26 September 2020
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ

Yesterday morning when I was ready to turn on my laptop I plugged in the power supply first. The laptop opened fine which I expected but was surprised that the battery icon reappeared and the battery was charging. After about 45 minutes the icon disappeared again and I don’t think the battery was being charged.

This morning I am experiencing the same thing but the battery has more of a charge in it than yesterday morning and is being charged again today. Is over 50 % as I post this.

I also tapped all the 12v wire connections at the new RV power converter and that caused the hood light and hood fan to work once more. There is a loose wire in there amongst what looks like a mass of spaghetti.
Cooked hulled barley and oat groats yesterday. Have garbanzos on the stove this morning and will have the yellow split peas and garbanzo pottage ready by the end of today. That is the start of my moving preparations which I need to be doing.
leftpic A mind-boggling new sequel to Infernal Devices to celebrate thirty years of Steampunk.
Some time after the events of Fiendish Schemes, George Dower finds himself a widower, of sorts. On her deathbed, Miss McThane entrusts Dower with a small, ticking clockwork box. The box is mysteriously linked to her.
This concludes the George Dower trilogy which I found to be the best of K. W. Jeter’s books that I have read. I probably will not read any more of his which are more SciFi and less Steampunk. When she breathes her last, the box stops ticking and Dower is able to open it, to find hundreds of letters - written in an unknown hand, signed only with the initial S. They’re not love letters, but refer instead to the letter-writer’s ongoing search for some other person. The last is a simple note, reading -Found him–…
But the Progressive critique adds a moral basis: the American people’s indulgence of their preferences —private ease and comfort, focus on families, religious observance, patriotism —has made for every secular sinThis paragraph is from a long essay that contains multiple quotable passages. I have selected only one to whet your desire to read it in its entirety. imaginable: racism, sexism, greed, etc. Because most Americans are racist, sexist, un-appreciative of real virtue or refinement (these are somehow rolled together), because these Americans resist knuckling under to their betters, America is a sick society that needs to be punished and to have its noxious freedoms reformed.–Revolution 2020, Angelo Codevilla

If anyone doubts that the country that many of us loved so much is almost totally gone, just look at what is going on all around the U.S. right now. People are actually being arrested and put in prison for not wearing masks. If authorities are willing to get this extreme during a relatively minor pandemic, what are they going to do to us when a true national emergency breaks out? I certainly don’t have anything against anyone that wants to wear a mask, and I certainly don’t have a problem with officials that want to encourage everyone to wear one. But when it gets to a point where the police are actively hunting for “non-conformers” and are dragging them off to prison in handcuffs, that should tell all of us that we aren’t living in a free country anymore.–Arresting People For Not Wearing Masks Is Another Giant Step Toward Total Tyranny, Michael Snyder

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