1 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ

My westside neighbor that was going to leave on 4 August left this morning. They were going to go home but the Park fixed the electric problem at their old space; they have moved back into it and will stay here for the month of August.

I have been receiving emails about a planned Combined Year High School Class Reunion to be held in October. I was hoping to attend but the eye exam yesterday put a stop to that. I don't know what the cataract surgery might cost me in co-pay through VA but I know I can not pay the full cost from my monthly income. Sent an email response this morning with regrets.

I'll be getting a new month, new quarter set up in the Archives today. Also need to get that Will Rogers work done. Maybe have some time remaining to finish the page for December 2016 that I have been converting for the past 2-3 days. I have completed 2018, 2017 and 2010 but obviously there is a lot remaining to do.

2 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ

A successful day yesterday. I got the Will Rogers weekly articles copied and formatted for the next month. I finished the December 2016 Archive page which had a lot of Javascript in it that drew the images that I am now showing as .png files. No change in appearance and maybe no difference in how fast the page opens but the HTML coding is much better. Nu HTML Checker gives it a clean bill of health, "No errors or warnings to show.", and it took them 480 milliseconds to make that decision.

Rain started a little after 2:00 yesterday afternoon and I thought it had quite by the time for our usual walk. We got about 100 yards outside the Park and we started getting sprinkles so retreated. Ate 'linner' and then finished the rain delayed walk. Local station reporting 0.35" for the day.

I have been doing some research on the Veterans Choice Program which allows for medical treatment by private practice providers versus by the VA. This is the program that I hope to utilize to get my cataract surgery. Complicating that is this from a VA Facts Sheet.

The VA MISSION Act of 2018 consolidates VA’s community care programs into a new Veterans Community Care Program that will help to ensure Veterans choose VA by getting them the right care at the right time from the right provider. Over the next year, VA will need to develop regulations to implement the new law, while also developing policies, training staff, and awarding contracts to furnish care. Veterans and their families, community providers, and VA staff can expect ongoing improvements and regular engagement as VA creates this new Community Care Program. New Community Care Program The new Veterans Community Care Program will be a major advancement that will consolidate VA’s community care programs and strengthen VA by merging the Department’s tangled web of competing and confusing community care programs, including the Choice Program, into one system that is easier to navigate for Veterans. This single Program will also greatly reduce the complexity associated with administration of these benefits, making for more efficient use of VA’s resources.
I sent a Secure Message (VA email system) to my Sierra Vista VA Clinic Team asking for help. We will see what happens.

3 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: August 3, 1930

This is the Reply I received requesting help from the VA's Veterans Choice Program.

To have cataract surgery covered by the VA you would actually need to have the surgery performed by a VA eye surgeon. This is not done through the choice program at this time. The first step would be to call the Sierra Vista clinic to schedule an eye exam (503-520-1529) and they will be able to help you move forward with your request.
I might add that in my original Message I had asked to have all correspondence handled thru Secure Messaging because of my poor hearing on a telephone. So what is included in the Reply - a telephone number to call to move forward with my request.

I sent a scathing Secure Message requesting an eye exam appointment and a surgery appointment to be completed by 30 April 2019. We will see. I said if that could not be done then I would just keep making the request every year until I was forced to hang up the keys.

I had another shock. My Google Maps are no longer working. I have been using a FREE Google Map API since 2014. Google has cut that cord and I'm now on a billing but probably(?) will never have enough map viewers that there will be any charges. However, to make them work again I have 250-300 maps that need to have the coding changed. Two steps forward and one step back - this is a BIG step!

It took me a few hours last night and maybe a half dozen emails to Google Support before they were able to show me what I needed to do to make the pages work again. I would have never figured it out on my own.

A quick shopping trip. Breakfast at Booga Red's where I got their Spanish Omelet with red, hash browns and tortilla. It was OK but I will not have it again. Then an in and out at Safeway and I was back in my space at the Park a few minutes after 8:00.

Today I finish working on the conversion of the Archived page for October 2016 and then take that Big Step back and get all my Maps working again.

4 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ

A very prompt Reply from my Sierra Vista VA Team.

