20 July 2019
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ

I have made a decision and ordered a Kobo Clara HD. This is how that happened. I was doing more comparison shopping by searching for comparison reviews online and found "Kobo Sale Alert: Kobo Clara HD $99" at the-eBook-Reader.com. The latest update was at the end of April but when I check Walmart they were still selling for $99.96. Expected delivery is by next Wednesday.

I was partially right about how the Park was going to fill up by last night. I did get what I think will be a new overnighter, they are in a Cruise America rental. But was surprised when the west end of the center row all left and there were no replacements. The east end of that row has been full of ATVers that I think are leaving today. Maybe get some replacements or maybe not.

I'm making progress and can see the finish of the long novel that I have been reading on my Paperwhite. I also made a good start on the Adobe Digital Editions book that I have installed on the Toshiba. Don't like reading books on it much therefore the purchase of the Kobo.

"Creativity is a very strange thing. The enjoyment one gets from it seems to have no relationship to the quality of the finished product...
Evidently there is somebody, somewhere, who will buy almost anything." - Going Back To Bisbee, Richard Shelton

Won't get much reading done this afternoon. I'll be shooting at the Show Low range with the Defensive League.

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