25 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

The start of another uneventful week if I'm lucky. I'll be sending off more information to my potential new broker this afternoon. That may keep them entertained for the rest of this week and then I can send them more next week or argue about my 'residence' which will probably be an issue. Wednesday I go to AutoMaster again and see if they have made any progress on my RV generator. I suspect they have not but will find out.

This is the last drawing of a 2-uniform tiling that includes a dodecagon. I have now finished a couple of those that use hexagons as the primary shape but there are 7 of them so I have much more to do.

DNC erects four-mile eight-foot tall fence around Philly convention site by Kyle Olson is another story that the Ministry of Propaganda is not going to cover. They are going to have some trouble hiding the fence however and The Donald will be bringing it to everyone's attention I'm sure.

To the Democratic National Committee elites, keeping average Americans away from their convention is a good idea, while protecting the southern border from intruding terrorists, rapists and murderers is a bad one.
The fence, which appears to be about 8 feet tall, is intended to keep out any individuals with whom Democratic Party leaders, delegates and other liberal elites would rather not mingle.

The Real Implications of Deborah Wasserman Schultz’s Resignation by Roger L Simon is a good article about the DNC email hacks and Wasserman-Schultz's resignation. I particularly like his take on her being quickly hired by The Hill although it appears she has been on The Hill's payroll for a long time.

People say they're confused by the latest revelation that after having "resigned" from the DNC, Wasserman Schutlz has just been hired by Hillary's campaign. I'm not. Wasserman Schultz knows a great deal. Clinton would never want her angry and running off the reservation talking to people. As the man said, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

24 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

Good News this morning. The neighbor on my right side left a few minutes after I got back from my walk and got my breakfast started. He is the one that I had to ask to pull forward enough to get out last Thursday.

The left side neighbor is parked close but I was able to get backed in a couple weeks ago without asking him to move. When I came back on Thursday the owner asked him to move while I was getting back in my space. The is no sign that he will be leaving anytime soon, probably still be here when I leave.

I am not sure which publication Gutenberg Project provided there was no publication date shown anywhere. It is an interesting book in that it provides a very good description of what kind of Socialist world Wells was in favor of. Much of what he says are mainstream left-wing beliefs today and he would be applauding all the progress that has been made. He was very realistic in his timeline for how long it would take to reach the World State and recognized that what is, is and the changes will be gradual. There is no doubt that Obama would be a Wells hero.

First and Last Things is a 1908 work of philosophy by H. G. Wells setting forth his beliefs in four "books" entitled "Metaphysics," "Of Belief," "Of General Conduct," and "Some Personal Things." Parts of the book were published in the Independent Magazine in July and August 1908. Wells revised the book extensively in 1917, in response to his religious conversion, but later published a further revision in 1929 that restored much of the book to its earlier form. Its main intellectual influences are Darwinism and certain German thinkers Wells had read, such as August Weismann. The pragmatism of William James, who had become a friend of Wells, was also an influence. - From Wikipedia

Gun Restrictions Punish the Rational and Responsible for Acts of the Irrational and Irresponsible by Ari Armstrong is a very good article about gun restrictions. He presents the basic theme of the article in the first paragraph but does not disclose what the governments motivation is until deep in the article. I have quoted both.

The basic argument for restricting the manufacture, purchase, and possession of firearms runs as follows: Because some gun owners use their guns to commit crimes or suicide, or they use their guns irresponsibly, the rights of all gun manufacturers, sellers, and owners must be restricted. Thus, the case for restricting guns rests on collective guilt....
Ironically, those who advocate outlawing guns claim to be concerned with public safety, but they ignore the single greatest threat to the citizenry: a rights-violating government. A government that can ban (or substantially restrict) guns is a government that, by the same logic, can censor “dangerous” speech, curtail life-promoting energy production, allow warrantless searches, and so forth.
Koch Brothers Now Supporting "Often Confused" Hillary Clinton by Eric Zuesse is a decent article about those evil Republican Koch Brothers. But, the media will redeem them now that they have signed on to support The Hill. I liked his closing paragraph enough to quote it here.

The question regarding Trump as President would be: would he sell the government (perhaps at low prices to his friends and at high prices to his enemies) for various prices (as Clinton already has done — sold it to both her friends and her ‘enemies’ — but which sales she now only needs to deliver on); or would he, instead, refuse to sell it, and actually try to run the U.S. government for and on behalf of the American public? He has no actual record in public office; so, there’s no way of answering that question, unless and until he becomes President. But if Hillary Clinton becomes President, then the outcome would be much more certain, because she already has a lengthy record in ‘public’ service. It’s one that the Kochs probably appreciate very much. (And especially Hillary’s record as the U.S. Secretary of State is informative about the type of President she would make. Her real priorities are clear by her actions, though not at all by her words. By contrast, Trump’s priorities are, and might long remain, a mystery.)

23 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

Nothing happening here. I was able to send a copy of my old brokerage Statement to a Support email address after receiving another 'boiler plate' email from the Tucson office. That email simply said that they needed more information which I knew they were going to ask for.

I have gathered up what I think they will want and have found that the library here will make copies and Fax them for me on Monday. Then after they are received I am willing to bet that there is an objection to the address that I have given them.

This is not my first rodeo. That issue has been rode and I have been 'throwed' but I have the law, chapter and verse, that supports the UPS Store address as my 'residence' for bank/brokerage identification purposes. That does not mean that they must accept it and open an account however.

This is my drawing of Version #4 which is labeled "Full Detail" in the Lesson . I modified the center treatment in my drawing versus what is shown in the Lesson but it still has full detail and still uses the lesson's geometry. I brightened up the coloring a bit also - I like it a lot!

Tomorrow or the next day I will have a couple 2-uniform tiling drawings to show. The last one using dodecagons and the first of seven that use hexacons as the primary shape.

22 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA291 July 22, 1928

I did get an email from the Tucson brokerage office yesterday. A little over a week since I had the nice Chat with one of the HQ Chat representatives. All the information that I provided last week which I assumed would be used to open an account was for naught.

The email that received from Tucson was a 'boiler plate' message that told me how to start the transfer process from my old broker to the new. The first thing that it told me to do was open my account which asked for the account # and Password. I had no such numbers or words so it was back to Chat again. Another nice conversation which left me with the task of filling out the New Account Form on-line which required the same information that I provided in the Chat of last week. That is now done and a Request For Transfer from the old broker has been filled out to 'fund' the new account.

I also have a digital form that I can see on Adobe Reader that I need to get printed, signed and return to the new broker. That will take some doing but along with it I need to submit copies of drivers license, SS Card, evidence of address (fortunately evidence of car insurance with my address on it is claimed to be acceptable - we will see). Getting all these copies will also be a bit of a problem but I can then use the USPS to send everything to them. Scanned and sent via an email attachment is not something they can not handle.

This is going to be a loooong drawn out process but it is loaded with regulations from a half dozen federal regulators. Meanwhile my account continues to grow in value. It took a hit from its recent high but is coming back and I expect to see more improvement as the 'real' economy is revealed. That will happen suddenly IF The Donald is elected and will happen as slowly as the media can spin it IF The Hill becomes our USA Empress.

This is the third of the four Heavenly City Diagrams that are shown in the Lesson. the coloring that I was having the trouble doing was the two colored moons and creating the illusion of transparency. I think I got it and this drawing looks very much like what is in the Lesson.

I finished drawing Version #4 yesterday with the Lesson labeled "Full Detail". I modified my drawing a little from what is shown in the Lesson but it still has full detail.

21 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

I wasted 3 hours at AutoMasters this morning. As far as I can tell they have done nothing so far except run up a lot of mechanics time. The generator is now out of Desperado sitting on their garage floor. The carburetor has been cleaned, it tried to start and run just like it did before I took it in a week ago. They now have diagnosed that either the start switch is bad (I doubt that) or the control board is bad; the solenoid and fuel pump are good. The engine is not getting any electricity. They found a rodent nest behind the generator but no chewed wires. I go back again next Wednesday

A quick shopping trip at City Market and then back to the Park. I have very close neighbors and need help getting back into my space and told the owner that I would be back at 10:00. I arrived at 11:45 but she was there to get one neighbor to move his truck and direct me back in. I had asked the one on the other side of me to move forward a little yesterday so I could get out this morning.

This is the second of the four Heavenly City Diagrams that are shown in the Lesson. I like this one as well as the first one and had very little trouble drawing it.

I managed to get the third one drawn yesterday. The coloring effect was what I was having trouble doing but I think it looks good.

20 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

More rain , if you consider the 0.08" we got last night for about 30 minutes more. It sounded like more. This morning it is very overcast and I got a few sprinkles while on my walk.

The weather guessers give it a 20% chance today and some chance every day for the next week. Lower high temperatures but higher humidity. Yesterday afternoon when I was out there it was 36% versus the 28% that was predicted. I don't have much faith in their 30% forecast for today although the high temperature may be less. They are once again claiming it will be "Much Cooler" at 80 versus 83 - I don't think so.

A few days ago I downloaded Treatise on the Will and Its Effects by Antoine Louis Claude Destutt comte de Tracy, as translated by Thomas Jefferson and retitled A Treatise on Political Economy. This obscured the aspects of Tracy's concern not with politics, but with far more basic questions of will, and the possibility of understanding the conditions of its determinations.

It also obscured what I was looking for in the book and that was a discussion of political economy now known as economics. The only part of the book that I could really understand was the Introduction by Jefferson, what de Tracy had to say was way above my pay grade. I rarely give up on a book but did so on this one.

I went back and got another one by H. G. Wells. This one is also heavy on metaphysics and philosophy but so far I can understand what Wells is saying versus what de Tracy may have been trying to tell me.

I finished the first of four Heavenly City Diagrams, also known as “The New Jerusalem Diagram”, that are shown in the Lesson. I like this one a lot and it was easier to draw than I thought it would be.

I have the second one drawn also but am hung up on getting the third one drawn as it is shown in the Lesson. The drawing is easily done it is the coloring that I am have a difficult time doing. It may defeat me as the Armenian Knot did but I am not ready to throw in the towel quite yet.

19 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

The walk yesterday afternoon was done under partly cloudy conditions. Walking along in full sun with those scattered clouds all around and one of them sprinkling on me. Not much but enough to know that it was trying to rain on me again.

The rains came soon after I went to bed. A nice female rain that put paid to it with a close by lightning strike and a booming thunder that woke me up and shook Desperado. Not a lot of rain, 0.08" was the official measurement, but it did raise the humidity a lot this morning to 93%. The forecast high this afternoon is 82° with 28% humidity so that should not be too uncomfortable, it was much too high this morning.

This is the base grid for the Heavenly City Diagram as shown in the Lesson. Well almost, in the Lesson all the lines are black on a white background. I have added color in the background to provide contrast for the line colors. The line colors have been added to help me find the coding that drew that line.

I must now go back and 'ink in' selected parts of the lines, using more code, to enclose shapes that will be filled with color. This is difficult but can not be any more difficult than doing it on a piece of paper, especially if the piece of paper is small.

18 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

Mostly cloudy this morning which made the low higher than usual but maybe we will get the "Much Cooler" high that is forecast. The low was 58° which is the highest it has been since I arrived. Yesterday the high was 87° with an expected high today of 84 which I do not consider Much Cooler - 74 yes, 84 not so much.

I have made a start on the Heavenly City Diagram but it is going to take more time than I originally thought. There are a number of variations of it so I'll be drawing more than one from this Lesson.

This is a good story that blends the lives of the characters in the Century trilogy with the history of World War II. I like the Weekly reviews for the most part but they do get things turned around somewhat. Chuck and Woody Dewar did meet in Hawaii just in time for the Pearl Harbor and Woody's long time love Joanne (not Daisy) was killed. Chuck and his love Eddie were the ones involved in the 'good fight in the South Seas' much later as the Marines were taking islands in their move toward Japan. I like the series and will get the next one when and if I can.

