4 March 2021
Quail Ridge RV Resort
Huachuca City, AZ

I have heard nothing more from either shop about window shades or molding. I guess it takes more than a couple of days to work up a price quote.

I have also not heard anything more from the computer shop that did reply to an email saying that he was having a problem installing Gallium. He said that he had a friend that was a Linux guru that was going to help him, that is the last I heard.

Not much happening here today. I’ll have a busy day tomorrow in town setting up appointments so I’ll need to rest.
This author is writing about the West’s culture and politics from a different perspective than Greer and Kunstler but has arrived at the same conclusions. Interesting!
No matter the political program of today’s leaders, more is the incontestable program. Liberalism can function only by the constant increase of available and consumable material goods, and thus with the constant expansion of nature’s conquest and mastery. No person can aspire to a position of political leadership by calling for limits and self-command.…
Taken to its logical conclusion, liberalism’s end game is unsustainable in every respect: it cannot perpetually enforce order upon a collection of autonomous individuals increasingly shorn of constitutive social norms, nor can it provide endless material growth in a world of limits. We can either elect a future of self-limitation born of the practice and experience of self-governance in local communities, or we can back inexorably into a future in which extreme license coexists with extreme oppression.–Why Liberalism Failed, Patrick Deneen

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