8 May 2021
Apache RV Park
St David, AZ

I am now reasonably sure that the Amazon prepaid shipping label was delivered to the Willcox, AZ address where I originally had the Fire 10 delivered.

However, neither Amazon, UPS or my UPS Store have said anything about the Willcox address although it is shown on one of the Amazon documents that talks about getting the shipping label. I have sent an email to Cattle Rest RV Park asking them if they have the label. If they do I’ll go get it. If not then I’ll put paid to this sorry event and tell my UPS Store to trash the package.
The latest pixel art drawing that I have done is a purple flower. no pic There are 5-6 of these with the same leaves just different flower colors. I’m going to see if I can easily change the flower colors and then have an idea to show them all in a group — maybe.
leftpic A History of the Future is the third thrilling novel in Kunstler’s “World Made By Hand” series, an exploration of family and morality as played out in the small town of Union Grove.

Following the catastrophes of the twenty-first century—the pandemics, the environmental disaster, the end of oil, the ensuing chaos—people are doing whatever they can to get by and pursuing a simpler and sometimes happier existence. In little Union Grove in upstate New York, the townspeople are preparing for Christmas. Without the consumerist shopping frenzy that dogged the holidays of the previous age, the season has become a time to focus on family and loved ones. It is a stormy Christmas Eve when Robert Earle’s son Daniel arrives back from his two years of sojourning throughout what is left of the United States. He collapses from exhaustion and illness, but as he recovers tells the story of the break-up of the nation into three uneasy independent regions and his journey into the dark heart of the New Foxfire Republic centered in Tennessee and led by the female evangelical despot, Loving Morrow. In the background, Union Grove has been shocked by the Christmas Eve double murder by a young mother, in the throes of illness, of her husband and infant son. Town magistrate Stephen Bullock is in a hanging mood.

A History of the Future is attention-grabbing and provocative, but also lyrical, tender, and comic—a vision of a future of America that is becoming more and more convincing and perhaps even desirable with each passing day.–Book promo @
I suggest that you read these remarks at the meeting of the UN Security Council and compare them to what you hear coming from the elite in Washington.