Appointment: Eye Surgery
Good morning,
Our eye clinic schedules are not set up yet for next year. If you need an eye clinic appointment for February please give us a call in December of this year we should have the schedules up for February by then.
You may contact us at 520-459-1529.
However, they just do not "get it" that I do not use a telephone very well.

leftpic Wells did predict future technological advances far in advance of their coming about. He does not do as well when he tries to predict the future for society. His Socialism bias get in the way and his predictions become more of a Socialist wish list that may still come to pass just not within the time frame of his predictions

Although H G Wells is best known for his science fiction stories he was also a serious commentator on the political scene surrounding World War I. H G Wells (1686 Ä 1846) wrote both fiction and non-fiction. He worked in many genres including novels, history, and social commentaries. Wells was a leading socialist. What is Coming? is an attempt to analyze the effects of the Great War and to determine what will happen after the war. Not only is H G Wells a man who is constantly looking toward the future, but he is also a true intellectual and keen observer. - Book promo @ Amazon

I finished converting the October 2016 Archived page yesterday. Then spent a number of hours trying to change the coding for the Total Trip Maps that I have for Bike, Teardrop and Car trips. That coding is different than the ones I got help with from Google Map Support.

I finally reached the point that I sent another email to Support asking for help with this coding. By the time they responded I had found the solution. I have a similar problem with the Camp Maps for All Camps, Camps by Year and Camps by State. I have not yet attempted to change the coding on any of those. The Maps are going to take a lot of time and the Archive page conversions are on hold until I get them done.

I have a new neighbor on my west side. A older woman, but probably not as old as myself, in a Class 'C' much like Desperado with no 'toad'. She has two fluffy 'dashboard dogs' that she keeps tied up outside much of the time but they have been very quiet and Patches has accepted them - I don't think she recognizes them as dogs. She also has a cat but I have only seen it at her door, I don't think it has come out to explore the world.

5 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ

I saw that same herd of bighorn sheep this morning. They were within 100 yards of the spot where I first saw them. They seem to have a liking for the landscaping grass around the rest stop versus the native grass.

If I can put in another work day like yesterday I should get all the maps working for the Archived pages except the Peregrinating ones. There are 15 Total Trip Maps that require coding changes and 215 Place To Place Maps that require different code changes when I add the Google API Map Key.

I have also made the code changes necessary for the Camp Maps All Camps to work although the linked maps have not been changed yet. That same coding change will work for the 11 Maps by State and 10 by Year plus the 20 locations where I have stayed more than one time. There are then 170 Place To Place Maps in the Peregrinating Archives that will use the same code changes as all the other Place To Place.

So 422 maps all together and I might have about half of them fixed by the end of today. HA!

The only other thing I have on the agenda for today is to cook up another batch of hulled barley and oat groats for breakfast. I have not been able to get an canned tart cherries at either Basha's or Safeway. The substitute has been canned pie filling & topping cherries that have no sugar added. That is good but I like the tart better.

6 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ

The built-in code validator in my host server shows a big red X with this message "Named entity expected. Got none." when & is used without a space on each side. The New API Key coding that I am required to use had a & in the URL address which triggered the red X and would not show the map if spaces were added.

I looked for a work around and could not find one. Nu HTML Checker accepted it either way as having no Errors. I changed about 50 Maps with the red X showing each time and it kept bothering me although the maps did appear. I finally found the work around that I was looking for which adds amps; after the &.

I need to go back and redo the Trip and Bulgaria picture positioning so I will fix the & in those 50 maps also while I'm at it. I got all of the 215 Place To Place Maps in the Archives now showing. Also had time to reposition the pictures in all the Car, Road/Teardrop Trip pages as well as the first three Bike Trips.

I also found out how to do something in picture positioning that I have wanted to do for a long time and could not do it. Now I'll have to go back again and redo those pages that I have redone. The positioning breakthrough is being able to have three pictures across the page with the right margin of the right picture inline with a picture below it that has been aligned right.

Confused? Example that is not inline versus Example that is inline. It is not a big thing but it is all the little things that drive me to distraction.