This second installment of Follett’s epic Century trilogy is just as potent, engrossing, and prolix as the opening opus, Fall of Giants. Continuing the histrionics of the five families introduced in Fall, this masterfully conceived novel picks up in 1933 as Carla von Ulrich, 11, feels the horror of Nazi encroachment in Germany and proves a staunch resister, while her older brother, Erik, becomes an infatuated soldier. Elsewhere, English student Lloyd Williams aggressively resists the Fascists in the Spanish Civil War. Later, wealthy American brothers Chuck (a closeted homosexual) and Woody Dewar head to the South Seas to fight the good fight as socialite Daisy Peshkov, Woody’s first love, is swept up with Lloyd and the drama of war. Rife with plot lines, interpersonal intrigue, sweeping historical flourishes, and an authentic and compelling cast, this is a tale of dynamic characters struggling to survive during one of the world’s darkest periods. While some may find Follett’s verbosity daunting, others will applaud his dedication and ability to keep so many plots spinning while delivering a story that educates, entertains, and will leave fans eagerly awaiting the trilogy’s crowning capstone. - Publishers Weekly

James Howard Kunstler is 'left' of center but has posted a bog article, A Dark Prospect, that could have been written by Fred Reed his 'right' of center counterweight. I have quoted his closing paragraph but do read what he had to say leading up to this closing.

Both black and white America (especially “liberal” HRC America) might better ask themselves: why have we promoted the idea that blacks needn’t bother trying to assimilate into the nation’s common culture (such of it that actually remains)? This is what the idiotic “diversity” cult does, accompanied by the even more idiotic idea that “inclusion” is required for those who choose not to be included in that common culture. The damage from fifty years of these shibboleths ought to be obvious now. But emotions are carrying us past the moment of self-examination on any side. Perhaps that “conversation about race” can only take place after a greater convulsion, when people finally get sick of what their dishonesty has wreaked.

17 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

The excitement today was doing laundry. Got in there early again and had the two washers and two dryers all to myself although I only used one of each. This may be my last time using this laundry unless I should return here sometime. I have been lucky that I have not had competition for the very limited machines.

The way this month started with rain I thought that the monsoon was upon us. Since then - nothing. It has not even looked like it might rain again since then. The afternoon high temperatures have also been slowly moving back up and have been in the upper 80s the past 4-5 days. The 10 day forecast is for more of the same with some chance of a thunderstorm starting on Tuesday but not much of a chance.

This is the second drawing of a 2-uniform tiling that includes a dodecagon 36; 32.4.12. I finished it before starting on the Cordoba Synagogue Lesson and am now working on the third one that has dodecagons. When I complete it I will be just over 1/3rd of the way through all the 2-uniform patterns.

Then it will be back to the Geometric Design Lessons with "The Heavenly City Diagram" being next. It looks like it will be easier to draw than the Cordoba pattern but I will not know for sure until I get started.

16 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

Not doing much today. The most important thing that I did was order some more Arbuckles coffee. Have been on Folgers Black Silk for a week now and it is just not the same.

This is my rendition of the pattern from the Cordoba Synagogue. This pattern is around the apse containing the hekhal (Torah ark) on the eastern wall at Cordoba as well as the wall at the south entrance. The 'line' drawing shows that pattern as it appears on the walls but the colored version is more eye catching. You may notice that there are a few shapes that have not been completely enclosed by a line (there are over 100 of them). If I were doing this primarily as a line drawing I would go back and fix those gaps. However, they are not needed when the shape is filled with color.

Neither of my drawings are exactly like what is shown in the Lesson but are close and were certainly inspired by the Lesson. Without it I could not have come close to duplicating the pattern. I will now take a break and do some more drawing of 2-uniform tiling.

I am also making good progress on the latest novel that I have on Paperwhite; however, it is due to be returned next week. I had it with me yesterday and was reading while at AutoMaster but got a low battery warning or I would have been further along than I am. That is a drawback to the electronic books versus paper that never needs re-charging.

Why have I not seen any anti-truck protests after the mass "trucking" that occurred in Nice, France? These statements would have been the first things our President would have said if the killings had been done with a firearm. Although he would have substituted 'gun' for 'truck'.
No one needs a commercial truck this large.
These “assault trucks” are designed for killing large numbers of people quickly, and that is their only use.
No where in the Constitution does it mention the freedom to own these killing devices called trucks.
We already have licensing, registration, titles, inspection, and multiple taxes on large commercial vehicles, and STILL they are used for mass killing. Enough is enough. We must ban them entirely.
If it will save the life of even a single child, we must rid our society of trucks.

The Three "Maidens of War" Are Angling for a Kill by Wayne Madsen is a recommended read although I do not quote a teaser.

15 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA290 July 15, 1928

I had a "busy" morning in Cortez after my walk and breakfast at the Ponderosa here in Dolores. I had the Sausage and Egg Special this morning that was not so special but it did come with coffee at a very special price. Anytime I can get breakfast plus tip for less than $10 I think it is Special.

Most of my 'busy' morning was spent sitting in the waiting area of AutoMasters where I took Desperado and her generator. It will not start nor run with out an infusion of gas directly into the carburetor. They tried for over an hour and then said they would have to take the carburetor off and clean it so I'll be going back next week to have it replaced.

I asked them to also check the seat belt light always ON problem and fix it IF it would not cost much. They said that it was the shoulder retention switch for when the air bags fire it would pull me back in the seat. They didn't say what it would cost to fix but after what I had told them I assumed it would not be cheap. On the way back to the Park I noticed the light was OFF. I will keep my fingers crossed that it has fixed itself.

Shopping at City Market was quick and easy. I got the last two containers of Greek God Honey Vanilla from the case but they were stocking so maybe there was more to be put up. I didn't say anything to the stocker - I got mine!

Dumped holding tanks on my way into the Park; will probably fill the fresh water tank later today or tomorrow morning. Then did some jockeying to get back into my space. My neighbor on the driver side was a space over but he moved next to me yesterday and has his truck parked bout 4' from me. The Park entry road is not all that wide so it took me some doing to get back into my space. The next time will be easier - maybe.

On 15 June I posted a comment and link to an article by Karl Denninger on how to survive a mass shooting. Active Shooters: When Violence is the Answer: “Denial and Hesitation Makes For A Soft Target” by Joe Alton, MD makes the same recommendations. He also brings up the same point that Mr. Denninger and I did - in Orlando during the three hours that the shooter was active NO ONE fought back.

Then on 26 June I commented and linked to an article (Only Politicians Need Firearms for Protection) by Joshua Krause. Well I found more evidence that Mr. Krause was correct. "The California state Senate voted 28-8 Wednesday to exempt itself from the pointless gun-control laws that apply to the rest of the populace. Legislators apparently think they alone are worthy to pack heat on the streets for personal protection, and the masses ought to wait until the police arrive."

Waiting for the police to arrive is not a very smart plan. The 'elite' know this, that is why they all have private armed protection and most of them carry a weapon as well. Or in the case of our Speaker of House, Mr. Ryan, who is opposed to building a southern border wall for the United States is building a wall around his property. He believes his three children deserves protection which is probably true but the 'little people' think they deserve some also and Mr. Ryan may have stepped it in for his re-election bid.

14 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

I have made more progress on the Cordoba drawing than I thought I would. I might even finish it today or be close. I will be spending an unknown amount of time in Cortez tomorrow plus I have a couple of chores to do so probably will not be posting the drawing until Saturday or Sunday. I know you are breathless with anticipation. HA

In the past I have shown the drawings by including the coding in the postings. This one has required a LOT of code and I want to show two different images of the drawings so I'll be converting them to .png images before posting. Same drawings just a different digital format.

Obama and the most successful national subversion in world history by Lawrence Sellin tells it like it is in this article. He included this quote "We are going to have to change our conversation; we're going to have to change our traditions, our history; we're going to have to move into a different place as a nation." - Michelle Obama, May 14, 2008. Well we have changed, moved to that different place as a nation, been transformed - how do you like it so far?

Just as Islamists attempt to impose their religion on the world in a totalitarian fashion requiring unwavering obedience, so do radical leftists strive to create an omnipotent socialist state that will control every aspect of daily life and will enforce a universal brand of "social justice" on all mankind.
I will not mince words. The Democrat Party now represents, at least philosophically if not operationally, the American subsidiary of that alliance.
The Republican Party is dominated by globalists, obsessed with the acquisition of personal power and profit, and uninterested and willingly impotent in defending the rights, liberties and well-being of American citizens. The GOP leadership has solidified its choice to no longer represent what had been its constituency, but to adopt the identity of junior partners in the ruling class.

13 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

A nothing much happening day for me to close out this first month in Dolores.

I have finished nothing from the Lesson that shows how to draw a pattern of the Synagogue wall in Córdoba Spain. I think I have done all the hard mental work and now it is just the grunt work of writing a lot of code for another 80-100 shapes. It is going to take me some time because this is now the boring part of doing the drawing. I'll break it up with more reading of the novel I have on the Paperwhite. I need to get busy with that before it is due to be returned to the Sierra Vista library.

When Will They Learn? by Jeff Thomas is a good article that I think is 'spot on' in describing what the future may be for good 'ol US of A. I recommend it!

So, what, then, would it take for the champions of collectivism to recognize that the “rule of the proletariat” is a false promise—one that is sold to the masses by political leaders in order to create totalitarianism?
Well, the answer, sad to say, is that it’s the nature of the proletariat in any country to prefer to believe that, somehow, there can be a great “equalisation,” in which the wealth is taken from the rich and redistributed to the poor. Although this will never occur (in truth, leaders both conservative and liberal exist for their own benefit, not for the benefit of the people they represent), it’s the nature of people to want to believe that there really is a tooth fairy and that political leaders will deliver on their impossible promises...Once the belief in collectivism tops 50% in any nation, odds are that the trajectory will continue downward for the lifetime of the observer.

What if Whites Strike Back? by Mychal Massie is a must read article written by a African-American/Black/Negro. I quote only one very small part of the article.

This isn’t 1860 and it certainly isn’t 1955. There are no slaves in America and there are no Jim Crow laws dictating access based on skin color. Specific to that point it is time to remind people like Obama, Al Sharpton, and the New Black Panther Party that the racial discord they are fomenting can become the harbinger of their own peril.
Obama foments racial unrest and a racial divide to further his neo-Leninist agenda. Sharpton foments racial unrest for personal gain. The New Black Panther Party foments racial hostilities and the demonization of whites in the foolish belief they can bring about a Western version of apartheid where blacks rule.

12 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

Since May9, 2014 the Research Team (a group of stock analyst) has issued 10 ratings in their Consensus Report for Hecla. None of the 10 have been Buy, they have been either Sell or Hold. From that starting date to now the rating was correct 4.3% of the time, and incorrect 95.7% of the time. So much for the 'experts'.

After sending 4-5 email to my potential new brokerage and not receiving a reply I found a Chat button on their web page. However, their Chat hours are between 8 and noon Central Time and I was too late yesterday. This morning when I clicked on the button I saw a message that there were no representatives available. Then while browsing through the web site I found another Chat button and this one connected me to a representative. We had a long Chat and maybe(?) I will get some further communication from the Tucson office. If I do not then I probably need to try some other brokerage.

This is my attempt to draw an Armenian Knot as show in the Geometric Design Lesson of that name. What I have posted is the best that I can do in replicating the cloisonné or stained-glass like treatment shown in the Lesson. I could not draw anything close to what is shown as the knot.

I have done all that I can with the knot at this time. I just don't know enough to do it 'properly', maybe come back to it later if/ when I develop more skill. I will post what I was able to draw but it will not be what was shown in the Lesson. I am now working on the next Lesson which is a pattern from the Córdoba Synagogue in Spain.

When Will They Learn? by Jeff Thomas is a good article that I think is 'spot on' in describing what the future may be for good 'ol US of A. I recommend it!

So, what, then, would it take for the champions of collectivism to recognize that the “rule of the proletariat” is a false promise—one that is sold to the masses by political leaders in order to create totalitarianism?
Well, the answer, sad to say, is that it’s the nature of the proletariat in any country to prefer to believe that, somehow, there can be a great “equalisation,” in which the wealth is taken from the rich and redistributed to the poor. Although this will never occur (in truth, leaders both conservative and liberal exist for their own benefit, not for the benefit of the people they represent), it’s the nature of people to want to believe that there really is a tooth fairy and that political leaders will deliver on their impossible promises...Once the belief in collectivism tops 50% in any nation, odds are that the trajectory will continue downward for the lifetime of the observer.

