19 May 2019
North Ranch
Congress, AZ

Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain, although it does not look like much of a chance. A better chance tomorrow with both days much cooler; today expected to be 69 and tomorrow with a high of 65. The lows are forecast to stay in the upper 40s then moving up into the 50s by the end of the week. I don't want to see the rain but the temperatures, if they happen, will be great.

Not planning on doing much today, but that is my usual day. Doing some online research to find LED fixtures to replace some, maybe all, of the existing lights in Desperado. I want more light in the kitchen for sure other areas are maybe with the closet and basement a very low priority for change.

Why is it that the mainstream media is not saying this? They are doing everything they can to convince the 'people' that another war is a good thing. Where are all the anti-war activist?
Why is Cindy Sheehan no longer front page News and on all the TV talking head programs? Why is it that president Trump is taking out of both sides of his mouth and the Democrats are not calling him to task for it but would rather beat the Russiagate dead horse?

Trump is playing with fire by making threats against Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and China. He appears well on the way to a major war by either plan or accident. He is provoking and trifling with two major, nuclear-armed world military powers, Russia and China. Instead of capable diplomats, Trump keeps consorting with men of low character and even lower knowledge. It’s like the hostess who will never invite to her party another woman who is younger and more attractive. -Fire The Nutcases Leading Us To War, Eric Margolis

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