I thought that the only cooking I would do yesterday would be the breakfast batch. Later in the day I was looking at what I had for 'linner' and didn't have much of a choice. Put a salmon fillet in the Roaster and had some of that for 'linner' with plenty of additional meals to be had from it.

7 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ

I put in a full day's work yesterday but have now repositioned pictures again for all the Archived pages except the Peregrinating pages. I should get all of those that I have converted thus far repositioned today.

I can then get back to adding the Google API Map Key to Camp Map States, Years and multiple location maps. When those maps show correctly the popups may not show a Place To Place Map correctly until I get those maps fixed as well. The popup links will work except for those pages that may be under conversion construction. This project has become bigger than a breadbox that is for sure.

Do any of you remember the 'border blaster' radio stations that broadcast from Mexico during the 1940s to 1970s? Perhaps the most famous personality from that time was Wolfman Jack that was a disc jockey at XERF-AM in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico. I think the purging of conservatives from social media is going to result in a resurgence of competing online media similar to the 'border blasters'. Nature abhors a vacuum.

That seems to be the Big News for the next cycle. The purging of Alex Jones by all of social media. There were a lot of people that visited Alex Jones sites, where are they going to go? You think they will now choose some Leftist site or has there been a vacuum created?

8 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ

I got all the picture positioning finished quickly yesterday and started in on the State and Year Maps. I thought those had converted well also and got them all finished by early afternoon. Then started to do the Multiple Stay Maps, where I have camped at the same general location more than one time, and found out that I had something wrong with the Year Maps.

Devoted the rest of the day trying to figure out what I screwed up and how to fix it. Went to bed thinking that I had found the problem and fixed it but had all the Year Maps to do over.

I have more problems than the Year Maps. I can get the All Camps, Year Maps and State Maps to open in Chrome but not in Linux Firefox. They do not always open on the first click in Chrome but with repeated refresh clicks on the tab that shows the correct address I can get them to open. I don't have a clue at this point. None of the Place To Place Maps that I have redone will open in Linux Firefox but are great in Chrome.

I haven't made much progress on this Map problem but I did get laundry done. The day has not been a complete waste.

9 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ

I have a friend that uses multiple devices and multiple browsers click through the All Camps, Year Maps, State Maps, Multiple Stop Maps to Place To Place markers. All of them had the added Google API Key and they all opened just like I want them on any of his devices using any browser.

That doesn't fix my Linux Firefox issue but I can live with it. I have very few viewers that use Linux Firefox and probably even less that ever try to view a Map.

Therefore, I got busy yesterday afternoon and converted all the Place To Place Maps for 2010. There were a lot of them because that was the first year that I had Desperado and I was running around a lot. They all opened after I made the change but again there was the occasional one that required some coaxing.

I'll get all the Place To Place Maps done and then see what the State Maps look like. More importantly what happens when a marker is clicked. That will tell me if I have working Maps or need to do some more work on the State Maps. If they all seem to be opening I get back to the original project of converting the Bootstrap Layout to CSS Grid Layout. I have a lot of remaining pages to do.

It was on 7 August that I wrote about there will something to fill the social media vacuum as Facebook and YouTube crack down on 'hate speech'. I did not know it but that something is already here. Mind.com could be the response at least many Vietnamese think so. They are getting out of Facebook and getting into Mind by the thousands because of a new law in Vietnam.

leftpic When we think of Conan Doyle we think of Sherlock Holmes but he was a Spiritualist, a justice advocate and what would be termed a Justice Warrior in the terms of today. This book is not recommended. Conan is so repetitive he could have said everything that is in this book on a postcard. It is also poorly written by someone that should have been ashamed to have his name on the cover.

The Crime of the Congo is a 1909 book about human rights abuses in the Congo Free State. The book was intended as an exposé of the situation in the so-called Congo Free State (labelled a "rubber regime" by Conan Doyle), an area occupied and designated as the personal property of Leopold II of Belgium and where the serious human rights abuses were occurring. Indigenous people in the region were being brutally exploited and tortured, particularly in the lucrative rubber trade. He lauded the work of the Congo Reform Association, dismissive of the annexation of the state by Belgium noting that slavery and ivory poaching continued to occur after annexation. It was defended and upheld by successive Belgian Governments, who did all they could to discourage the Reformers". - Edited Wikipedia

I will be at a dental appointment today and then shopping so this is my posting for the day. I tell you what happened today - tomorrow.