11 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

I finished my household chores this morning. Even washed the dog slobber off the side windows while I was cleaning the cab and dash of Desperado. I'm good for another month here.

It felt almost cold this morning with the low at 43°. The low has been in the 45 to 55° range for the past couple weeks usually at the high end of that range. The sun keeps coming up later and later also which means I will soon have to adjust what time I get up and start my walk. Not walking in the dark yet but soon will be.

This is the first 2-uniform tiling that includes a dodecagon, there will be two more to come soon.

I have done all that I can with the knot at this time. I just don't know enough to do it 'properly', maybe come back to it later if/ when I develop more skill. I will post what I was able to draw but it will not be what was shown in the Lesson. I am now working on the next Lesson which is a pattern from the Córdoba Synagogue in Spain.

10 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

At about this time I would usually start my housecleaning chores in preparation for moving to the next camp. But, I am staying here for another month. Alas that does not get me off the hook for doing household chores and I got started on them this morning. If my schedule holds I should be finished by tomorrow.

That is about the extent of what is happening here.

This is from a story about Dylann Roof and his mass shooting in Charleston (I have added the emphasis). No one had any difficulty in untangling what Roof's motive was - kill African-Americans/Blacks/Negros.

A website appearing to belong to accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof contains white supremacist writings and dozens of photographs in which he is seen holding firearms. It also offers a motive for the heinous crime, one of the most shocking multiple murders of recent years, in a nation familiar with mass shootings.

This quote, that can be found all over the Internet, is what Micah Xavier Johnson said to explain (i.e. provide a motive) his killings, yet President Obama finds it is "very hard to untangle the motives". This is a man that his sycophants claim is the smartest man in the world and he can not untangle Micah Xavier Johnson's motive for the Dallas killings? Bring on Vice President Biden, it is clear that this President has lost his mental capacity and is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.

"He wanted to kill officers, and he expressed killing white people. He expressed killing white officers. He expressed anger for Black Lives Matter," Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters at a news conference just before 9 a.m. EDT.

This is my drawing of the Lotfallah Mosque Dome done from the Lesson of that same name. I am now working on an Armenian Knot that is similar to the dome combined with a knot. It is much more complicated than either and measurably more difficult than either; knots are hard for me to do.

I may have a 2-uniform tileing ready to show tomorrow but not if I get all involved in doing the knot.

9 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

Into Cortez on another shopping trip after my morning walk and breakfast. Went to That Place in Dolores and had their Scrambled Eggs-n-Sausage with hash browns, toast and good coffee. They were open at 6:30 but I sat waiting, along with 4 other guys, for 3-5 minutes before the waitress made an appearance.

I have been watching gas prices for the past couple of weeks and there is a station in Dolores that sometimes has a lower price than what I see everywhere in Cortez. Wanted to fill up and decided that I would do it in Cortez if cheaper this morning. The Giant station in Cortez was 3¢ less so I filled up there and then saw that it was another 2¢ cheaper at City Market which usually has the same price as Giant.

Got everything I wanted including Greek God Honey Vanilla. The guy that does the ordering must have read my posting of last week. HA

This is my drawing that was inspired by the Celtic Grid Lesson. Using what I learned to draw what was shown in the Lesson I was able to do this one. Good stuff!

Tomorrow I will show another drawing that was the only one in the Lotfallah Mosque Dome Lesson. The lessons are now becoming more and more about doing one big project/drawing.

I have very little to say about the Dallas shooting or the TN shooting. I do however have something to say about the Ministry of Propaganda reporting of same. CBS News online has a story about Dallas in which they described the weapon that Johnson used as a "SKS semi-automatic assault rifle".

First, I want to give them kudos for not calling it an AR-15. However, the SKS is NOT an assault rifle - an assault rifle is a selective-fire rifle (i.e. has at least two firearm modes, which are activated by means of a selector). Furthermore, the SKS rifle is defined as a Curio & Relic rifle according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives regulation 27 CFR 178.11. CBS has a Narrative to present they are not a News organization.

8 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA289 July 8, 1928

The Bureau of Labor released their non-farm job numbers for June today that showed an increase of 287,000 jobs . All the expert analysts' estimates of 175,000 were blown away. Once again - So much for the expert analysts estimates.

I read through the News and did not find a lot of headlines by the Ministry of Propaganda all the headlines were focused on police blood in Dallas. If it bleeds it leads! The few that I found were focused on what is the Federal Reserve now going to do and how does this effect the election in November.

The CES Birth/Death Model added 92,000 this month which is 22,000 less than the adjustment made for June 2015. The adjustment did go down y-o-y compared to April and May which were both higher that in 2015. What few jobs were 'created' in May were ALL due to the CES Birth/Death adjustment as were the jobs increase in April. If you look at the Household Data the number of Employed increased by 67,000 which is not a very strong indication that the economy is booming.

The Unemployed increased by 347,000 with some of them coming back into the Labor Force and not finding jobs. They were probably part of the 191,000 decrease in the Not in the Labor Force. This combined to increase the Unemployment Rate by 0.2% to 4.9%.

The Participation Rate went up by 0.1% to 62.7% which was ignored again for the most part. The Not in the Labor Force now stands at 94,517,000, down from the all time record of 94,708,000 that was set last month.

The average earnings increased by 2¢ to $25.61 an hour while the average workweek remained unchanged at 34.4 hours. This may be good news for the Federal Reserve and give them cover if they raise rates again by another .25% claiming the bad job numbers in May were an aberration. Everything is Great!

‘Black Lives Matter’ supporters are celebrating last night’s Dallas sniper attack today on Tweeter. They believe that was a grand achievement and want to see more dead police. If they have declared war I am afraid they may have bit off more than they can chew.

President Obama has described the Dallas shootings as a "vicious, calculated, despicable attack". He then added what has become a cliché; "Anyone involved in the senseless murders will be held fully accountable. Justice will be done." I have not found that he has said anything about the shooters statement that he was "upset at white people and wanted to kill white people, especially white officers." I am sure that there will be a full federal investigation and it will be found that this was just another unfortunate case of workplace violence.

This drawing is my attempt to replicate the Celtic Motif from the Celtic Grid Lesson. I drew the grid and used it as a guide to help me do the drawing. In the lesson the grid is drawn as always and then selected lines are 'inked in' to show the pattern/drawing.

Tomorrow I will show another drawing that was inspired by this Lesson but is a creation of my own.

The FBI, Credibility, and Government by Scott Adams aka Dilbert. I think Dilbert is a pretty smart guy and what he says about the Comey decision makes more sense to me than all the others that I have read. I like what he has to say about the Supreme Court also - a recommended read!

Will Americans elect a 'congenital liar' president? by Patrick J. Buchanan says many of the same things as Dilbert. I have selected his closing to quote and something to contemplate the morning of November 9, 2016. America elected a congenital liar in 2008 and 2012 and the majority of Americans did not care, why would they care now?

If, knowing what we know of the congenital mendacity of Hillary Clinton, the nation chooses her as head of state and commander in chief, then that will tell us something about the America of 2016. And it will tell us something about the supposed superiority of democracy over other forms of government.

7 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

The communication that I had with my brokerage had a strange twist. First, my former broker simply responded "When you moved out of Nevada your account was also. You do not have an account with us any longer." His secretary, or administrative assistant, responded to my request to give me access to my on line account. Her last name is the same as my mother's maiden name and I asked her if she had relatives from southeastern Arizona.

I am not 100% certain because she does not know her husband's genealogy but she did know that her husband's father was from Arizona. I am reasonably sure that she is my first cousin by marriage once removed, or maybe that is first cousin once removed by marriage. This is the relationship spelled out; she is married to the son of my uncle's son (my cousin) on my mother's side of the family.

She has also given me the name of my broker and a telephone number (which I have little desire to use). I think he is in the brokerage's main office in California and he supposedly is certified as a financial advisor in Arizona. I think I will still transfer my account IF I can ever get the attention of someone at the 'new' brokerage although I am not impressed so far.

This is what the Lesson described as a geometer's dream, one of the famous rose windows in the cathedral of Chartres. This one is referred to as the north transept rose window but also known by it subject matter: The Glorification of the Virgin.

It was not as difficult to draw as it might appear but it did take some time because there are so many pieces that needed to be individually drawn. It was a good test of what I was learning in the previous lessons, nothing new here but a chance to put it all together in one drawing.

Fred Reed has not written anything for some time that I thought was up to his previous standard. Well in his most recent posting he seems to have his mojo back; I recommend Ready: New Rossiter’s Universal Robots: Toward a Most Minimal Wage and won't even quote from it.

6 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

I finally did get a response from my broker office. One email said that I no longer have an account with them since I moved to Arizona from Nevada. The other email reactivated my online account that shows that my account is with their brokerage as it always has been.

I asked for clarification but suspect it will be a long time in coming. About six months after I provided them with an Arizona address I did receive an email that indicated that they did not know if they could do business in Arizona. I never heard from them again and never followed up but I am guessing that is what is meant by the first email - I no longer have an account that they can trade. It is frozen so to speak on their books. Maybe?

To fix the problem I have contacted a brokerage that is nation wide with an office in Tucson. I am not impressed with their response time either - no reply as of this morning. I can understand why my old broker does not want to talk to me but I am trying to give the new brokerage some new business and they don't want to communicate either. That I do not understand.

The War That Came Early is a six-volume alternate history series by Harry Turtledove, in which World War II begins in 1938. Hitler's War being Book One in the series. He follows the same pattern as was used in the previous three books of his that I have read. A lot of characters which he 'visits' in almost every chapter where he tells the story from their point of view. This makes for a somewhat disjointed story for each character but the overall story hangs together well. I will now be reading some historical fiction by Follett that is placed in this same time period. Still fiction but not the alternative historical fiction of Turtledove.

Alternate historian Turtledove (The Man with the Iron Heart) brings the deprivations of war to life in this vision of a very different WWII. After Konrad Henlein is assassinated in Czechoslovakia in 1938, France and England refuse to condone Hitler's plans for annexation, so he invades instead. American Peggy Druce, caught behind the lines, gets a firsthand look at the period military hardware and nationalistic mindsets that Turtledove so expertly describes, though readers looking for more characterization or plotting may be disappointed. Action in the Spanish Civil War and on the Mongolian border muddy the waters, possibly setting up for a clearer plot in subsequent volumes. Until Turtledove reveals more of the direction this scenario will take, there is little to differentiate it from many of his other novels. - Publishers Weekly

5 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

It became even quieter yesterday afternoon when my neighbors on both sides of me left. The 'tribe' that lives in front of me were gone until in the afternoon which has helped a lot to make it quiet. They are not so bad that it was noisy when they did return. They had some crumb snatchers visiting last week that did not appear to have come back with them so that is good.

I am having a very difficult time getting a response from by broker. I attempted to check my account online and failed the security questions and now can not access anything online. It tells me to contact my broker and he does not respond. This may be the time to start looking at a transfer of my account to someone in AZ. I have moved everything else but have left the brokerage account in NV.

Other than that my day has been going fairly well. Nice cool morning walk after being able to do one yesterday afternoon without getting wet. Some of the simple pleasures in life.

This is another 2-uniform tiling that uses the and has added a 3.42.6 which gives it a different look.

Of the twenty 2-uniform tile I think there is one more that uses the then it gets even more complicated from the looks of the rest of the tilings.

LGBT gun group membership spikes after Orlando nightclub shooting is a story that is going to cause all kinds of angst for the liberal gun control crowd. A group that they could count on to support gun control is arming up - O No! I was pleased to see that Mr. Mogilefsky had the same opinions that I did.

