia has been attacked. President Trump is waiting for the Saudi Kingdom to tell him who they believe caused the attack. United States 'intelligence' give the Saudi Kingdom a secret report that implicates Iran. Now the President awaits instructions from the Kingdom under what terms the United States should proceed.

"Despicable. Offering to place our military assets under the command of a foreign country—Saudi Arabia—is a disgrace and betrayal of my patriotic brothers and sisters in uniform and to our Constitution. We are not your prostitutes. You are not our pimp." - Tulsi Gabbard, U.S. Representative from Hawaii

Kenneth Lewis Roberts was a journalist in the 1920s during his early writing career and what he has to say here sounds a lot like H. L. Mencken which was writing during that same period.

The United States is supplied, as every successful nation should be, with two major political parties. These parties, for reasons which are almost lost in the mists of antiquity, are known as the Democratic and the Republican Party. If the two parties were to live up to their names, the Democratic Party would be working to make the United States into a pure democracy, ruled by the direct vote of the people in all things and subject to the turbulence and follies of mob rule; while the Republican Party would be working to keep the people of America faithful to the conservative ideals and principles of the founders of the American Republic, who provided the country with a Constitution which carefully limited popular government in an effort to safeguard the nation from the same turbulence and folly of mob rule.

As a matter of fact, the principles of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are about as widely separated as are two different brands of round, smelly, imported cheese. That is to say, they aren't separated at all. Some people like the first brand of cheese because they think it has a less offensive odor than the second brand. Other people are addicted to the second brand, and claim that the odor of the first brand is strong enough to knock a person over. It's all a matter of taste; and to the person with an uncultivated taste, both cheeses are equally overpowering.

Not only are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party as alike as two ripe cheeses, but each party is daily guilty of taking money under false pretenses in that it obliges its conservative members to vote for outrageously radical men and measures in some localities and, less frequently, forces its wildeyed socialistically inclined members to vote for reactionary men and measures in other localities. If a man tries to escape from his obnoxious party by jumping into the other party, he will find himself similarly sickened by being obliged to support somebody or something that he hates. There is literally nowhere that he can jump. Each political party claims to stand for something. Actually it stands for nothing, or rather, it stands for anything. Thus it travels under false colors; a proceeding which almost everybody, except crooks and some politicians, regards as poor form. - Black Magic, Kenneth Lewis Roberts

18 September
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ
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Began the day with our morning walk which is starting a little later but we are still out there before sunup. Breakfast was at Booga Red's where I got their Chorizo and Eggs. It was shopping day but also laundry day so that was my next stop. While the washer was doing its thing I got this posting started.

When laundry was dry and folded away it was time to get groceries. That didn't take long and got to Western Drug just as they opened . I wanted to get cash to cover a check issued in payment for this month Park rent that bounced. I used the last check in my checkbook last month and grabbed some more out of a box that had Wells Fargo on it but the checks were for my old Ally Bank account. What a bonehead I was!

Found out that my Daily Limit on the ATM Card from Wells is so low that it is almost worthless. Couldn't get enough cash from the ATM but was able to get a Cash advance on the card from the Bank. The Park host was also able to save me some money on the check bounce fees so that helps pay for the ATM and Cash Advance fees. I need to talk to Wells Fargo about the Daily Limit, what a bonehead I am!
But the biggest question of all in this is simple. How dumb do these people think we are?
We can read licence plates from space but we can’t tell where a swarm of missiles that hit one of the most strategically important piece of real estate in the entire world came from?
Seriously? - Questions, Not Answers Surround U.S. Push to War with Iran, Tom Luongo

leftpic I couldn't find anyone in recent years that has read this book other than me. Searched high and low in the Internet and couldn't find a thing. Couldn't even find a book promo. I have provided a couple of long excerpts from the book during the past couple of days, so you should have a feeling about the book. Kenneth L. Roberts was an Italophile and lived in Italy for some of the years while he was writing the novels that he is best known for. That could account for his liking Italian Fascism but was very critical of German Fascism that became Nazism.

Roberts wrote some more nonfiction in the 1920s but I have not been able to find a source for any of the books. I'll now start to read his historical fiction that made his reputation. Even that first book has not been that easy to find.
19 September
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The Park is filling up. The Park host told me that she was expecting 60 spaces to be filled today. They just opened 6 spaces with electricity at the far west end that is out in the weeds; maybe have water and sewer, maybe not. Most of the crowd will be in the eastern part of the Park that is undeveloped and they will all be dry camping. So far the UTV noise has been contained, it can only get worse.

