14 December 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

There have been more RVs arriving in my neighborhood, that being the western one third of the Park. Surprisingly there have also been RVs leaving. The one that I was most happy to see leave was the one with the spotlight that had been on my right. The neighbor's RV on my left is still there but they have been gone since about the first of the month and I'm guessing will not be back until the New Year.

The Yuma area is under another Red Flag Warning from the NWS. They expect winds in the 20-30 mph range with gusts of 45, low humidity and extreme fire danger. On the 7 Day Forecast page that is described as Patchy Blowing Dust and Breezy, the same is expected on Sunday. The low this morning was 46° but no wind and it is still calm at 9:00 am but just managed to warm up to above 50. Almost Wave heater time!

The Customer Reviews at goodreads.com says what I would have said about the book and the canal. I also agree with the reasoning behind selecting some of these authors that wrote novels with the current period as a background. Recommended!

This book has some great descriptions of the Panama canal as it was being built. I do not know if the author witnessed it first hand or not. In addition we are treated to some fun New York night life and general attitudes of party going youth of the day. Modern authors writing period pieces rarely if ever come up with these sorts of details that authors who were actually immersed in the period could. This is why I read even inferior books written by those living at the times presented.
The story does have some Victorian throwbacks in terms of its treatment of women. The knowledgeable experienced woman is seldom rewarded, whereas the overly obedient barely out of childhood types win the day. There is some other predictable storyline elements as well, however, the characters are well drawn with most being three dimensional. It is a quick and fun read overall. - Customer Review goodread.com

If we could only get rid of President Trump and have a Political Correct president in office we could then implement this NY City policy nationwide. Maybe all get get together and sing Kumbaya.

"New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has an $800,000 program in place that uses taxpayer money to pay criminal suspects and court defendants with gift cards in exchange for taking a survey about the friendliness and comfort of Manhattan’s courtrooms and NYC criminal Justice system, the New York Post reported.
The survey asks participants to rate the courteousness of judges and prosecutors — and even courtroom temperature. Those who complete the 144-question survey get a $15 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. The program is from the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice." - Just when you thought Liberals couldn’t find a new level of Stupid

13 December 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

Until this morning I didn't notice that I left one of my big side window open all of last night. It didn't seem to make any difference in the inside temperature which gives you a good idea of how well Desperado is insulated. That is why it gets so hot during the summer and so cold during the winter; it is just a hard sided tent.

When I was putting my bedding back together I noticed that bottom sheet is just about ready to be replaced. The quilt that my mother made for me some 20-30 years ago has also seen better days and I ordered a wool blanket from Wal*Mart this morning to be shipped for pickup at the store that drive past on my way to Fry's. They claim that it will be there on my next shopping day - we will see.

I have nothing planned for today other than get started drawing a pixel art cushion cover and reading another Rex Beach novel. I may finish the book today but certainly by tomorrow; it is quick easy reading.

This blog posting has the same theme as many others that look to The Fourth Turning for guidance and inspiration.

"What all this means is that we are in the transition period between the third and fourth phases of American history. The first phase was the Colonial Period that lasted up to and included the Revolutionary War. Then there was the Constitutional Period that lasted until the Civil War. The third period was the Yankee Imperium, that lasted from the Civil War through the end of the Cold War. What comes next is debatable, but it is clear that the rest of the country is going to have a say in the political life of the country." -The Z Man The Fourth Stage Of American History

12 December 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

Used up a good piece of my morning at Foothill RV getting a new kitchen faucet. The good News was that once the new faucet was installed the water pump was working fine. That meant I saved some time but more importantly saved some money. The faucet plus labor was less than I had estimated and the shop proved their honesty by not replacing a water pump that I thought was going bad. A good RV repair shop!

Next door to Foothill RV is Foothill Eatery. I have eaten there before and had their Greek Omelet but had forgotten that it comes with tzatziki. O so good, I'll be back at least one more time before I leave here. Getting the vinyl screw cover trim on the outside of Desperado replaced will be one of those times.