Stonewall Shooting Sports of Utah is another pro-gun LGBT group. "As awful as Orlando is, I feel like this is a huge eye-opener for a lot of people that the world is not a perfect place, especially for a group that's at risk for this kind of violence," said Scott Mogilefsky, the group's president and an Army veteran. There was an increase in people inquiring with the group after Orlando, he said.
"Security should be armed at all gay nightclubs, and all employees should run through a defensive shooting course once a year," Mogilefsky said. "When you think about supremacist groups, a gay bar is an easy target. And the shooter knew that. It was like shooting fish in a barrel."

But have no fear President Obama will protect the LGBT 'folks'. Not just here in the good 'ol US of A either; Obama writes to Xulhaz family . He sent a personal letter to the family of a LGBT activist in Bangladesh but issues one of his milk toast statements when a American citizen is killed there.

He didn't even issue a statement when 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel was stabbed to death in her bed in Kiryat Arba, Israel. He handed that honor off to State Department spokesperson John Kirby, White House Silent on Terrorist Murder of 13-year-old American Girl

4 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

Just got slightly damp yesterday afternoon. I was able to take shelter until the stray cloud that was sprinkling on me passed on its way. One of those days where I'm walking in full sun and getting rained on.

Back to clear skies this morning and a very nice 50° to walk in. I think the monsoon has arrived and most of my days will be like this for the next couple of months. Very nice in the mornings and then an ongoing problem of dodging afternoon rain.

I had a east side neighbor arrive on Friday in a converted school bus. Not much has been done to the exterior and I have not seen inside but there is an exterior water inlet, it is wired for shore power and has a generator. They have not hooked up to the Park sewer but I do see that there is a pipe being carried to do so. I have not talked to the couple but they appear to be in their late 20s maybe early 30s. Very quiet, as has been the entire park this July 4th Holiday.

The third, and last, of the colored Eight-Fold Rosette in a Rectangle drawings.

I have finished one drawing from the Celtic Grid Lesson which only has 5. I probably will not draw the last one but do plan on trying to do something original of my own using the grid. When I say 'using' what I can do is look at the grid to get the relative size and position of what I want to draw - I can not use the grid as it is used in the lesson.

3 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

It rain again off an on all day yesterday. It would come down by the bucket full for 15 minutes or so and then the sun would try to make an appearance. I tried to do a walk during one of those in between spells and got wet again before doing a hasty retreat to Desperado. The total measured rain for yesterday was 0.85" which is a lot for Dolores that averages 1.40" during the month of July. The storm these past two days has brought 1.19" and the month is just getting started.

It was almost clear this morning and I was able to do a dry walk. Then it was off to Cortez and shopping at City Market before breakfast (thought I would break up the routine - HA). No Greek God Honey Vanilla in the dairy case and when I got someone to go in the back they could not find any there either. Note to whoever is ordering: you have a dozen Honey Strawberry in the case and are sold out of Honey Vanilla.

Then it was time for breakfast at Jack and Janelle's Country Kitchen. They open at 6:30 so I had to go there at least once while I was in the area. The menu is not very extensive but they had a Southwest Scramble that was good, the coffee was good and the service was excellent. I'll be going back.

Dumped holding tanks on my way back into the Park. I won't even think about trying to stretch the time between dumps to more than two shopping trips. The fresh water tank is still showing 3/4 full but I know that is wrong although I did fill it to overflowing last time - I probably have a little over 1/4 tank. Did not fill it today, will wait for the idiot light to claim I have a 1/4 tank.

The second of three colored Eight-Fold Rosette in a Rectangle drawings.

I have finished one drawing from the Celtic Grid Lesson which only has 5. I probably will not draw the last one but do plan on trying to do something original of my own using the grid. When I say 'using' what I can do is look at the grid to get the relative size and position of what I want to draw - I can not use the grid as it is used in the lesson.

I have also started another of the 2-uniform tilings which I should have finished in another day or two. That and reading the two books that I now have on loan from the Sierra Vista library fill my days.

Islamist militants kill 20 in Bangladesh before commandos end siege a story on Yahoo! News. How could this be possible?
In Bangladesh, the law requires that a record of the acquisition, possession and transfer of each privately held firearm be retained in an official register. In Bangladesh, authorities maintain a record of individual civilians licensed to acquire, possess, sell or transfer a firearm or ammunition. An applicant for a firearm license in Bangladesh must pass a background check which considers undefined records.

With all those gun control laws in place there were still seven Islamist militants armed with firearms, 'sharp weapons' (machete ) and they even had grenades. I could not find the Bangladesh law but I would be willing to bet that there is one that designated the restaurant a 'gun free zone' and the militants broke that law as well.

2 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

I got rained on again yesterday afternoon. Not as hard as in the morning but it started at the about the same distance from Desperado and kept it up until I got back. It rained off and on all day with me leaving on my walks during the off and getting caught in the on both times.

This morning I woke up a little before 5:00 and it was raining HARD (.26' yesterday and .49" so far today). It continued to do that until about 5:45 when it slacked off and I decided to get up. I tried some reverse psychology by going out in the rain prepared; had my rain coat and umbrella. It was not raining too hard but became harder the longer I was out in it - the psychology was not working. There was also lots of standing water or mud that I had to confront so the walk was called and I'm taking a rain induced rest day.

The first of three colored Eight-Fold Rosette in a Rectangle drawings is only black and white but required as much coding as any other colors. The next two will be more colorful.

I finished the north transept rose window at the cathedral of Chartres. It is looking good and very much like what is shown in the Lesson except I drew it smaller. I'll post it soon.

Democratic Rep. John Lewis was applauded by the Lame Stream Media for staging a “sit-in” at the House of Representatives that calls for a law barring people on the federal no-fly list from purchasing guns. He was erroneously put on the no-fly list and had to fight to get his name removed; he now wants to use it to restrict gun ownership for U.S. citizens. What chance do you think a 'citizen' would have getting off the list once placed on it?

It is simply another 'law' that can be used by who ever controls the Federal Government Executive Branch. The Democrats think they can keep that control and there are Republicans that want the 'law' because they see the day when they can use it to reward their friends and punish their enemies. No-Fly List Gun Control – Denying Citizen Rights Without Due Process by Richard Larsen is a good article that explains this.

1 July 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA288 July 1, 1928

Hecla moved above $5 yesterday for the first time since 19 February 2013. That means that the stock is marginable once more and can also be sold 'short'. Stocks that trade below $5 are not eligible for either and that is where Hecla has been for the past 3 years.

I got in a great afternoon walk also. It was mostly cloudy so I had cloud shade most of the time. The temperature was about 76° and I timed it such that I got only a few sprinkles during the last couple of blocks.

It was then raining every time I woke up, got up, during the night as it was when I woke up at 5:00 this morning. It stopped about 10 minutes before I got up and looked like it was clearing in the west. Stayed dry for the first 3/4 of a mile but then got very damp before I could make it back to Desperado. It did quit after it dampened me down so I continued on to make the walk a 2.5 mile one not knowing what this afternoon might bring.

The Follett book that I had on Hold at the Sierra Vista library became available and I have downloaded it. I now have two books borrowed from there that have time limits on them so I need to get busy reading as well as messing with my drawings.

This is the line drawing, or base, for three colored Eight-Fold Rosette in a Rectangle drawings that I'll be posting over the next three days.

I am making fairly good progress on the north transept rose window at the cathedral of Chartres. This is the sole subject and only drawing from the latest Lesson but it is a big project. Big in the number of shapes that need to be drawn and filled with color but also needs to be bigger in size than I have drawn it. I'm not going to go back and try to increase the size now that I am well into drawing it however.

30 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

We did get some rain yesterday but it was late in the day and I had already finished my walk in the heat. It wasn't too bad at 84° compared to the 90s that we were having. The clouds were just building up as I was finishing so it would have been better to have waited but when I get in a routine/rut I tend to stay there.

Got more rain after I went to bed. There was even enough to measure this time although the .07" does not measure up to what most people think off as it having rained. It is overcast this morning and the weather guessers think we have a 40% chance of getting another rain like yesterday maybe another .07". That is still enough to get me wet so my afternoon walk is in jeopardy.

This is the other 2-uniform tiling that I said used the but has added a 33.42 and using the same coloring it looks different yet hauntingly the same as the one I posted yesterday.

I'll be posting a series of drawings, starting with the Line drawing for a Eight-Fold Rosette in a Rectangle, that will be the last in this Lesson. Then I'll be moving on to a Lesson that has only one subject to draw and it uses many of the shapes that I have been learning. Sort of a test to see if I have learned anything. It is a big project but I hope to have it finished by the time I have shown all the Rosette drawings.

There has never been a just [war], never an honorable one--on the part of the instigator of the war. I can see a million years ahead, and this rule will never change in so many as half a dozen instances. The loud little handful--as usual--will shout for the war. The pulpit will--warily and cautiously--object--at first; the great, big, dull bulk of the nation will rub its sleepy eyes and try to make out why there should be a war, and will say, earnestly and indignantly, 'It is unjust and dishonorable, and there is no necessity for it.' Then the handful will shout louder. A few fair men on the other side will argue and reason against the war with speech and pen, and at first will have a hearing and be applauded; but it will not last long; those others will outshout them, and presently the anti-war audiences will thin out and lose popularity. Before long you will see this curious thing: the speakers stoned from the platform, and free speech strangled by hordes of furious men who in their secret hearts are still at one with those stoned speakers--as earlier--but do not dare say so. And now the whole nation--pulpit and all--will take up the war-cry, and shout itself hoarse, and mob any honest man who ventures to open his mouth; and presently such mouths will cease to open. Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception. - Mark Twain, The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories

A small part of this quote was included in Europeans Contest US Anti-Russian Hype by Joe Lauria. In the article he makes the same point that Paul Craig Roberts, Patrick J. Buchanan and Dmitry Orlov have made; the good 'ol US of A is trying to gin up a shooting war with Russia. It is his contention that Brexit may be the wakeup call that Europeans needed to see that the United States is pushing them into a disastrous war.

You will NOT see this story as a major headline by the Ministry of Propaganda because it does nothing to advance their agenda to disarm the population in the United States. However, it is a great example of what was wrong in the Orlando nightclub and what was right in Lyman, South Carolina - 50 died in the 'gun free zone', no one died where there was a licensed concealed carry.

A man with a concealed carry license stopped a shooter after the latter opened fire on a crowd of people at a nightclub in South Carolina early Sunday morning, according to After getting into a fight with another person, the 32-year-old suspect pulled out a gun and began to fire at a crowd of people gathered outside of the club, hitting and injuring four.

29 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

There was another thunderstorm early in the afternoon yesterday that didn't bring much rain but it did bring cooler weather. I got to do my walk in high 60 temperatures and it looks like I may get that chance again during the next 5-6 days. That is I can if I take a chance of getting wet; chances of rain are in the 40 to 80% range.

I finally found a repair shop in Cortez that is in business and responded to my filling out their Contact Form. Because I do not want to make a special trip, the July 4th Holiday and the days of the week that the shop is open my appointment is not until 15 July. That is not a problem since I have not tried to use my generator for so long that I think that is now what is wrong with it; all gummed up from lack of use.

This is the 2-uniform tile that combines a Rhombitrihexagonal & Snub Square which are both included in the 8 uniform tile that I have drawn previously.

I have also started drawing the third one in the 2-uniform series that also uses the tile plus 43.32. It has not required many coding changes from this pattern but looks much different until you look closely and/or have them side by side.

You have all heard/read about the suicide death of Vince Foster and all the right-wing conspiracy theories surrounding his death. His death is included in this 'list'/article but he has a lot of company. I offer up the link with no further comment, if you read the article you can arrive at your own conclusion - The Clinton Body-Count . The latest addition to the list is John Ashe, a former President of the United Nations General Assembly, that died just a few days before being set to testify against Clinton in a corruption case.

28 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

My right hip has been paining me some for the past few days and I have been foot sore. With those two excuses, no cloud shade, the temperature at 89° and forecast to reach the mid to upper 90s I did a 1 mile afternoon walk. The forecast for today and the rest of the 10 Day is for cooler highs in the mid 80s maybe even get down into the high 70s. That would be nice!

I caught a mouse last night. That is the good news. The bad news is that I do not know if I had a mouse in the house or if I have mice. I guess time will tell and if necessary this intrepid trapper will go into action once more.

