28 May 2020
Rusty's RV Ranch
Rodeo, NM

Our afternoon walk yesterday took us to the NM80 & NM9 junction again and three of the tanks were still there. I stopped and asked what happened that one tank was able to escape and they were still there. It seems that the tank that got away was 6" shorter in height and did not need an escort. The three that were still there were to get away this morning with AZ Highway Patrol escort.

I got the Will Rogers weekly article formated and loaded onto my host server. Just about finished with the 3x5 route card. Read all that I am going to of the non-fiction book at this time and have started book three of the Divergent series. So making progress on my month end preparations.

Tomorrow will be house cleaning day. It is covered with more dust than usual. Another reason for not coming back here again. The constant wind carries a good supply of dust that you only see when it is blowing really hard but there is dust in the air constantly.
I see it on Desperado's dash and my settee, can feel in on the kitchen counters.

I keep saying that the more things change the more they remain the same; case in point, this was written in 1932.
The smarter a nation gets, the more wars it has. The dumb ones are too smart to fight. Our schools teach us what the other fellow knows, but it don't teach us anything new for ourselves. Everybody is learning just one thing, not because they will know more, but because they have been taught that they won't have to work if they are educated.

Well, we got so many educated now that there is not enough jobs for educated people. Most of our work is skilled and requires practice, and not education.—Will Rogers
The media will be water carriers for the government's attempt to blame all increases in food prices on greedy suppliers and Coronavirus®. There will be no finger pointing at the 'stimulus' voted for by Congress, signed by president Trump and then funded with money made out of the thin air. You think the lockdown and that Coronavirus® was bad? Watch this—hold my beer.
And in the short-term, you should expect food prices to continue to rise. The federal government has been borrowing and spending trillions of dollars that we do not have during this pandemic, and the
Federal Reserve has cranked up the money creation machine to absolutely absurd levels. What this means is that the value of our currency is rapidly being devalued, and eventually we will see very painful inflation.

I know that food prices seem really high right now, but they are only going to go up from here.—We Are Being Told To Prepare "To See High Prices At Grocery Stores" And "It's Likely That Shortages May Only Get Worse", Michael Snyder

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