The Customer Reviews at goodreads.com give this first volume of Lord Of The Rings 5 stars almost 60% of the time. I chose to edit this 3 star review because it was closer to what I thought of it. Almost chose a one star review but it went a bit overboard in its criticism. I'll get the second volume to read but not right away. I don't knows this but suspect that the book got much of it reputation from the screen plays that were written using its story line. Much like many of the other 'popular' books that became so after they appeared on TV or as a movie.
Tolkein is not a terribly good writer. He tends to go on in excruciating detail about trivial concepts. Parts of the book, such as Ent poetry, are downright painful to read. And his leaf by leaf descriptions of forests can get fairly trivial. Since he wrote this series, several other fantasy writers have basically stolen the story and rewritten it with higher quality prose. The notion of heroism in Tolkein is particularly worth noting. It is, so far as I can tell, the first set of novels that defines heroism entirely by internal features. The protagonist has no ability to fight, or to use magic, or basically do anything except to doing his best to do the right thing. This conception of heroism, which is what is what most people think of nowadays, is quite different than it was historically conceived (where heroism was synonymous with strength or ability, sometimes in conjunction with morality, but sometimes not). So, in this way, like so many others, Tolkein has had tremendous effect on popular culture. - Edited Customer Review goodread.com

11 December 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

This is another pixel art piece that was called 'abstract' and like the one I did on 3 November I used colors other than black and white. I also put a border around it that was not shown on the cross stitch web page. It is an interesting piece but do not like how it looks as a pixel drawing. I like the cushion covers better and will next do one of the 7 that I have down loaded.

I had the choice of making tomorrow a very long day or break it into two shorter 'doing stuff' days. I chose the two days and this morning I had breakfast at my favorite restaurant and then went to the laundromat.

The last time I was here the Verizon signal was very poor but was fine today. I think the prior time was when they were having problems all over Arizona. I did some multitasking and got this posting started while the laundry machines where doing there thing. That is the easy part, the difficult will be when I try to put sheets and blankets back on my bed with painful hands/wrist/shoulders/knees.

James Howard Kunstler has a great blog posting that explains the unwinding of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet Abracadabra. Well worth a read!

10 December 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

I think preparing another batch of breakfast meals will be about all that I will accomplish today. I'll boil that hull less barley even longer this time and see if I can get it a little softer than the 'chewy' that it reached last time.

By not doing much of anything else these is a good chance that I will finish the pixel art drawing today or finish reading The Fellowship Of The Ring. There is even the chance that I will finish them both.

Is our federal government a mess or what?
"America's "global military presence" is not hyperbole, but a literal fact, as a new Department of Defense study has found that US military personnel are stationed in literally every nation on the earth. The report bluntly confirms that, "The United States has military personnel in nearly every country in the world, ranging from two liaison officers in Fiji to tens of thousands from all of the service branches in Japan and Germany, according to the report."
But perhaps more important and equally absurd (when one considers the original beginnings of the humble "republic" envisioned by founders like Madison and Jefferson) is the fact that America's world-wide military presence is such that the Pentagon itself can't track how many US service members are deployed where. A new bombshell article in Stars and Stripes military newspaper is non-ironically headlined, Report: 44,000 ‘unknown’ military personnel stationed around the world." - Dude Where's My Troops? Pentagon Loses Track Of 44,000 Soldiers

9 December 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

Today is shaping up to be be VERY low key, sort of like the past couple of days.

I have not heard anything from my Algodones dentist regarding a referral in Naco or Agua Prieta. I did find some dentists in Agua Prieta by doing an online Google search. I also found out that the dental clinic that I went to in Elfrida back in 2012 opened another office in Sierra Vista in 2015.

I have sent an email to that office asking for their price for a cleaning. Their response - telephone to talk to a representative. My response - your website has a VERY prominent telephone number but I had to search for an email address and use that, why do you think I did that? They said they would get back to me as a reply to that but I have not received anything.

They offer sliding scale pricing based on income also for which I may qualify. If so and it is less, including the cost of gas, than going to Mexico I'll use the clinic in Sierra Vista. However, I already see that they are a bureaucratic organization and may cost me more in aggravation just to save a few dollars.

I think there are a couple more days of pixel drawing remaining on this latest piece. Maybe another couple of days to finish The Fellowship of the Ring, the first volume of Lord Of The Rings. When I do finish it I think I'll read something else before downloading the second volume. I like it well enough to continue reading it all but not without a break.

