12 November
RoVers Roost
Casa Grande, AZ

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I got my new shoes and after only two walks they are almost as dirty as the old shoes. As with all new shoes I have a few different aches and pains. With the new shoes I now have a shoe heel that is not worn down at an angle on the outside edge so I'm walking differently and using a few different muscles.

Just slightly cooler this morning than yesterday but felt even cooler because there was a breeze. The high yesterday was near 90 again but the forecast is for today to be closer to 80. I hope the weather guessers get it right. The morning lows are to slip down into the 40s. So winter is moving in along with the snowbirds.

Fairness is not the way of historians although it should be their duty. At least historical fiction writers are honest.

There is more fiction in Sword Song than in the previous novels about Uhtred of Bebbanburg. If Æthelflaed ever was captured by the Vikings then the chroniclers were curiously silent about the incident, so that strand of the story is my invention. What is true is that Alfred’s eldest daughter did marry Æthelred of Mercia, and there is a good deal of evidence that the marriage was not made in heaven. I suspect I have been extremely unfair to the real Æthelred, but fairness is not the historical novelist’s first duty. - Sword Song, Historical Note, Bernard Cornwell

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