10 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ
Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: August 10, 1930

The dental appointment was for one of my three annual periodontal maintenance cleanings and it went well. The hygienist at this office in Eagar had once worked for a periodontist so she knew what she was doing and I think I got a good cleaning.

The dentist office is almost next door to Trailriders Family Restaurant so that is where I went next. I got their green corn tamale (with red), eggs, hash browns and tortilla. I think it is best with red. Stopped at a bank on the way to Safeway and got a couple rolls of quarters for the next laundry days. Then gathered up groceries for another week and back 'home'.

Continued to add the Google Map Key to Place To Place map pages and got years 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 finished. However, when I try to click through each map marker on any of the years I have errors. The InfoWidow will open, show the date and Journal which is a hyperlink to the Peregrinating page at the date shown. The error however is that the Place To Place Map for that date should also appear and it does not.

I think this is a Chrome problem but I have sent an email to the guy in Google Map Support asking for help. We will see what happens. I can get the InfoWindow to open correctly by doing some reloads but want it to work 'right'.

A little bit of rain after we finished our afternoon walk. Then it tried to rain off and on during the night. It was more of a wind storm than rain storm. A lot of small tree branches on the Park roads and only 0.09" of rain reported.

Mr. Roberts is asking the same question I have been asking for a long time. Why is there not an equal effort to control hammers as there is guns? Obviously the Government thinks they can control a populous that is armed only with hammers but not one with guns.

The Second Amendment, which was placed in the Constitution as a defense against oppression by government, is under attack by well financed organizations in service to the police state with the intention of disarming the population. Many attentive Americans are convinced that mass shootings are staged or pretended in order to create public support for repealing the Second Amendment. Clearly the amount of effort expended against the Second Amendment is disproportional to the number of shooting deaths as compared to other causes of deaths. Why this one cause of deaths has so many well financed and politically active organizations compared to other causes of deaths is a question that is studiously avoided. We see far more opposition to the Second Amendment than we see against Washington’s destruction in whole or part of seven countries during the past two decades, resulting in the death, maiming, widowing, orphaning and displacement of millions of peoples. - Is There Enough of America Left To Be Saved?, Paul Craig Roberts
11 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ

Everything was going along swimmingly yesterday afternoon, I was adding the Google API Key to pages for 2015. I did one page saved it, viewed it, did the next page which took about 2 minutes, viewed it and got a big grey screen with "OOPS! Were sorry something has gone wrong". I did a Browser Console check and found that I had a "RefererNotAllowedMapError". It was not only that page but every page, over 300, that were now showing OOPS!.

This is the same error I got last week when I started this adding an API Key Project. I added a restriction that the Key was good only for my website. At that time there was only an API Key with a big long string of characters that was the Key. Yesterday when went a looked there were now two Keys - an API Key that was a different string of characters plus a Browser Key 1 that had the old API Key identifier.

I sent another email to my Support guy and his reply provided a 'solution' in how I needed to show my website address restrictions. I thought there were two options tried one, didn't work, tried the second one, it didn't work. Sent another email and received a reply that the page I had first provided as an example of OOPS! was working. I looked and sure enough it opened but nothing else did.

Sent another email that said yes that page opens but nothing else did. He then wanted examples of some other pages. I am convinced now that this was all just putting me off until Google could fix the mess that they had made. It was about 9:00 pm when all my pages were working again and I had not changed anything. Received a final email from my Support guy with a 7:36 timestamp which was probably Pacific Time so he was working overtime - ass deep in alligators while trying to remember that he was there to drain the swamp.

I'm back to working on the API/Browser Key Project today with the hope that I can finish it. There are a number of other Map issues but they can continue for now if I can just get all the maps to open.