8 December 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA363 December 8, 1929

About the 1st of November I asked the fellow that does most of the landscape work here at the Park if I could get some more gravel at the front of my space where Desperado's front wheels were in a hole. He said that he thought they were going to get some gravel and he would try and have some for me.

That happened yesterday. I unhooked from electric and pulled out of the space and the dump truck came in and the manager directed it to dump at the back of the space. So I now have a thin covering of new gravel covering the space, much of it where a tire will never be and still a hole at the front. I could see that the fellow that does the work was sort of rolling his eyes when they dumped and he did the best that he could with what he was left to work with. The manager is just one of several reasons I will not be back here next year.

A very cool 48° this morning that had a feels like 45. The high is expected to be 69-72 but it is slow getting there with it only at 51 but 9:00 am. Hopefully the extended forecast of mid-70s for the high and lower 50s for the low will become reality.

Not much happening here. The News is all about harassment and resignations with one of them an AZ Representative - not my district. It is too bad that Senator McCain has not also resigned but I don't think he will live out his term.

7 December 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

I forgot to write about breakfast yesterday. That was at the Ocotillo Café in the Quechan Casino just off of Interstate 8 on the road to Algodones. This is one of the best gaming layout Indian Casinos that I have been in. Most of them just have long aisles with lines of slot machines. Whoever did this layout has some gambling and gambler knowledge.

The Ocotillo was rather upscale for me but had a surprisingly short menu. I got their Hash with poached eggs that was served over hash browns with a hollandaise over the eggs all in a skillet. Very good!

It is forecast to be a little warmer today with a high of 70° but colder the next two mornings at 47. I might wear gloves on my aching PsA hands. It was not very cold this morning with the low at 57 but a wind chill of 53 but it has not warmed up very fast. There is a NWS Red Flag Warning in effect for the Yuma area today they are expecting strong winds (gusts of 45 mph), low humidity and high fire danger.

Another good day to spend on the couch with Patches and my Paperwhite. Or, get some more of the pixel art piece drawn. I didn't do much of either yesterday with my routine disrupted by the dental appointment.

6 December 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

My entire morning was taken up with getting to my dental appointment, the appointment and getting back into my space at the Park. The wind was Breezy, per the NWS that seems to mean they will be 15-20 mph with gusts of 30. Desperado and I thought there should be a wind warning for high profile vehicles, the Breeze was blowing us all over Interstate 8.

The appointment was with Dr. Karla Navarro, daughter of Enrique and niece of Jose Navarro the owners of the paint shop where I had Desperado painted a couple years ago. I gave her some dental history with the intent of making her my primary dentist and the two cleanings during the year while on my circuit.

I asked her for a referral in Naco or Agua Prieta where I could get my April cleanings. The Sierra Vista office that I have been going to is too expensive and I'm not convinced they do a very good cleaning. If she can not come up with a referral I think I'll go the Cochise County Clinic in Elfida. I went there once and the doctor that saw me spoke very little English so it was like being in Mexico.

Finished Book I in Volume 1 of Lord Of The Rings. It is not really my first genre choice but I need to expand my reading. HA The thing that I like least is the poetry/songs that are inserted as part of the dialog. I just never could get into the Beat Poets of the '50s and '60 and this poetry is of that nature.

5 December 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

Just another shopping day although I did go a day earlier than usual because I have a dental appointment tomorrow. Not much of a crowd this morning. I think the cooler weather and what the NWS calls a Breeze kept them closer to the fire.

Not cold with a low of 52° but only 58 at 10:00 and felt like 54 with the wind chill. The expected high for today is 69 but then 14 days of 70s with lows in the lower 50s. Pretty good, and those lower morning temperatures keep the Snowbirds in their nest until it warms up.

I'll be doing that also for the rest of today except for our afternoon walk. More pixel art drawing and more Lord Of The Rings reading. This was first published in the '50s and was a huge hit with the Boomer Generation in the '60s & '70s. I like what I have read so far and can see how it became a countercultural saga although I doubt that I would have read it as that then nor now.

4 December 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

I have a couple of busy days forthcoming and holding tanks that will probably require dumping during that time. To avoid that I decided to get that chore done this morning soon after I had breakfast. The pliers allowed me to get the fresh water hose connected to the faucet without any leaks but where it connects at Desperado still leaked as bad or worse than finger tight.

