22 October - 9 November, 1983

I am not going to try and create a journal for my trip to Europe at this time nor will there be any pictures added. I have no journal notes, only my poor memory, but I do have 120 pictures; however they are 110 slides and I can not scan them. I inquired at a photo store about them scanning them for me and found that they could but the charge would be $3 each slide. Therefore, at this time I'm simply creating a blank that may be filled in with more information sometime in the future.

  • 22 Oct: Los Angeles, CA to London to Zurich, Switzerland
  • 23 Oct: Zurich, Switzerland
  • 24 Oct: Zurich, Switzerland to Vienna, Austria (by train)
  • 25 -27: Oct: Vienna, Austria
  • 28 Oct:Vienna, Austria to Athens, Greece
  • (by train, through Yugoslavia)
  • (The following Greek and Turkey ports were all on a cruise ship.)
  • 29 Oct: Athens to Crete
  • 30 Oct: Crete to Santorini
  • 31 Oct: Santorini to Rhodes
  • 1 Nov: Rhodes to Kusadasi, Turkey
  • (my ex-wife did not want to go see Ephesus, she had seen enough)
  • 2 Nov: Kusadasi,Turkey to Istanbul
  • 3 Nov: Istanbul, Turkey to Mikanose, Greece
  • 4 Nov: Mikanose to Athens
  • 5 Nov: Athens
  • 6 Nov: Athens, Greece to Venice, Italy
  • (by train, changed trains in Belgrade, Yugoslavia)
  • 7 Nov: Venice
  • 8 Nov: Venice, Italy to Zurich, Switzerland
  • 9 Nov: Zurich, Switzerland to Los Angeles, CA