8 August 2020
Springerville RV Park
Springerville, AZ

We got a little damp yesterday afternoon. It started raining at noon and continued off and on until about 2:30. We went out at our usual time and went a little over a quarter mile before it started sprinkling. By the time we got to the AZ Highway Patrol office we were getting wet so took shelter under their awning. Waited there about 10 minutes and was able to finish our usual walk. Scattered showers are in the forecast today but then the next nine days are all to be partly sunny with no chance of rain. I expect that forecast to change.

leftpic I like Flashman. He reminds me of Brigadier Etienne Gerard, as told by Arthur Conan Doyle. The Brigadier was a Hussars in Napoleon's Grande Armée with imperturbable self-confidence and unabashed assessment of the many roles he filled with gallantry. Whereas Captain (to become a brigadier-general) Harry Flashman was commissioned in the British 11th Regiment of Light Dragoons
and although a coward, a scoundrel, a drunk, a liar, a cheat, a braggart, and an unrepentant old cad that tries to run away from any danger he ends up a hero in spite of himself.

In volume 2 of The Flashman Papers, Flashman tangles with femme fatale Lola Montez and the dastardly Otto Von Bismarck in a battle of wits which will decide the destiny of a continent.

Flashman, the arch-cad and toady, matches his wits, his talents for deceit and malice, and above all his speed in evasion against the most brilliant European statesman and against the most beautiful and unscrupulous adventuress of the era.

From London gaming halls and English hunting fields to European dungeons and throne rooms, he is involved in a desperate succession of escapes, disguises, amours, and (when he cannot avoid them) hand-to-hand combats. All the while the destiny of a continent rests on his broad and failing shoulders.

On 17 June 2020 I wrote about Vigilance Committees. There are now others that are starting to write about that theme as well. Peter Grant is one such writer and he references Why the Rule of Law Is Vanishing in the Age of COVID-19 which is a good article.
When the enforcement of laws is selective, depending on the political views of those charged with their enforcement, then the rule of law no longer applies. That's one of the primary reasons why the USA is in such turmoil today. The law is not being equally or fairly applied in far too many jurisdictions.… Tragically, such policies and incidents can have only one outcome. People will take the law into their own hands, because they can't trust the authorities to administer it fairly and even-handedly.

I fear vigilantism and "lynch law" are about to make a comeback,
because in the absence of the even-handed, objective rule of law, there's little alternative.—When the "rule of law" makes no sense, vigilante law takes over, Peter Grant
So this brings up an interesting question. Who really benefits from this Mandatory Mask nonsense? Political power-junkies and Mass Media sensationalists do; but they're pawns in something larger. These people don't act without permission from their financial overlords; and the fact that the big box-stores are in on the act shows that there's some really Big Money behind this whole scam.…there's no shortage of sharpers ready to cash in on the hoax crisis. The money's not really in masks---that's more of a symbol of conformity and control. The Big Bucks are in enforcement.—What's Behind The Mask?

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