It was still a little cool to be outside especially when in the shade. It had not yet warmed to over 60° from the low of 55 with winds at 15-20 mph gusting to 25-30. The National Weather Service claims that the will be some 'Patchy Blowing Dust and Breezy' today and to expect Breezy for the next 4 days.

I think I'll give up on stained glass panel #51, maybe come back to it at some other time. I have made a good start on another pixel art drawing and it is starting to look like something which provides the impetus to finish it. I will be working on that for the next few days.

I completed another 10 days cycle of ibuprofen yesterday. Started with 2400mg/day for 4 days then 1600mg/day for 3 days and finished with 800mg/day. After 4 days at the higher dosage I felt better and wanted to take the least that I could and still see improvement. I didn't see that happen.

I'm now on acetaminophen for 10 days and will try to keep that dosage down as well. I don't know this for sure but the GoPo® seems to be helping reduce the amount of the other meds that I was taking before I added it to the regimen. Certainly no magic cure but I think it has helped.

A recommended read: Political Pizza by Jeff Thomas.

3 December 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

Early in his literary career, English writer Leonard Merrick gained a reputation as a serious writer who tackled tough social issues with unflinching realism. But in his later period, Merrick's style lightened considerably. In this collection of charming comedic short stories, Merrick's witty insight shines through. Many of the stories have the same characters speaking in the same vernacular which I think was a put down of the French, a British reading public would have loved them as I did. Some of the story endings have a twist which is a delight. Recommended!

The weather experts are forecasting the next two days to be rather poor. Tomorrow will be windy with a high of only 69° then Tuesday will be cloudy and cooler. Both days will have low temperatures in the low 50s and that is what I can expect for the low in the extended forecast. Time to put my wool shirt-jacket back to work.

I have checked the Sierra Vista library ebook offerings from time to time to see if they have acquired the last book in Harry Turtledove's The War That Came Early series. They have not. While doing that I happened to see that they have the three volumes of J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings.

It was not too long ago that I was looking for a free Kindle source for these books so I downloaded volume #1 The Fellowship of the Ring. There is a borrowing time limit so I got started reading it last night and have reached the Forward to the Second Edition. HA It is not overly long on the Paperwhite with about 8,600 locations so the time limit should not be a problem. The other two volumes were available yesterday, I can only hope that they remain available but then again I might not like the first volume and give up on reading them all.

2 December 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

The new breakfast batch is much better. I used more apple juice and water than previously and did not add any of the dry fruit and nuts during the cooking process. Boiled the hull less barley for an hour, maybe a little more, and then let it sit for about 3 hours.

At that point it was about the same firmness as my prior batch so I added what was left of that and boiled for another hour. Then added more dry fruit and nuts while still hot and let it cool for the rest of the day. I now have breakfast servings that I can re-heat with a bit of real butter that has barley that is almost perfect - chewy.

I also had some chicken pozole that cooked overnight in the Thermal Cooker that was ready for 'linner' yesterday. There is enough of it left that I should get 3-4 more meals. This morning I'll cook some salmon in the Roaster and will have 'linners' prepared for a week.

That is about all that I have going for me. I did try to do some more drawing on panel #51 yesterday but not sure that I accomplished much. So far I am just drawing lines, I don't know if I will be able to enclose the shapes that I want to be different colors. I'll keep poking at it.

1 December 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA362 December 1, 1929

I connected to Verizon this morning and everything was 'normal' for about 10 minutes. That was long enough for me to get my email account open and make note of the Spam in my Inbox that I needed to filter out. That was it then for a little over an hour, no connection although Chromebook claimed there was a strong signal.

It is not that I have a lot to say this morning but I do like to say it. Verizon showed that I used very little data yesterday, even less than Chrome Data Saver showed which I can not remember happening before. Verizon is having problems; Verizon outage map. I needed a connection to find this of course. HA This has put me over an hour late in my routine also which always discombobulates my entire day. But I'll manage.

My last breakfast batch still had a lot to be desired as far as the hull less barley was concerned. I like my pasta, rice and barley al dente but wat I got was somewhat firmer than that. I'm trying to cook some more today and will boil it all day if that is what it takes!

I did no drawing yesterday and may not do any today. I have been thinking about that panel #51 but no drawing - not sure there will be any.

