16 September 2021
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ

The shades have certainly made my bedroom brighter. A big difference from the cardboard window covering that I have lived with for the past year. I think it is again about the same as when I had curtains.

The morning walks are a delight with temperatures in the mid or lower 60s. The afternoon walks are still a little too hot with highs in the lower 90s. The humidity has gone down so I like it a lot more even if it is a little hot.

Nothing planned for today, which is nothing new.
“Now the question is what does this all mean for Australia? Well, you’re in a quandary for sure. Everybody knows what the quandary is. And by the way you’re not the only country in East Asia that’s in this quandary. You trade a lot with China, and that trade is very important for your prosperity, no question about that. Security-wise you really want to go with us. It makes just a lot more sense, right? And you understand that security is more important than prosperity, because if you don’t survive, you’re not gonna prosper.

John Joseph Mearsheimer Professor at the University of Chicago and an American political scientist and international relations scholar. This is a quote from what he said at a debate hosted by the Australian think tank Center for Independent Studies in 2019. You can bet that what he said was approved by the US government before he said it. Now some people say there’s an alternative: you can go with China. Right you have a choice here: you can go with China rather the United States. There’s two things I’ll say about that. Number one, if you go with China you want to understand you are our enemy. You are then deciding to become an enemy of the United States. Because again, we’re talking about an intense security competition.

You’re either with us or against us. And if you’re trading extensively with China, and you’re friendly with China, you’re undermining the United States in this security competition. You’re feeding the beast, from our perspective. And that is not going to make us happy. And when we are not happy you do not want to underestimate how nasty we can be. Just ask Fidel Castro.”

Nervous laughter from the Australian think tank audience punctuated Mearsheimer’s more incendiary observations. The CIA is known to have made numerous attempts to assassinate Castro.

So there you have it. Australia is not aligned with the US to protect itself from China. Australia is aligned with the US to protect itself from the US.–Australia Continues Its Plunge Into Authoritarianism And Military Brinkmanship, Caitlin Johnstone