This is the third colored Eight-Fold Rosette Pattern in the Lesson which did require more changes to the previous drawings than I thought but was not too difficult.

I have started on the Line drawing for an Eight-Fold Rosette in a Rectangle which is the last in this Lesson. The way it is done in the Lesson is another VERY complicated grid. I am almost finished with the basic Line drawing (no color fill) and I think it was much easier than making the grid. I also learned a couple of things that would have made the previous Rosette Patterns easier to draw but I am not going to go back to change what I have done. That has been true of a lot of the things that I have drawn and I have never gone back.

Firing the Elites by Dmitry Orlov is a good article about Brexit and what it means. I have quoted his closing paragraph but all that he has to say is worth reading.

And so they need to be fired. If this is to be done by voting (as opposed to, say, from a cannon) then the object of voting is to elect somebody who is, first and foremost, capable of firing these elites. The British seem to have done this; now it is the Americans’ turn. A somewhat thoughtful question that is sometimes asked (after people are done making spurious claims that Donald Trump is insane, a misogynist, a racist, a fascist, a bad businessman, generally not very nice or whatever else) is whether he is qualified to govern. To my mind, this question reduces to a much simpler question: Is he qualified to fire people? And the answer is, Yes, he most certainly is qualified to fire people. In fact “You’re fired!” is one of his trademark utterances. In fact, he just recently fired his very own campaign manager. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, heads up the entire cohort of people that need to be fired. And that is why I think there is a good chance that the “little people” will finally rise up and vote for somebody who will do just that.

27 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

Went to the second restaurant here in Dolores that claimed to open at 6:30. I had stopped before and asked and it was confirmed that the hours of operation sign was correct - open at 6:30 seven days in the week. I arrived at 6:35 and the one guy that was the 'opener' was just showing up. He said yes he opens at 6:30 but it takes 20 minutes for the coffee and the grill to get hot so he really does not start serving until 7:00.

Went to the Ponderosa that opens at 6:00 and goat a fairly decent Chile Omelet with good hash browns. The waitress acted like she did not want to be there but the service was good in spite of her mien.

The shopping at City Market went exceptionally well. I was able to get Greek God Honey Vanilla and found a couple of plastic squeeze bottles that were not on my shopping list but I have been looking for some replacement for a few weeks/months.

I was also able to pick up a mouse trap. I think I had her come aboard just before I left Milan and I have provided plenty of opportunities for her to leave. It has now come to my attention that she is probably building a nest so voluntarily of involuntarily she is going to GO.

Don't stop at Wal*Mart very often but they do have good prices on their ammo. I needed some more but even more importantly I needed some Hoppe's #9 bore cleaner and cloth patches. That was quickly taken care of and I was backed into my space again by 9:00.

This is the second colored Eight-Fold Rosette Pattern in the Lesson which was not too difficult to replicate using Javascript fills. It required only a few changes in the colors used in the first colored pattern. The third one will require a few other changes but should not be too difficult either.

26 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

The weather did not quit match the forecast yesterday afternoon. I think it was hotter than the gurus thought it would be and the Partly Cloudy was more like Scattered Clouds that did not provide much respite from the sun. I did my 2 miles but it was not as pleasant as the almost 3 were in the cool of the morning.

I will have the second colored Eight-Fold Rosette Pattern posted tomorrow. It is finished and I have started drawing the third. Almost finished downloading and formatting the Will Rogers weekly articles for next month - will finish that project today.

I have also started another 2-uniform tile that is a combination of Rhombitrihexagonal & 3(2).4.3.4 Snub Square which are both included in the 8 uniform tile that I have drawn previously. I could not just copy the coding for each one and put them together however; it does not work that way. I did get some coding written yesterday that I think is going to work and may have the tiling drawn in a day or two; it is an interesting pattern.

An Englishman Looks at the World is a 1914 essay collection by H. G. Wells containing journalistic pieces written between 1909 and 1914. The book consists of twenty-six pieces ranging from five to sixty-two pages in length. Some of the essays are good, some are not so good. The one in which he speculates upon the future of the American Population is insightful about who/what an American is but his forecast of our future could not have been more wrong. He was a dyed in the wool Socialist and I am very surprised that the Left does not have t-shirts with his picture on them. But then again the Left likes to preach 'peace and love' but their heroes all seem to have been violent men that obtained power through the use of guns - ironic, is it not?

I have downloaded another book by Harry Turtledove from the Sierra Vista library. I wanted to get a Follett book but it has never been available so I placed it on a Hold Listing for me. I have no idea how many people may have also placed it on Hold but I guess I'll get it sometime.

Only Politicians Need Firearms for Protection by Joshua Krause has written an article that the Ministry of Propaganda will never publish. He is reporting what we all know but the elite do not want talked about when it comes to gun control. I quote the very good part.

..the same rules don’t apply to the political elite.
Law-abiding citizens just shouldn’t have to carry a gun. You’re not gonna push me in that direction,” he said, standing just five feet from a Capitol Police officer, who stood at his post by the House Speaker’s Lobby.
TheDC noted to Rangel he and other members of Congress are protected by armed members of the U.S. Capitol Police.
“Well that’s a little different. I think we deserve–I think we need to be protected down here.” Rangel laughingly insisted.

You’ve got to love how he says that he ‘deserves’ protection before quickly correcting himself. This is the mindset of the political elite. They deserve to be protected with firearms. The people who have our legal rights in their hands, believe that they are better than the rest of us, who are mere children that can’t be trusted with guns. We all knew that this was the case, but it’s satisfying to hear people like Charlie Rangel admit to that fact in so many words.

25 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

It was much cooler yesterday afternoon with a lot of cloud cover and a few drops of rain fell while I was walking. Did a little over 2 miles to try and make up for the shorter day that I did when it was so hot.

Then did another extended walk this morning 'up' the road to mile marker 12 and back down into town with a stop at Pony Espresso for a latte fix. If I can do a usual walk this afternoon I should be back to my average daily distance for the week. The forecast is for it to be 85° which is a little warm but they also claim it will be Partly Cloudy - that could make it nice.

Started to download and format next months Will Rogers weekly articles last night. Will work on them today and probably finish by tomorrow.

This is the first colored Eight-Fold Rosette Pattern in the Lesson and was easily replicated using Javascript fills because I had drawn the required shapes; the next two may not be quite as easy.
The Militarization Of America: Non-Military Federal Agencies Purchases Of Guns, Ammo, And Military-Style Equipment; the second set of six Key Findings. As a veteran I was heartened to see that the VA is not 'wasting' its budget and has secured the VA medical centers. You can not be too secure when you have dissatisfied veterans on the VA waiting list. I was also encouraged by seeing that our Federal government did spend more on Tasers than on grenades/launchers.

7. Between 1998 and 2008 (the most recent comprehensive data available) the number of law enforcement officers employed by federal agencies increased nearly 50 percent from 83,000 (1998) to 120,000 (2008). However, Department of Justice officer count increased from 40,000 (2008) to 69,000 (2013) and Department of Homeland Security officer count increased from 55,000 (2008) to 70,000 (2013).
8. The Internal Revenue Service, with its 2,316 special agents, spent nearly $11 million on guns, ammunition and military-style equipment.
9. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) spent $3.1 million on guns, ammunition and military-style equipment. The EPA has spent $715 million on its ‘Criminal Enforcement Division’ from FY2005 to present even as the agency has come under fire for failing to perform its basic functions.
10. Federal agencies spent $313,958 on paintball equipment, along with $14.7 million on Tasers, $1.6 million on unmanned aircraft, $8.2 million on buckshot, $7.44 million on projectiles, and $4 million on grenades/launchers.
11. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) spent $11.66 million including more than $200,000 on ‘night vision equipment,’ $2.3 million on ‘armor – personal,’ more than $2 million on guns, and $3.6 million on ammunition. Veterans Affairs has 3,700 law enforcement officers guarding and securing VA medical centers.
12. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service spent $4.77 million purchasing shotguns, .308 caliber rifles, night vision goggles, propane cannons, liquid explosives, pyro supplies, buckshot, LP gas cannons, drones, remote controlled helicopters, thermal cameras, military waterproof thermal infrared scopes, and more.

24 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA287 June 24, 1928

We had a fast moving thunderstorm yesterday in the early afternoon which may herald the monsoon season. It didn't deliver much rain, didn't cool down much either but did raise the humidity some. The weather guessers think there will be some more or the same to come in a few days.

The BIG News this morning is the Brexit results and the financial market turmoil that it has caused. I have no comment today but will be following the market activity next week; particularly the gold mining stocks and Hecla. My 'portfolio' may have received an infusion of new life.

The only other thing of note was that I got my laundry done in the RV Park laundry room which has two washers and two dryers. Fortunately, I got in there early while most people are still in bed.

This is the basic Eight-Fold Rosette Line Pattern that I will start adding fill color within selected areas/shapes of the pattern.
The Lesson shows three different colorings that I am going to try an replicate. If I succeed I'll be posting them but if I fail I'll simply admit it and move on to the next part of the lesson.

The Militarization Of America: Non-Military Federal Agencies Purchases Of Guns, Ammo, And Military-Style Equipment Fiscal Years 2006 – 2014: Oversight Study Published: June, 2016 by Open The Books documents much of what I have previously written - Federal government agencies preparing for war against someone. The publication is 55 pages in PDF format but I am going to quote 'only' 6 of the Key Findings today, I'll save the other 6 for tomorrow.

1. Sixty-seven non-military federal agencies spent $1.48 billion on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment.
2. Of that total amount, ‘Traditional Law Enforcement’ Agencies spent 77 percent ($1.14 billion) while ‘Administrative’ or ‘General’ Agencies spent 23 percent ($335.1 million).
3. Non-military federal spending on guns and ammunition jumped 104 percent from $55 million (FY2006) to $112 million (FY2011).
4. Nearly 6 percent ($42 million) of all federal guns and ammunition purchase transactions were wrongly coded. Some purchases were actually for ping-pong balls, gym equipment, bread, copiers, cotton balls, or cable television including a line item from the Coast Guard entered as “Cable Dude”.
5. Administrative agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Small Business Administration (SBA), Smithsonian Institution, Social Security Administration, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States Mint, Department of Education, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and many other agencies purchased guns, ammo, and military-style equipment.
6. Since 2004, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) purchased 1.7 billion bullets including 453 million hollow-point bullets. As of 1/1/2014, DHS estimated its bullet inventory-reserve at 22-months, or 160 million rounds.

23 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

It was only slightly cooler yesterday but it did cool down faster after reaching the high for the day. It was in the high 80s when I went for my walk and I did a little more that the previous day but still not doing a full 2 miles in the heat. Trying to do a little longer walks in the cool mornings which are now great.

In the next Geometric Design Lesson (Two Variations on an Islamic Tiling Pattern) the first variation is called an Eight-Fold Rosette Pattern. The author of the lessons says the following:

Most books I could find outline this and seem to suggest that, in order to create a pattern, you should repeat this for each rosette on your surface. That is an absurd, time-consuming way of working and has an adverse effect on the overall accuracy.
Here you will find the proper method for creating a pattern, which is to draw a grid. Most of the lines will run through the whole grid, even if not continuously visible, so that it all holds together. When working tile by tile, it is much more likely to have many small deviations so that no true lines run through the entire design.

She is very much a proponent for using grids for everything which I think is how the Islamic tiles were traditionally drawn. She then traces over selected lines in the grid to create the pattern. That pattern can then be traced or grid lines erased or covered up with coloring. I can not do that using Javascript. I must not just draw lines but must define enclosed shapes if I am going to the fill with color.

To just draw the grid as she has show it would have been done by now. However, I am still a day or two away from having the basic pattern drawn and ready for various coloring schemes.

22 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

I did finish 3(6).3(2).4.3.4 the first of twenty 2-uniform tile that I want to draw. It was easier to do that the 3(2).4.3.4 uniform tile that is its base. But it might be that I have more experience now so it seemed easier.