I have two Class 'A's directly across the street that draws a crowd every afternoon and they then sit around a fire for until a couple hours after sundown. They have kept the conversation level down so I'm not complaining and they haven't bothered Patches. So far so good, I'll see what kind of neighbors I get on both sides of me by the end of today.
What in the world is the Federal Reserve doing? For months the Fed has been trying to publicly convince us that the U.S. economy is “strong”, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell recently unequivocally stated that “the Federal Reserve is not currently forecasting a recession”, but the Fed’s actions tell a completely different story. If the U.S. economy really is performing well, any economics textbook will tell you that the Fed should not be reducing interest rates. Interest rate cuts should be saved for times when the economy is in serious trouble, and using up all of your ammunition before a downturn has begun is simply foolish. And the Federal Reserve continues to insist that the financial system is functioning normally, but meanwhile things are spinning so wildly out of control that they felt forced to announce overnight repurchase agreement operations for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We haven’t seen this sort of emergency intervention since the last financial crisis, but the Fed’s message to the general public is that “all is well”. - Why Does The Federal Reserve Keep Slamming The Panic Button Over And Over If Everything Is Okay?, Michael Snyder
This is a very good example of why The Establishment was so supportive of Rubio during the presidential primaries leading up to the nomination of Trump. He is solidly in The Establishment's camp.
“And now I will begin exploring ways to cut off ties with #SolomonIslands including potentially ending financial assistance and restricting access to U.S. dollars and banking,” - tweet, Senator Marco Rubio

“The senator is threatening to penalize a small country for switching their diplomatic ties from Taiwan to the People’s Republic of China,” wrote The American Conservative‘s Daniel Larison of Rubio’s reaction. “Not only is this a heavy-handed and stupid response to growing Chinese influence, since it would guarantee that the Solomons become even more dependent on China, but it is utter hypocrisy for an American politician to berate another government for doing what our government did forty years ago. It is also a good example of how many hawks view the sovereignty and independence of small states. As long as small states take the ‘right’ foreign policy positions, the hawks say they have every right to make their own foreign policy without interference, but as soon as they do something that hawks don’t like they will be targeted for punishment. It is crude bullying against one of the poorest countries in the world, and Floridians should be embarrassed to be represented by someone who engages in it.” - Satirical ‘Onion’ Headline About Saudi Oil Now Just A Regular News Report, Caitlin Johnstone

20 September
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Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: September 20, 1931

The Park is not quite as full as the Park host said it would be. It is way to full of UTV as far as Patches is concerned. She has been very good considering all the coming and going in front of her house. Then there are those people that stop right in front of her house and just sit there, she hates that!

Most of the participants in the UTV Jamboree are of a more mature age although they might not always act their age. I think there are some of them that are living their fantasy of being in the Baja 1000 or some other SCORE (Southern California Off Road Enthusiasts) race. Maybe the Dakar Off Road Race. A few wear matching shirts and jackets just like the real racers. Other than the noise from the UTV they have been well behaved with only an occasional speeder in the Park.

This book has been more understandable. I think some editor has sat the good professor down and told him that he needed to write using a language that a broader audience could read and understand. I'm sure it was difficult for him to take off the academic robes but this book is an improvement.

Governments throughout the world now leave monetary policy to the Central Bank and Treasury, whose administrators are drawn from the ranks of bankers or their academic factotums or outright lobbyists. Naturally enough, they seek to shape financial policy in their own interests. Backed by the Chicago School’s advocacy of financial austerity, these doctrinaire financial planners oppose full-employment policies and rising living standards, not only as being inflationary but as consuming the economic surplus that is owed to creditors. The fear regarding inflation is that rising wages will increase prices, reducing the volume of labor and output that a given flow of debt service is able to command. The even more destructive fear is that rising wages will eat into the economic surplus that today’s financial doctrine believes should be capitalized at the going rate of interest and financialized, that is, pledged for debt service. - The Bubble And Beyond, Michael Hudson

Caitlin has got her mojo back. She went through a period where she was writing defensively, glad to see her on the attack.
Joe Biden could slip into a coma tomorrow and they’d still wheel him out to the debates with the words “NOT TRUMP” scribbled on his forehead in sharpie. And he’d continue to poll in the mid-to-high twenties.
We are about three years from watching President Biden say he’s working with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to win the Cold War, soiling himself at the podium, and then CNN pundits earnestly discussing his similarities and differences to President Obama. Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, Caitlin Johnstone