23 April 2019
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ

I will be getting another month of Will Rogers weekly articles prepared today. If I use all my data quota I'll have that done.

Yesterday I used 233MB getting other month end blog chores completed. I certainly can not continue using at that rate but after today I will be back on a strict data diet.

leftpic This 'book' is only 60 pages in paperback but I read it by downloading from Gutenberg in text and then saved as a PDF file. I could then read it offline on my Chromebook. It is not much of a book but is an entertaining collection that showcases Mr. Jerome's satirical talents.

This isn't a play or novel itself, but rather a series of short satirical essays on the conventions and cliches of theater. There are essays, for example, on the stage hero, the stage heroine, the stage villain, the stage "adventuress" (read "tramp"), the stage lawyer, etc. I enjoyed this a lot, particularly some bits about what passes for stage "law" -- e.g., that whoever finds the will, gets to inherit --- and his observations about how the stage hero always manages to knock out three or more villains with a single punch, all for the glory of the most insipid stage heroine, whose charms are never as evident as they seem to be to the stage hero. If you enjoy theater, particularly from that period, and don't mind seeing it ridiculed, you should enjoy this. If you never read or see plays, then this may not be of interest. - Customer review @ Amazon

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