12 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ

I am making progress with the Map Key but it is also a project in which I'm taking two steps forward and one back. Yesterday I finished adding the Key to all Map pages. I also thought I had found a fix to one of the issues that I had asked Google Map Support for help.

The problem was when anything was clicked on the Camp Maps drop down menu it might open with a blank page. Not every time but often. That also happened when a Multi Stop Marker (location *) was clicked on the All Camps, Year or State Maps. This is also happening when you click on the Blue Map Button within the Journal pages. That is where the step back comes in. I think I need to change the coding in all those pages which is going to take me about as much time as did adding the Key. But I'm not going to do that until I can also fix the Big Issue.

The continuing Big Issue is when a Single Stop Marker is clicked the InfoWindow does not show a small Place To Place Map. IF the Marker is clicked a second time then the Map appears. Most users are not going to know that which makes it a problem for which I have yet found a fix.

For those people that are worried about what they are going to do in retirement fear not. Like me you will most likely find something that interests you to fill the days. I have more to do now than I did in my 'free time' when working a job.

I'm sure this blog posting, The Most Extraordinary Thing About Donald Trump’s Presidency, by Michael J. Hurd would be suppressed on any of the Social Media sites. It is available on the Internet however and I urge you to read it.

13 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ

No latte at McD's this morning. They are shut down for the week while getting an electric power upgrade. This was what the electric contractor told me at the door while he was waiting to get in. I didn't ask why but the only reason I can think of is they will be adding equipment that will require more electricity - robots.

A lot of work on the Map Key Project this weekend but as of last night all the Maps for the Peregrinating pages work as designed. Any Map that is selected from the Camp Maps drop down now opens. When any Marker is clicked either a single Place To Place Map will open inside an InfoWindow or a Multi Stop Map will open. The Multi Stop map then works the same way as those on the drop down. On any Archived Journal page if the Blue Map Button is clicked a full screen Place To Place Map will open.

I now need to get all the other Archived Maps/pages to work as well. I'll be doing that this week but will mix it up a little with the CSS Grid Conversion Project that I put on hold over a week ago. I still have most of 2016 to do and all of the years 2015 thu 2011.

I did find time during the weekend to cook up another batch of hulled barley and oat groats for breakfast meals. Also made up some barley-oats with canned chicken, peas and carrots that will be reheated with stir fry for future 'linners'.

I used a lot of Verizon data yesterday even more than I have been using since I have been doing these Projects. Check this morning and found that I am now on Chrome 68 so that added data usage was the auto update.

There’s nothing left of an American common culture besides a few Disney movies and that’s not nearly enough. That’s what happens when you opt for multiculturalism as your number one political principle. It automatically negates shared values, so why even expect any agreement between groups contending for dominance? - Close Up and Long Shot, James Howard Kunstler
14 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ

I did something today other than work on my Projects. I went out and dumped holding tanks soon after breakfast. Filled the water tank also which was reaching the 'had to' level so that I would have water to wash dishes.

I worked on the CSS Grid conversion project yesterday and made some progress. Changing the page from Bootstrap to CSS Grid is simple and quickly done. What is taking me so much time it cleaning up the page by getting rid of all the coding that generated the many images that I have drawn on Canvas using JavaScript. The project will go faster once I get back in time where I was not doing that. The drawing are still there but they are now shown as .png image files.

leftpic The War of the Worlds is a science fiction novel by English author H. G. Wells first serialised in 1897 by Pearson's Magazine in the UK and by Cosmopolitan magazine in the US. The novel's first appearance in hardcover was in 1898 from publisher William Heinemann of London. Written between 1895 and 1897, it is one of the earliest stories that detail a conflict between mankind and an extraterrestrial race. The novel is the first-person narrative of both an unnamed protagonist in Surrey and of his younger brother in London as southern England is invaded by Martians. The novel is one of the most commented-on works in the science fiction canon. It was most memorably dramatized in a 1938 radio program that allegedly caused public panic among listeners who did not know the Martian invasion was fictional. - Wikipedia

I have quoted the closing to 10 Numbers That Prove That America’s Current Financial Condition Is A Horror Show by Michael Snyder. It is well worth reading but I know that there will be those that agree and those that will consider the author an economic alarmist.

