19 June 2018 Enchanted Trails RV Park (Albuquerque, NM )

I have my water shut off while the Park 'works' on fixing the leak in the space next door. I say 'work' because all I can see that they have done so far is turn the water off. Although even that does not seem to have been accomplished. I can still see some water bubbling up at the leak site.

I put in an all day session yesterday working on the Bike Trip pages. A lot of that time was devoted to learning how to position images/photos. I still don't know how to position an image in the center of the page although after thinking about it overnight I do have an idea that I'll try later this morning. It didn't work!

I have made a lot of changes to those pages and probably will make a lot more before I find something I like and understand how to make the changes. I'm spinning my wheels right now but I think I'm getting there.

I was either 87° or 91 yesterday depending on which report you wish to believe. Both of those are less than what was forecast. I hope that proves true for Friday and Saturday which are forecast to be HOT - near 100. I have an extended shopping day on Friday and will be going to the range on Saturday. Patches is not feeling well today so she does not need extra high temperatures while waiting for me.

"All people tell themselves myths about who they are and what their nation-states represent, and Americans are no exception. Many of us still actually believe the U.S. military takes action for humanitarian purposes or to spread democracy despite ample evidence to the contrary. Likewise, many Americans continue to naively assume that three-letter agencies are there to protect them as opposed to protect the status quo despite ample evidence to the contrary." - The Myths We Tell Ourselves, Michael Krieger

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