22 September 2018
Casa Malpais RV Park
Springerville, AZ


The Wells book that I just finished was the last of his that were available at Gutenberg. There are still a lot of Conan Doyle books there for me and I have selected another English author whose writing seems coeval to that of Wells and Doyle.

I'll be switch back and forth between those two English authors while reading a few short stories each time from The Complete Works Of H. P. Lovecraft. It is not his complete works but I think it is all of his fiction short stories; I don't know how many but over 14,000 locations on Kindle. He was an American writer at the turn of the 20th-century that is now regarded as one of the most significant authors in horror fiction.

Down with the Working Classes! by C.J. Hopkins is a great satire. I think I will read more of his postings. Recommended!

Dissent Is No Longer Permissible In The West, Paul Craig Roberts

Marine Le Pen, a French patriot, seems destined for the fate of Joan of Arc. The French establishment has been after Le Pen for a long time. She has already had her parliamentary immunity stripped for a tweet and faces three years in prison if convicted by her enemies for a simple free speech statement in defense of French sovereighty. Now she is in trouble for posting on Twitter images of Daesh executing people...In France Le Pen’s belief that the French deserve their own country is considered to be a sign of insanity.
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