The system that we have today is not fundamentally sound at all. We desperately need to return to the values and principles that this nation was founded upon, but until things start getting really, really bad it is highly unlikely that the American people will be ready to embrace those changes.
The same with this one, Censorship Is What Happens When Powerful People Get Scared by Michael Krieger.
First and foremost, the entire push to make arbitrary de-platforming by tech giants the new norm proves the establishment is scared to death. The very powerful folks accustomed to manipulating and shaping the world via narrative creation aren’t terrified about what Alex Jones says, they’re terrified that it’s popular. The establishment “elites” are in such denial about the consequences of the world they created, all they can do is spastically attack symptoms. Trump didn’t divide U.S. society and Alex Jones didn’t cause our widespread (and entirely justifiably) distrust in institutions; the status quo system did that via its spectacular failures. Trump’s election and Alex Jones’ popularity are merely symptoms of an incredibly corrupt and failed status quo paradigm, the stewards of which continually refuse to take a look in the mirror, accept blame and reform...Trump and Alex Jones are symptoms of a failing society, not the root causes of it.
15 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ

A quick shopping trip at Safeway after getting Huevos con Chorizo for breakfast at Booga Red's. It doesn't seem to make much difference what day of the week that I go to Safeway the shelves are always being restocked or they are out of at least one thing that I am looking for. I probably just like to shop too early in the day

I has rained the past two nights soon after I have gone to bed but neither of them amounted to much. The total reported was 0.04" and that came the night before last. What was hitting Desperado's roof last night was just a trace.

I like to see where my website visitors are living and most of them are in the United States. The few foreign visitors are always a treat because many times they provide a learning opportunity in geography. Yesterday I found that someone from San Gwann, Malta (population 12,500) had visited me using a Huawei Smartphone with a 360x640 resolution. Not long ago they would have had a very poor viewing experience but should have been able to see all of my Home Page with no problems. I don't track what pages are viewed other than the Home Page but a lot of the Archive pages are now viewable on the small screen devices as well. That is what the CSS Grid Project is all about.

A list of America’s adversaries here would contain the Taliban, the Houthis of Yemen, Bashar Assad of Syria, Erdogan’s Turkey, Iran, North Korea, Russia and China — a pretty full plate.
Are we prepared to see these confrontations through, to assure the capitulation of our adversaries? What do we do if they continue to defy us?
And if it comes to a fight, how many allies will we have in the battles and wars that follow?
Was this the foreign policy America voted for? - America’s Lengthening Enemies List, Patrick J. Buchanan
16 August
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ

What is it with the people in Vermont? They have Crazy Bernie as one of their Senators, who makes Leahy, their other one, appear sane and a conservative. Now they have a transexual and a 14 year old running for governor of the state. Please don't brand me as a homophobe but I'm rooting for the 14 year old white guy.

I am doing the same old stuff - CSS Grid Project. I think I'll do one more month and then switch to doing some of the Archived Maps that still need to be changed. I started another book on my Paperwhite also which is giving me a break. Haven't touched the pixel art drawing that I started just before the Map Key issue blew up.

I got an email a couple days ago that my 'shooting glasses' had shipped. I checked the USPS tracking this morning and it claims that they are awaiting pick up. I think Patches and I will walk to the Post Office this afternoon and see if they are truly there.

I also ordered her some more glucosamine chewies from Amazon. Used the same shipping address which they were able to deliver General Delivery. The tracking for this one claims it is out for delivery. I see the UPS truck every afternoon when we are doing our walk so that package might be at the Post Office also - I can only hope.

I have quoted the second paragraph in Decline in the Fall (or Late Summer, Anyway): by Fred Gibbon aka Fred Reed. He is just getting warmed up. Read the posting, he has a lot to say that the social media in this country would never allow.

To begin with, America is no longer a country. It is a set of special interests occupying the same place: Corporations, races, ethnicities, faiths, ideologies, foreign agents pretending to be Americans, all at each other’s throats. No cure is possible.