30 November 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

I said that I did not understand the advantage of UPS SurePost, there must be one but it is not to my advantage as you can see from this tracking information.
November 29, 2017, 6:32 am
Accepted at USPS Destination Facility
YUMA, AZ 85364
November 28, 2017, 6:51 am
Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item
YUMA, AZ 85365
I did get the package yesterday but without SurePost I think I could have had it on the 28th.

When I say I got the package I got it yesterday only because I was following the USPS tracking and saw that it had been delivered. Went to the Park office to pick it up and the office was closed. I therefore went to the mailbox and found my package was there and took it. I will have no more mail sent to this Park. Stopped at the P.O. today and confirmed that they accept General Delivery. I have just about had enough with using Parks for mail delivery I'll see how well General Delivery works.

Shopping day with breakfast first at the same restaurant. After leaving Fry's (where I got Groove Joint Pliers - like channellock) I stopped at Foothill RV and made an appointment to get the kitchen faucet replaced and probably the water pump. Maybe the exterior vinyl screw covering that is looking poor because of sun discoloration and it never fit well to start, some has come out and more is starting to.

Before going back to the Park I stopped at the Yuma Landing. This is the name of a RV lot in the Yuma Foothills that a couple of friends have bought and are in the process of getting it fixed up. They have their RV bus conversion in place but the lot needs some work. We had a nice face-to-face visit after reading each others blogs for the past couple of years.

29 November 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

THis is a compilation of short stories that most likely were previously included in magazines at the turn of the century. The title story was made into a movie in 1918 starring Will Rogers in his film debut (one of 48 silent films) as Bill Hyde. All of the stories are well worth a read although the lack of reviews indicate that few people do so. Recommended!

I did a bit more drawing on panel #51 but not sure that I know enough that I will be able to draw this one. I'll give it a rest today while getting next month's Will Rogers weekly articles copied and formatted.

I was planning on getting Desperado's kitchen faucet replaced while I am here in Yuma. I also have a suspicion that my water pump is going bad so I'll have that checked out as well and expect to replace it. When the tank is full it sounds like it is working well but by the time the tank is half full the pump runs much too long after the water has been shut off and the water pressure is much reduced.

I went out and filled the tank again this morning so I would have better pressure and not have to listen to the pump running. I'll stop at the RV shop tomorrow when out shopping and get an appointment for them to replace the faucet and probably the pump.

Cloudy this morning with the high temperature expected to be the same 74° that it was yesterday and stay about the same for the extended forecast. The morning lows have been in the mid 50s and are expected to remain there for the next 4 days and then drop down into the lower 50s for the rest of the 2 week forecast.

28 November 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

The first Ukrain pattern I did was shown on 8 October 2017 which was a very small piece. This one is 199x199 which is about the same size as 7 Cushion Covers that I will be doing that are in the 2 color group. I like the look of them and there are a lot of them in increasing numbers of colors so I have plenty of material to work with. I will be doing the 2 color ones first but will break them up with some other 2 and 3 color subjects. This is presented in its 199X199 size but it looks very good also if viewed at 200%.

I got started drawing stained glass panel #51 yesterday but did not accomplish a lot. This one will also have a lot of curves that need to enclose areas that will be different colors. Just to draw the lines is complex enough but to get them to enclose a shape that can be filled with color adds to the complexity. It is going to take some time!

I set up another pixel art piece also. I'll switch back and forth between the two drawings as I get stuck on panel #51 or bored with the pixel art.

My GoPo® order was shipped UPS SurePost. It left NJ via UPS and arrived in Yuma this morning. I see UPS trucks making deliveries here in the Park almost every day so I have no idea what the SurePost advantage might be but what UPS has done is delivered the package to USPS. That means I'll probably get it tomorrow as a USPS delivery whereas if it had stayed with UPS I might have received it today. But even with USPS I may get it a day earlier than the original estimated delivery date.

I found some good News. Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.) is expected to announce this afternoon that he's withdrawing the nominating petitions he just filed yesterday and will not seek reelection. The bad News is he may formally endorse Jesus "Chuy" Garcia who if elected could be even worse than the mad dog Gutiérrez. The speculation is that he will run for Chicago mayor or governor of Puerto Rico; Chicago may deserve him but Puerto Rico has suffered enough.