I was going to go back to Knots and Weaves in the Geometric Design Lesson but have no interest in drawing what is shown as a weave. I'll be moving on to the next lesson Two Variations on an Islamic Tiling Pattern and if I ever need the weave I can come back and work through that part of the lesson.

As I was leaving Cortez yesterday I saw a number of bicyclist coming in from the east on US160 and turning into the High School. I then saw the route support people putting out signs along CO145 and assumed that Cortez was a lunch stop. Talked to one of the 450 participants in this years Bicycle Tour of Colorado that stopped at the coffee shop this morning where I was having my latte fix and got the ride name and route.

It was 25 years ago yesterday that I rode into Cortez on a bicycle but June 22nd of that year was a lay-over day. It was tomorrow that we road to Rico and then for another 5 days through Colorado. It seems like it was such a short time ago, there has been a lot happen in my life since then but that tour and the cross-country tour the year before were life changing events. Such as my arrival in Bulgaria last week - 20 years ago.

Trolling for War with Russia by Patrick J. Buchanan is a very good article. He and Paul Craig Roberts are singing from the same hymnal when it comes to what this Administration appears to be doing to provoke a war with Russia and China. Do we really, really want a war with those two countries when we can not win again the goat herders in the Middle East?

They are not the only writers that are issuing this warning. Dmitry Orlov has been saying the same kinds of things for some time and recently did so again in an interview that has been transcribed in part as The US Is Sleepwalking Towards A Nuclear Confrontation. The closing to the transcription "There isn’t a happy outcome, there isn’t a face saving outcome for the United States or for NATO. There is just basically the choice between death and humiliation."

You might like what Orlov has to say about the Orlando 'incident' also in his blog posting Negative interest rates are coming to America. I have included a quote of only part of what he said.

For example, last New Year's eve in Cologne, Germany, a mob of around a thousand male migrants attacked and molested a large number of women. There were some German men on hand; did they defend their women? No, they didn't. Or take the recent incident in Orlando. Conspiracy theories aside, there were over 100 people there against one gunman. Did any of them rush the gunman? The first 10 might have gotten shot; but the next 10 could have piled on, dropped him to the floor and stomped on his neck, ending the incident. But that didn't happen, did it? Where was their killer instinct?

21 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

I had another big spike in Verizon data usage yesterday morning. This was then reflected by my NetWorx meter in the afternoon when I went from 100% of Daily quota to over 200% while I was on the couch reading. There is something going on but I don't know what.

I had a Chat with Casey at Verizon and it appears to them that I am getting application downloads but I have not seen anything from Windows recently other than their almost daily updates to the Spam filters. Verizon is to do more research and send me an email. I await.

It was 92° yesterday afternoon when I did a shorter walk along the River Trail near my Park. Walked across CO145 and through the town park and then did a couple back and forth walks along the river where I was mostly in the shade. Some people will be saying why not do the walk later. I could have done that but it was 97° at 8:00 (which was also the high for the day) so I am pleased that I went out when I did.

This morning I did a wandering route that totaled 2.01 miles, I wanted to do 2 miles and not an out and back route. This was good and it had me finish, unhook from electric and go to That Place In Dolores for breakfast. That is one of the two places that claim to open at 6:30 and That Place did so this morning. They will get some repeat business from me while I am here.

Into Cortez and City Market where I got everything I wanted except Greek God Honey Vanilla. They did have Honey and I have my bottle of vanilla so all was well. I asked the bagger where there was a car wash that would do it so me. He had no idea. The Park owner claimed that the second one on the left as I was going west would but they do cars not RVs.

I arrived at Summit Shooting Center about 30 minutes early and spent 10 minutes or so trying to get my RV generator to start so I could run the A/C and keep Desperado cool. Could not get it to start and there does not appear to be any RV repair shop here in Cortez.

Got into the indoor range early and neither the owner or his wife could help me with the RV wash or repair. My shooting at 9' and 15' is good enough that you would not want to be that close. When I move the targets out to 21' there is only a 50% change that I would do any bodily harm. But there is also a very good chance that no one would want to get in the 15' or 9' range considering that 50% chance. I'll be going back at lest one more time maybe two and hope that it is cooler.

This is the Knot In A Circle which has the 'cord' passing over and under itself as well as the loops that have been tied to the brown border. It was not too difficult to change the drawing from yesterday with the hardest thing being to draw the Loops which are made up of three separate shapes for each Loop.

I now have my sights set on the twenty 2-uniform tilings of the Euclidean plane. These are tilings that combine one of the 8 uniform tile that I have drawn previously with one or more shapes added. The first one that I am going to attempt will be the 3(2).4.3.4 (also called a Snub Square) that has six triangles added so it becomes a 3(6).3(2).4.3.4 and the coloring scheme will be changed. Made good progress on it yesterday and think I can finish it later today or certainly by tomorrow morning.

20 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

This is the Knot In A Circle done with a cloisonné effect. It was a lot of work and a lot of coding but looks like what is presented in the Lesson and may be even more colorful although I did stick to the color scheme used in the Lesson. The lot of work included the 6 narrow purple shapes along the border, 18 triangles in dark and bright blue, 6 arrows in dark blue, 6 rectangles in purple and dark blue center. The background is gray so with those shapes drawn the Knot then shows through as gray.

I have almost finished the Knot In A Circle which has the 'cord' passing over and under itself as well as the loops that are tied to the brown border. It is a good looking drawing as well and I will have it posted tomorrow. I'll then take another break from the Lesson and go draw some more tilings. I now have my sights set on the twenty 2-uniform tilings of the Euclidean plane.

Today is forecast to be the hottest during this period of scorching temperatures. It is expected to be 95° here today then start to cool down into the high 80s by Friday. The weatherunderground station that I have now found is located almost across the river from my Park and they reported a high of 90 yesterday. The highest temperature that station has reported during the past year was 92.4 so a 95 is not unreasonable.

Salon is ranked in the top five liberal websites but even they have published a criticism of The Hill's criminal behavior. This quote was included in Kunstler's blog posting of today but was in the Salon article The cash donations Hillary simply has no answer for by David Sirota from over a year ago. He gives her a break and questions her judgment but what she did was criminal in my opinion. We may hear more about this from The Donald as the campaign heats up.

Under a directive signed by President Clinton in 1995, the State Department is supposed to take foreign governments’ human rights records into account when reviewing arms deals. Yet, Hillary Clinton’s State Department increased approvals of such deals to Clinton Foundation donors that her own agency was sharply criticizing for systematic human rights abuses.
As just one of many examples, in its 2011 Human Rights Report, Clinton’s State Department slammed Algeria’s government for imposing “restrictions on freedom of assembly and association,” tolerating “arbitrary killing,” “widespread corruption” and a “lack of judicial independence.”
That year, the Algerian government donated $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation and the next year Clinton’s State Department approved a one-year 70 percent increase in military export authorizations to the country. The jump included authorizations for almost 50,000 items classified as “toxicological agents, including chemical agents, biological agents and associated equipment.” The State Department had not authorized the export of any of such items to Algeria the year before.

19 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

I finished drawing all the shapes that go into making up the cloisonné-type Knot In A Circle late yesterday. Today I will be filling the shapes with colors that will make it look very much like what is in the Lesson. Probably show it in my posting of tomorrow. It is a piece of art if I do say so myself.

I will also be starting on the drawing of the Knot In A Circle with the 'cord' going over and under itself on a continuous path with no beginning and no end. That is going to take some time but I not as much since I now have a lot of it drawn.

Drawing, reading and trying to stay cool is the plan for the rest of the day.

Assistant State Attorney for Orange and Osceola counties of the US state of Florida, Kenneth Lewis, has been suspended over offensive Facebook comments made following the Orlando mass shooting. Be afraid, be very afraid what you post on Facebook - you can not offend anyone unless they are Conservatives. He posted the following:

Downtown Orlando has no bottom. The entire city should be leveled. It is void of a single redeeming quality. It is a melting pot of 3rd world miscreants and ghetto thugs. It is void of culture. If you live down there you do it at your own risk and at your own peril. If you go down there after dark there is seriously something wrong with you. All Orlando nightclubs should be permanently closed. With or without random gunmen they are zoos.

18 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

I don't know when I'll be able to post this. Verizon died yesterday around 2:30 and when I finished my afternoon walk I asked the Park owner for their WIFI password. He said that the WIFI was down also. I did not ask, but I now think that their WIFI is probably just a repeater of what they get from Verizon and it will be like most RV Park WIFI - very poor.

Verizon did come back up when I tried it after 5 hours but as soon as I tried to check e-mail it went down again. I gave up and went to bed. This morning I tried the Park WIFI first and it was not available. I was surprised when Verizon did come up. I guess the Park needed to do some resetting of their repeater and they do not get started very early in the day doing anything.

"The United States of America, right now, has the strongest, most durable economy in the world. Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.” - President Obama, State of the Union speech 2016

I am going to 'peddle some fiction' and let you make up your own mind. Although the President was peddling a half truth when he said "right now".
1. Industrial production has now declined for nine months in a row.
2. U.S. commercial bankruptcies have risen on a year over year basis for seven months in a row.
3. U.S. factory orders have been dropping for 18 months in a row.
4. The Federal Reserve’s Labor Market Conditions Index has been falling for five months in a row.
5.The number of temporary workers in the United States peaked and started falling precipitously before the recession of 2001. The exact same thing happened just prior to the beginning of the 2008 recession. The number of temporary workers in the United States peaked again in December 2015 and has fallen dramatically since then.
6. The employment numbers that the government released for May 2016 were the worst that we have seen in six years and ALL the jobs added were due to the Birth/Death Adjustment.
7. Over two-thirds of respondents with a household income under $40,000 report that they would sell something or borrow money to cover a $400 emergency expense or could not cover the expense at all (Federal Reserve Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households, 2014). It was probably worse in 2015 and "right now".

Furthermore, if you define 'poor' in terms of Net Worth then there are more 'poor' in the good 'ol US of A and Europe than there are in China. Credit Suisse, in their Global Wealth Report 2015, estimates that half of the world has a net worth less than $3,210. And a large chunk of Americans and Europeans can’t make that cut because their net worth is negative. If you have $10 in your pocket and no debt you have more wealth, you are 'richer', that 25% of ALL Americans.

17 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA286 June 17, 1928

The Discovery of the Future is a 1902 philosophical lecture by H. G. Wells that argues for the knowability of the future. It was originally delivered to the Royal Institution on January 24, 1902. It is a very short book which could have been included as a chapter in Anticipations but that was published in 1901. He covers much of the same ground here that he did in parts of that book. Because it was such a short book I have downloaded another one of his from Gutenberg Project.

For my afternoon walk yesterday I went out and back on County Rd 31/526 for a mile. The first half mile was in Dolores and flat then I started up for the second half mile which I think was a climb of a little over 300'. I was feeling it by the time I got back to Desperado and have a sore right knee this morning. I need to do that walk 2-3 times a week - Ya Sure.

It is as I suspected with the drawing a knot in a circle. It is going to take me much longer to draw it that the previous knot and I don't know for sure that what I am doing is going to work. I'll keep at it and hope for the best.

16 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

I started drawing the next knot in the Knots and Weaves Lesson yesterday. I have reproduced what is shown in the lesson that was done using a compass which was not very tough. However, now the difficult task is the same as it was in the previous knot. Drawing the 'cord' over and under itself using Javascript. I think I know how to do it but this one is going to be a lot more work. It should keep me occupied for more that a few days - but what else do I have to do.

The weather station that I checked for temperatures here in Dolores is some distance from town and I think has higher highs and lows than what I am experiencing. The Dolores State Bank has a Time and Temperature sign that was showing a 5° lower temperature than what the station had recorded. It felt colder than what the Bank was showing because of a slight breeze and my wind breaker was not breaking very well - 41° per the Bank.

Yesterday afternoon I found another restaurant that opens at 6:30. Then this morning went past one that claims to open at 6:00 that was open but I do not remember it being open yesterday when I went past it. The Park owner did not recommend it for lunch/dinner but said that she had never tried breakfast. There are three that I can try and then there are always those available in Cortez but that is a busy town that looked to have limited parking at all businesses.

