18 January 2019
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: January 18, 1931

I have no good explanation for why in worked but yesterday afternoon I tried to open the book in Adobe Digital Editions that I had downloaded and it opened. I now have a Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected epub book open in the ADE reader and can read it as I would any PDF document on my Toshiba laptop. I don't like to do that however.

So like a dog with a bone I was back trying to find a way to remove the DRM which would give me an epub file that can be converted to Mobi and read on my Paperwhite. The only software that I could find that I was sure would run on Ubuntu/Linux was Calibre which was a relatively painless install. But the DeDRM plugin for Calibre gave me a lot of trouble. I finally got it to install just before we did our afternoon walk.

After 'linner' I tried to remove the DRM and convert the epub file to Mobi and could not do it. It was ONLY when I read through Comments and Answers on the software's blog page that I found,
"The tools are not designed to remove DRM from rented or library ebooks." The book that I downloaded was 'rented/borrowed' from archives.org so stymied again.

We went to town this morning with a stop at the Landmark restaurant where I got their Spinach Omelet. That is one of two omelets that they have on their menu that I like. Then a grocery stop at Fry's which went well.

The next stop was at VA to see about getting the eye glasses prescription that I received from Tucson filled. Alas, things didn't go well. I wanted the new prescription put in my current frames. Sierra Vista Clinic can not do that, I need to use a frame that they offer or go back to Tucson to the VA Optometry Shop.

My other alternative was take the prescription tgo Wal*Mart and have them put the new prescription in my current frames. That is what I did. Will have to wear glasses with a 5-6 year old prescription for the next couple of weeks. I can see but it makes me very aware that my current prescription was not as bad as I thought. HA

War Whores Scramble To Say Syria Attack Means Troops Must Remain by Caitlin Johnstone is a anti-war article that you will not be reading in Main Stream Media.
If ISIS is indeed responsible for the bombing, as war pundits are unquestioningly asserting is the case, then they’re either really, really stupid or they really want US troops to remain in Syria. Or perhaps the attack was engineered by someone else who has a vested interest in keeping a US military presence in Syria, either using ISIS as a patsy or completely separate from ISIS. Wouldn’t be the first time a suspicious attack took place in Syria while the Trump administration was working to withdraw troops.
Accountability — It’s a Beautiful Thing! by Michael J. Hurd is a good blog posting about President Trumps withdrawal of government transport during the 'shutdown' for Speaker Pelosi's junket. We have a president that fights back!
It’s refreshing in the extreme to finally have a President treat imperial politicians the way these imperial politicians regard the rest of us, and treat us. Voters are the means to the end of enhancing their power. They buy power through votes and money by appealing to the worst and weakest in human beings — envy, laziness, low self-respect, and neurotic fear. That’s what politicians do, and politicians like Nancy Pelosi have made it a life’s work.

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