27 November 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

A lot of cooking this morning. First there was more salmon and potato patties which proved to me that my hands and wrists were still afflicted with PsA. Trying to mash potatoes with very sore hands and wrists is not a good thing.

Then came a batch of breakfast meals. Trying to cook the hull-less barley differently this time. When the barley is done I'll mix in some diced dates, Craisins (dried cranberries) and pecan pieces. Lastly was another three days of Greek Gods Honey yogurt dessert with blueberries, pecans and maple syrup.

This short book of fantasy was written during the same period that Wells wrote his best known science fiction. There is only a hint of socialism in this story which becomes a primary focus of his writing soon after this was published. If you like his scifi there is a good chance you will like this book.

H.G. Wells wrote this book at the end of the nineteenth century, and wrote it in the style of that time. It's glib and gossipy and, along with the title itself, whimsical. The extended first part of the story, longish and often irrelevant to the story, might have been the author's way to help make the fantasy of a mermaid seem more probable. The first half is reminiscent of Pride and Prejudice, which I thought was tedious and written for a limited local audience who would be delighted by the references to places and behavior. The first half of this book is like that... The second half of the book pulled me in, and during the last quarter of it I couldn't put it down. It finishes beautifully. The writing is superb. Wells's talent is very obvious here, with some of the best writing he ever did, but some readers find the story too inconsequential and tedious. I started with that impression, but it changed after I was into the second part of it. - Edited Customer Review at goodreads.com

This is the closing paragraph of a posting by Kunstler talking about cryptocurrencies. What he refers to as "digital tulip bulbs". A good blog posting that is worth a read.
"My personal take on the phenomenon is that it represents the high point of techno-narcissism — the idea that technology is now so magical that it over-rides the laws of physics. That, for me, would be the loudest “sell” signal. I’d just hate to be in that rush to the exits. And who knows what kind of rush to other exits it could inspire." - James Howard Kunstler, Exit Sign

Ryan Bundy's opening statement to the jury in the Bundy Ranch trials on November 15, 2017 is too long for me to quote but I believe this is a must read. The Lame stream Media will not be providing this statement that is for sure. Ryan Bundy's Opening Statement

26 November 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

The most recent heat wave will break after today's forecast of 89° IF the weather guessers get it right. Starting on the 22nd we had a 3 day string of 90° highs with it cooling down to only 88 yesterday. But tomorrow is expected to be 81 and then 70s, with maybe a high 60, for the extended forecast.

My Verizon connection was back to 'normal' all day yesterday and seems to be working fine this morning. I had the same signal strength during those couple of days of slow connections so I'm reasonably sure it was just too many people using the same bandwidth.

Nothing much on the agenda for today. I will probably finish another short H. G. Wells book and maybe the pixel art drawing that I have been working on. If not today then surely both of those by tomorrow.

I am seeing some improvement in my PsA. Nothing to get overly excited about but being able to get up out of my chair without doing the 'ol folks rocking launch is an improvement. The knees are not as painful at night when I'm trying to get to sleep and the shoulders are feeling better. The hands/wrists are better but still far from good; they remain the body parts that hurt the most.

25 November 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

This is probably classed as a novella today but was rather standard fare at the turn of the 20th century. No reviews that I could find and probably has not been read by many people in many years. Good light entertaining reading.

It looks like the high point of my day was getting the holding tanks dumped. I did that soon after I finished breakfast which included one half of what I think is a Rio Red grapefruit, the deepest red color that I have ever seen. This is the first grapefruit that I have eaten since sometime in the 1990s - glad to have them back - now I only need to remember that I can eat them.

I have been back on the ibuprofen for only one day, at the high dosage, and my hands felt the best they have in the past couple of months. They still hurt when I was doing the dump and I still used the sewer wrenches but I think I might have been able to do it without them. Not that I want to give that a try because I know it would hurt.