This was the last in Turtledove's The Great War trilogy. If I were make any recommendation it would be to read them one after another with little time between them. It is hard enough to keep the characters straight in your mind without letting too much time pass between books. Taken together they are a good story if you can get past the alternative history aspect which is not something that everyone can do. I'll be reading more of his books.

The historian and the creative writer unite in Turtledove to craft another impressive novel, this one the third in his series about an alternate WWI (American Front, Walk in Hell), which has seen a weakened Confederate States of America not only combating the U.S.A. but facing a communist revolt from within staged by its black slaves. In this imaginative sequel, Turtledove displays his usual mastery at maintaining suspense across a broad canvas, with characters that fans will be glad to encounter again: feisty Southern aristocrat Anne Colleton leads a group of militiamen to try to wrest control of her shattered plantation, Marshlands, from the Reds; short-order cook Nellie Semphroch and her amorous daughter escape trial as collaborators thanks to a visit from Teddy Roosevelt; General Custer and his unprecedented command of the army's "barrels", a tanks division, leads to the U.S. scoring some lightning-fast victories. Peace is won, but at a high cost: working mother Sylvia Enos must face the future without a job and as a widow, while Confederate sub commander Roger Kimball may face a war crimes tribunal. Echoing the Treaty of Versailles, the victors make the grave mistake of punishing their enemies so that they dream of revenge. Although a complete and skillfully executed tale in itself, this epic story leaves enough plot threads dangling to demand a fourth novel to tie them up. - Publishers Weekly

Obama’s tantrum a striking display of failed leadership by Michael Goodwin is a good critique of President Obama's failed speech that attempted to counter The Donald's criticism of his Islamic terrorist policies. It is a good article.

Obama’s demeanor and tone were far from presidential — tantrums rarely are. Nor was he effective in rallying the nation to his cause. No surprise there. His cause is himself, always and only, and his greatly diminished historic presidency looks especially insignificant next to the bloodshed in Orlando. The iconic redeemer who promised hope and change never seemed so small and hopeless.
America saw Barack Obama at low tide yesterday, revealed as brimming with fury and bankrupt of ideas and even sympathy for the dead. The man who had an answer for everything and a solution to nothing is now also out of excuses...
Forty-nine innocent people were gunned down in a gay nightclub by an Islamic terrorist, another 53 lie wounded, yet Obama feels only his own pain. Public confidence in his effort to combat terrorism on his own peculiar terms while soft-pedaling the links to Islam were among the casualties in the Pulse nightclub. The world knows he’s a failure and he can’t stand the embarrassment. So he lashed out at Trump, who dares not only to point out the obvious, but to rip away the veil of euphemism as he lunges for the jugular.

15 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

I found a good walking route yesterday afternoon and this morning which I can probably turn into 4 different routes. I also found a coffee shop that opens at 6:00 where I got a latte fix this morning. They will be getting more of my business while I am here. I also found a restaurant that the Park owner recommended that opens at 6:30. Dolores is exceeding my expectations so far.

I do not have a weather reporting station that is very close but the one that I will use is reporting a high yesterday of 81 and a low this morning of 49. Those are temperatures that I can live with. Unfortunately, starting on Sunday I will be living with highs in the 90s which is not so good. At 7,000' I was hoping for better but there are worse places I could be starting Sunday.

Steve gave me a compliment in his Shout when he said "I haven't seen anyone on the media tell it like you did." That is still true but there are others out there that think as I do. The picture and caption say what I did using much fewer words and is more effective in getting the message across. I also have found You MUST Change Your Attitude by Karl Denninger that is an article which should be required reading. I quote only a few passages although I could quote the entire article - it is that good.

Here it is, in short: If confronted with overwhelming and superior force by an assailant who appears to be intent on killing you the only logical position you can adopt and the view you must adopt is that you are dead right there, right now...
Second, the radio call to the cops from dispatch has been published. The cops were told to take cover and not storm the building immediately despite knowing there was a man with a gun inside the building actively shooting people -- and they did exactly that, waiting three hours while people who had been shot were bleeding out on the floor.
READ THIS CAREFULLY FOLKS AND DO SO REPEATEDLY UNTIL IT SINKS IN: The cops, with overwhelming force that they demand the right to possess and use at their whim while at the same time they refuse to allow you to have and possess defensive firepower on your person in the very same situation and place, cowered outside in fear and let the patrons who had been shot and were being shot die.
Again: You must internalize the view that if confronted with such a situation you are already dead and you, and only you, have any possibility of changing that outcome.
The reason for this is simple: If you are already dead then any act you undertake can only improve the outcome. It cannot make it worse, because the worst possible outcome has already happened.

This is the Uniform tiling 34.6 or the Snub Hexagonal Tiling that I wrote about on 14 June 2016. I finished it and thought it was good enough to post for viewing. The 'function' that draws each tile was the hardest part of the coding. Then finding the first couple of x,y coordinates where to place the tile and it was very simple from that point. The ability to code a JavaScript 'function' has been a huge time saver for me - learning, learning with almost every drawing.

14 June 2016 Cozy Comfort RV Park (Dolores, CO)

As a break from the Geometric Design Lessons I worked on the last of the 8 Uniform tilings 34.6 or the Snub Hexagonal Tiling. This is 4 triangles and one hexagon in each tile but when I drew it I had 7 triangle and the hexagon grouped together with two of the triangles filled with color, the other 5 were outlined and the background provided their coloring.

I have not finished it yet but it is looking very good. I may post the final drawing tomorrow. Or, maybe not - I don't know.

I'm always a little late getting my posting done on moving day but today I'm at least an hour later than usual. I stopped for breakfast at Granma's in Crownpoint, NM as planned. What I did not plan on was taking a scenic tour of Crownpoint first. If you are looking for her restaurant, and approaching from the south, do not turn when you see a sign pointing to Crownpoint. Wait until you see Basha's and/or Navajo Route 9; the restaurant is in that shopping center.

Stopped again at Summit Shooting Center on the southern edge of Cortez. I sent them a message using their web page Contact Form and received no reply then sent an email to the address shown on their web page and got a Non-delivery Message. The web page says that the place is for sale so I thought they might be out of business but they are open. Just trying to avoid any new business by not responding to anything except the telephone and in person drop ins. I'll be going back and use their indoor range.

Then a shopping expedition at City Market in Cortez took the usual long time when I first go into a new to me market. I did get everything I wanted except white vinegar which I can live without until next week. That is my all purpose cleaning solvent which I used the last of these past couple of days.

My new camp is small and I have a tight back-in space that should become easier to get into after a few more times. It is near downtown which is a strip of businesses along the main highway which I am also near but traffic noise will not bother me. I'll have more to say about the Park but the owners were great today when I checked in.

The route was only 218 miles: E. Pinon, NM122 (Historic US66), County 19*, Cassamero Lake Loop Rd (Navajo 48), NM371, Navajo 9, US491, US491/US160, US160, CO145 & Central Av.

*County 19 is not a very good paved road but it is better than the dirt/gravel it becomes when it enters the Navajo Reservation. I drove 6 miles of that to Cassamero Lake Loop Rd which saved 6 miles versus staying on NM122 until NM371. It is a scenic drive but now that I have done it I need never do it again.

High cholesterol 'does not cause heart disease' new research finds, so treating with statins a 'waste of time' by Henry Bodkin says it all in the title. But I have pulled select bits from the article to quote. Any one that is over 60 that is on statin drugs needs to read this and take it with them on their next doctor visit. That is when you tell him/her that you have quite taking statins. The drug companies had their toadies promptly challenge the study of course but I found the side effects too painful to keep taking what I now consider to be poison.

Cholesterol does not cause heart disease in the elderly and trying to reduce it with drugs like statins is a waste of time, an international group of experts has claimed.
A review of research involving nearly 70,000 people found there was no link between what has traditionally been considered “bad” cholesterol and the premature deaths of over 60-year-olds from cardiovascular disease...
“What we found in our detailed systematic review was that older people with high LDL (low-density lipoprotein) levels, the so-called “bad” cholesterol, lived longer and had less heart disease.”

13 June 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

My condolences to the families of those killed in Orlando. However, they ALL did not need to die. There were 300 people in the club when the shooting started and no one was armed to shoot back or if armed were to cowardly to do so. Even unarmed there were 300 people that did nothing while the shooter re-loaded 10 times or more to kill 50 and wound another 50.

The Lame Stream Media is wringing their hands and asking why was the 'nightclub' targeted and are having a difficult time spinning the story. Can you think of a softer target? A 'safe place' that is a 'gun free zone' with 300 targets that will not fight back - it was like shooting fish in a barrel. It has shown the Islamic State how weak the US of A and its people are and I predict they will use it as a blueprint for more attacks on soft targets.

The Donald being who he is said what needed to be said:

We're led by a man who is a very -- look, we're led by a man that either is, is not tough, not smart, or he's got something else in mind, and the something else in mind, you know, people can't believe it. People cannot -- they cannot believe that President Obama is acting the ways he acts and can't even mention the words radical Islamic terrorism. There's something going on. It's inconceivable.

This is the Rose Knot drawn with a cloisonné effect. It used most of the same lines as the Rose Knot but does not show the over and under of the 'cord' as the Knot does. I was able to fix what I showed yesterday easier and quicker than I thought. My idea worked and I have changed what was shown before.

The next drawing in the Lesson will be ever bit as difficult as this one was but maybe I have learned something. It is another Knot but this time it will be inside a circle. It will be shown two ways again; as a Knot and as a Knot with the cloisonné effect. I think I'll take a breather before trying to draw them.

12 June 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

Finished most of the housecleaning yesterday. Today I clean the car part of Desperado; the dash, cab windows inside and out plus the outside mirrors that are mud spattered. The last thing to do will be the kitchen stove top and counters after 'linner' tomorrow.

One of the things that I wanted from Brooks was Greek God Honey and Vanilla but would have settled for almost any Greek God. What I picked up was what I needed which was Oikos Vanilla Greek yogurt by Dannon. I have added a little more vanilla to it and it is pretty good.

I think it is thicker than Greek God and has slightly less sugar. However, all the sugar comes from processed sugar or fructose whereas most of the sugar in Greek God comes from the honey. If you find that you can not get what you want, Greek God, then I can recommend Oikos as what you need.

This is the best that I can do with the Rose Knot at this time. I can not find a way to show the continuous line going over and under itself. For a shape to be filled using Javescript it must enclose the shape. So what I have done to even get this far is to break the 'cord' into pieces and then stick them together. I know there must be someway for it to be done using JavaScript but I have not discovered how to do it. I do have another idea but it will probably wait until I'm settled in at my new camp. (FIXED)

I did much better drawing the Rose Knot with the cloisonné effect and it looks like what is shown in the Lesson. I'll post it tomorrow or the next day.

11 June 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

With any luck yesterday was the last one that I will see at 90° or more for a while. Today is forecast to drop down to 80 which will seem like a cold spell after this past week. My new camp has a 10 Day forecast that includes a couple days in the 90s but I hope they are wrong.

What we also got yesterday was the thunder storm that was forecast for today. Only enough rain to muddy up Desperado and make me thankful that I did not wash it while I was here. It was mostly VERY strong winds which I think were much stronger that the official 40 mph. It broke off tree limbs thicker than my thumb and shook Desperado harder than other 40 mph winds that I have been in.

Doing housecleaning chores this morning in preparation for the move next week. That and still trying to draw the Rose Knot as shown in the Geometric Design Lesson. I am now trying to do the cloisonné effect and hoping that will show me how to do the knot also.

10 June 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA285 June 10, 1928

I had a brief visit with kaBLOOnie yesterday around noon. He was leaving the area for his next camp after getting Coffee Girl "groomed/shaved' for the summer. I don't think that Grants/Milan has a lot of services but he managed to find a few that he was in need of and the groomer charged a very reasonable price.

The 'line' drawing for the Seven-Circle Knot (Rose-Shaped) that I have managed to do is close to what is shown in the Lesson. There may be a way to make the lines continuous but I have yet to discover the coding that will do it. I have now also completed the 'filled' version but again it is close but not right. Celtic and geometric knots are connected, to make a continuous intertwined line; that continuity is what I have not yet achieved.

