24 August 2019
Springerville RV
Springerville, AZ

I'm starting to get this idea that President Trump knows the United States is not going to Be Great Again while he is president. He may go through the motions to be re-elected but I believe his heart is no longer in it. He gave it his best shot and The Establishment was just too much for him to overcome without some help.

I wish I could be optimistic but think this country is going to be faced with some hard times for many years to come.

Perhaps things would look better if I quit reading ALL the News. I have given up on the MainStream Media but the alt-news sites only write counter opinions, not much in the way of solutions.
Surely the Russian government understands that there are only two reasons for Washington to put missiles on Russia’s border: (1) to enable Washington to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike that leaves Russia no response time, or (2) to enable Washington to threaten such a strike, thus coercing Russia to Washington’s will. Clearly, one or the other of these reasons is of sufficient importance to Washington for Washington to risk a false alarm setting off a nuclear war. - The Irresponsibility of Small Nations, Paul Craig Roberts

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