"Democracy is workable enough in something like a cohesive city-state. But absolutely not once voters get involved in economic issues—the poor will always vote themselves a free lunch, and the rich will buy votes to give themselves more. Democracy always devolves into class warfare. In ancient Greece, if you weren’t a landowner you weren’t respected. In the U.S., voting rules were determined by the States, and originally, everywhere, you had to be a landowner. That meant you had something to lose. But that’s not the case anymore... anybody can vote. People who are penniless. Eighteen-year-olds who have no knowledge or experience and are fresh out of the indoctrination of high school. Lots of non-citizens, probably millions, manage to vote. Voting has become, as H.L. Mencken said, just an advance auction on stolen goods." - Doug Casey, Part I

"Economic turmoil causes social turmoil and political turmoil. And one of the things that scares me most is that if things get spooky within the U.S., people in the government will try to find a foreign enemy in order to “unite” the country. Incidentally, I don’t feel that uniting the country is necessarily a good idea. It all depends on which direction they’re united towards, and united against what. And do the people of the United States have enough in common anymore to even be united? I think not, in an age of multiculturalism. Part II

24 November 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA361 November 24, 1929

Shopping on Black Friday? There were less people in Fry's than usual so it was a good day to go for groceries. All those Black Friday shoppers were fighting it out at the big box stores. I stopped and got Desperado's propane tank filled and that was a no waiting situation as well. I last filled the tank on 9 June 2017 in Silver City so in just short of 6 months I used 11.5 gallons of propane.

Breakfast was at the same place - Pepe's near Fry's. This time I ordered off the menu and got them to give me a tamale and easy over egg with beans and potatoes. It was a bit more expensive than their menus items but I will have it again for sure before I leave here.

I had a lot of trouble yesterday morning getting my posting loaded to the host. Verizon had too many people sucking data off the tower that I use and it took repeated tries and a long time. By late afternoon it seemed to be back to 'normal' but is that way this morning also.

My neighbor on the left side came over yesterday and offered me some grapefruit. I said sorry I can't because of the medicine I'm taking. He left and it registered what I had said - hell, I don't take that med anymore. I went over and explained that I have not eaten a grapefruit in years because of the medicine that HAD been taking - my response was just automatic after saying no for so long. I'm going to have one with my breakfast tomorrow.

I will not finish the pixel art piece today but I do see that I'm getting close to finishing. It is looking good but is a tedious draw that I can do for only so long before I start making mistakes so it is best to quit and come back later.

23 November 2017 Southern Mesa RV Park (Yuma, AZ )

I don't know if Verizon is overloaded this morning because of Thanksgiving or if they are simply having problems but my connection is slow, slow, slow.

I didn't get Desperado's dash wiped down yesterday but will get it done this morning when I wash the windows. That will almost complet my household chores for this month. I do need to dump holding tanks and would do that today also if I were moving to another camp but will probably put that off for another day or two.

This is the last day of the most recent 10 day acetaminophen cycle. I tried to not take any for the first 3 days but hurt too much. Went with 3000mg/day for the next 4 days and have been taking 2000mg/day for the past 3. I never see any improvement while taking the acetaminophen it is only a pain reliever and gets me off ibuprofen for 10 days.

I'll start another 10 day cycle of the ibuprofen tomorrow and plan on moving up to a high dosage of 2400mg/day. From what I have read I should have been at that level to begin this treatment because ibuprofen does its inflammation work at the higher dosage levels pain relief at lower levels. This is all 'practicing medicine' i.e. trial and error although I have been assured that at these levels for the 10 days will not be an error.

An Alaska story, what Rex Beach was known for in the early 20th century. The Kindle version that I read did not have a forward that the Amazon Customer review mentions but it reads like it is a fictionalized true story. A quick read that keeps the suspense built up with very little romance that gets in the way. Recommended!

The race to build the first railroad in Alaska at the turn of the twentieth century and reach the vast untapped mineral wealth of the interior was a daring, high risk adventure played out between rugged visionaries and some unscrupulous promoters. The hardships, perseverance and the actual engineering achievement of the people who finally succeeded in building the railroad in this forbidding territory have long been ignored. If you have ever viewed the swift unpredictable rivers, huge mountains and glacier activity along the Southeastern coast of Alaska, or traveled the remaining original railroad bed to McCarthy and Kennicott the very thought of attempting a railroad line extending over 200 miles from the coast to the interior through this terrain is just plain incredible. The "Iron Trail" is written in a turn of the century style which is perhaps a bit flowery but entertaining just the same. Most of real people and places have been renamed for the book but are identified in the forward. Throughout reading this book I couldn't help thinking what a marvelous movie setting and adventure story is behind this truly spectacular engineering achievement.- Amazon Customer Review