Predicting the Efficacy of a Coming Revolution by Jeff Thomas is an article that has been re-posted on a number of blogs but I think it originated here. It is good article from which I have selected his closing to quote.

Many in the US talk of revolution. Most hope for a soft revolution, in which their country would go back to the good old days of traditional values, hard work, the rights of the individual and a productive society.
Not likely to happen, I’m afraid. The first American Revolution resulted in that very outcome, but that was (in my opinion) because the colonists had no entitlement society to begin with. They went to America as pioneers and each was his own champion. They therefore accepted hard work, self-reliance and treasured individual rights. After the revolution, the US went into a long, highly productive period because the great majority of Americans shared this view.
Unfortunately, that’s no longer true in America. “Freedom” is a concept that sounds good to all, but with it comes great responsibilities – responsibilities that a majority of citizens are unlikely to accept after the revolution. Just as in France, they will want to be assured that, although they want their own freedom, they want to limit the freedom of others so that others be forced to contribute to “the greater good.”
Once the concept that your neighbour is obligated to sacrifice his freedom to satisfy your needs or desires is ingrained in a people, it’s virtually impossible to remove. If we seek true change, we’re only likely to find it in locations that are truly starting over, without the baggage of an entitled population to mire the rebirth of the new regime.

9 June 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

Nothing much different happening here. Although I did go to John Brooks market which is almost next door as opposed to driving to Smith's in Grants. I was able to get what I needed although not everything I wanted.

Went to El Rancho Café again after shopping and found them open. Tried their Huevos con Chorizo this time and was much happier than the first visit.

Before doing my shopping I went to the Petro station and filled up with gas so I have that one pre-leaving chore taken care of. Upon my return to the Park I also took care of the holding tank dump and added fresh water. It is a week early to be dumping but I did not want to mess with moving Desperado again before I left.

As I predicted the Seven-Circle Knot (Rose-Shaped) from the Knots and Weaves Lesson is going to take some time. I almost finished the line drawing for it yesterday but could not fill with color. It is now going to take a couple of days to re-code that line drawing so that it can be filled. I suspected that would be the situation when I began but wanted to do the line drawing for the learning process - lots, of connecting arcs and partial arcs.

8 June 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

I went back to work on the 3(3).4(2) tile (also known as Elongated Triangular) yesterday and finished it by noon. It was easily done after I found a way to draw the basic tile. I was then able to use my new found Javascript knowledge about writing a function and putting it in an If Loop. That allowed me to draw about 40 of the tile in a matter of minutes and the tiling was complete. It is nothing special so I will not be showing it, I only drew it because it was one of the 8 Uniform Tilings that I have undertaken to draw as a learning tool.

I then made a good start on drawing the Seven-Circle Knot (Rose-Shaped) from the Knots and Weaves Lesson. This is going to take a few days if the start is any indication. This may also be special enough that I'll show it if/when I get it drawn. The knot will be difficult but showing it colored for a cloisonné effect will be a separate effort and a separate drawing.

It was over 90 again yesterday for the third day and we have three more in the forecast. The guessers think it will then cool down about 5-10 degrees into the upper to mid 80s. My next camp is a bit better, forecast highs about 5 degrees cooler that what is forecast here with an 82 expected for my arrival day.

7 June 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

Yesterday I said "I have just a little bit or touching up to do on it", that being to the Rosette Window. Well by the time I finished with the route map I didn't have much enthusiasm for doing any touching up. It is good enough and anything more I were to do to it would be wasting my time.

Speaking of wasting time. I did most of that while laying on the couch reading my Paperwhite for the rest of the day yesterday. Did not even glance at the News. I'm depressed enough without adding what the Ministry of Propaganda has to say.

I did notice that the Drawing Archive pages are not being shown correctly by Firefox. They are fine when viewed with IE so I don't want to waste time and effort trying to find out what is wrong. That 'feature' has been eliminated from my Home Page.

It was a good thing that I did not want to do more Internet browsing. NetWorx said I had reached my daily limit by the time I finished doing the route map, posting to my web site and reading my Daily blogs. Shut down for the remainder of the day.

I did find this article today Janet Yellen Speech Suggests Fed Will Rethink Interest-Rate Plans which seems to take an interest rate hike off the table in June.

One of the primary purposes of the Federal Reserve is to conduct the nation's monetary policy by influencing money and credit conditions in the economy in pursuit of full employment and stable prices. I think Yellen knows that the BLS Unemployment Rate is not an accurate gage for 'full employment' but can hide behind it. She has now also made it policy that stable prices are defined to be 2% inflation which will allow the government to pay off its 30 year debt issues with dollars that buys 1/2 what they do today. The amazing thing - people are willing to buy that debt.

"If incoming data are consistent with labor market conditions strengthening and inflation making progress toward our 2 percent objective, as I expect, further gradual increases in the federal funds rate are likely to be appropriate,” she said in an advance copy of her remarks to the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. “I see good reasons to expect that the positive forces supporting employment growth and higher inflation will continue to outweigh the negative ones,” she said.

That is what Yellen had to say but what the Administration thinks is expressed well by White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest when speaking to CNBC. Everything is Great!

I've been reacting to jobs numbers here at the White House for more than seven years, and what is true today has been true in the past, which is, we don't get too excited when jobs numbers are better than expected and we don't get too disappointed when jobs numbers one-month are lower than expected.

6 June 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

I finished what the Circle Lesson calls a Rosette Window . They then go on to say "This is a window from the West front of Chartres cathedral, and the oldest in the building." It is part of the oldest of the three 'rose windows' but there are windows other than those that are older. This is also only one of 12 in a ring of them around the outside border of the rose window in the West front and are more properly called roundels.

I have just a little bit or touching up to do on it and will be including it on the Home Page tomorrow. Started drawing another tile block but could not keep my mind on it and concentrate. Threw in the towel and took a break by reading more of my latest alternative history on the Paperwhite.

I remembered that the insurance premium was coming due on Desperado so went online and payed it this morning while I could remember to do so. It is not due until 19 June but I have become so inattentive that I thought is best to pay it now. I'm sure I have a snail mail notice waiting at my UPS Store but have not received an email notice and probably will not.

I also made up my 3x5 route card to the next camp and selected a possible breakfast stop. Built the route map as I have done the past few moves knowing that I may have to change it. That is about all I can handle for today.

5 June 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

I have continued to give the "Dog Park Incident" (sounds like a book title) more thought. Where that thought has led me is back to November 8, 2011 when I wrote this. "I think I may have made a BIG mistake in adopting a dog. I'm thinking that I'm not really cut out to have a dog for a companion. It is very sad that Patches has to be caught up in my failure."

The easy option at that time would have been to take her back to the animal shelter where I got her and say I'm sorry but it just is not going to work out. Now because of my emotional attachment to her to give her away or to return her to a shelter while I'm still living is not the easy option. The harder option is to make certain, as certain as is humanly possible, that an 'incident' like this NEVER happens again.

I am convinced that this one, or one like it, could have her killed. Someone that is in fear of their life, perhaps unreasonably so, is justified in killing a dog that the insurance industry has classified as an aggressive breed. The dog need not be aggressive at the time they simply need to be of the breed and instill fear.

Patches is who she is - she is not going to change her breed, she is not going to change from being a dog, she is going to instill fear. Therefor I MUST do whatever I can to keep her from getting killed - must live with my mistake - it is not her fault.

Since it has warmed up a bit with the high temperatures in the upper 80s and the forecast is for low 90s thru Thursday I have modified our walks. This is to keep from killing Patches myself due to the heat. We now start a few minutes earlier in the morning and walk a little longer then do no more that 1.5 miles in the heat of the afternoon.

This is a Triskele Window, "such church windows betraying a Celtic influence can be spotted in many places around the British Isles". That is what the Circle Lesson claimed and when looking on the Internet I found that this is one of the 'simpler' ones. I think I have drawn it well but would not have had a clue without the lesson showing me how it was done with a compass. As I said yesterday I learned a lot about how to connect arcs using JavaScript code.

After I finished this yesterday I did another quilt block to give me a break from the Circle Lesson. However, I drew all the triangles in the block using JavaScript arc, or circle, coding. It has become easier for me to visualize where the vertices are using a circle than it ever was trying to picture where the x,y coordinates were.

4 June 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

Another sign of my inattentiveness this morning. I was very low on fresh water and did not notice until the pump started sucking air. Went out before breakfast but after our walk and did the holding tank dumps and took on fresh water.

I would like to say that the not paying attention was because I have been thinking about what to do with Patches a lot. But that is a cop out - it was not paying attention to her that caused the problem that now has me obsessing about what can I do with her. No! I think my not paying attention is simply that I am getting old and not paying attention.

Or maybe I am paying so much attention to drawing as well as thinking about Patches that nothing else is registering. I have just about finished a very good drawing from the Circle Lesson. Following the steps in the lesson gave me a worksheet that I could then use to write some Javascript code that would draw the lines. In the lesson they trace over lines that are on the worksheet, I can not do it that way.

To draw the lines I have learned a lot about connecting arcs to form curved shapes. I also learned a few things about adding fill color. A few more tweaks and I'll show the finished drawing tomorrow.

One more positive thing did happen, I received a package of hulled barley which is harder to find than pearl barley in the stores where I shop. It is ironic that I ordered it from with nuts being where I think I going.

The Bureau of Labor released their non-farm job numbers for May yesterday that showed an increase of 38,000 jobs - far, far below expert analysts' estimates of 158,000. The most-pessimistic among them estimated there would be 90,000 'job created'. So much for the expert analysts estimates.

I read through the News and did not find a lot of headlines by the Ministry of Propaganda. The few that I found were focused on making excuses for the very poor number. They could not even muster any spin for the great News that the unemployment rate fell because they now know they will be called on it with the huge increase in the Not in the Labor Force.

The CES Birth/Death Model added 224,000 this month which is 7,000 more than the adjustment made for May 2015. How can the BLS do this in good conscious and moreover the Ministry of Propaganda to ignore it? What few jobs were 'created' in May were ALL due to the CES Birth/Death adjustment as were the jobs increase in April. If you look at the Household Data the number of Employed increased by 26,000. Certainly not a strong jobs report.

The Unemployed decreased by 484,000 which would have been Great News. But, they did not find a job, they were part of the 664,000 increase in the Not in the Labor Force. This combined to drop the Unemployment Rate by 0.3% to 4.7% a level that we have not seen since November 2007. Does any one, other than the BLS and President Obama, think that the employment situation is a good now as it was then?

The Participation Rate fell by another 0.2% to 62.6%; the increase in March was good News that received a mention by the Ministry - this decrease and the one last month has been ignored for the most part. The Not in the Labor Force now stands at 94,708,000, another new all time record that exceeded the 94,610,000 set in September of last year.

The average earnings increased by 6¢ to $25.59 an hour while the average workweek lost 0.1 hours to 34.4 hours. This is bad news for the Federal Reserve but I think they are going to raise rates again by another .25% and spin the bad job numbers as being an aberration. Everything is Great!

3 June 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA284 June 3, 1928

I went to the Sierra Vista library online yesterday and downloaded the 3rd book in the Great War Series by Harry Turtledove. I didn't want as much time to pass before reading book three as I did between the first and second. I now have most of the characters still in mind.

Finished drawing the circles inside the shapes for the Circle Lesson. They do not merit a showing on the Home Page, nothing much different than what I did with the circle segments. Now it time to move on to a more interesting design that incorporates what I might have learned.

Another shopping day but I changed the timing a little. I arrived at Smith's a little early as I usually do and was going to wait but looked across the street and saw that Rosies Laundry was open. Went over there and got a load in the washer before Smith's would have opened.

The only things that Rosies has going for it are that it is across the street from Smith's and there is an attendant on duty. What it does not have going for it are hot dryers. The first time I was there I got one that did not dry at all, the one today was very marginal - certainly not hot. If I were to do laundry here in Grants again I would give Capri Laundromat on north 1st a try.

I had a long list, long for me, of stuff that I needed from Smith's this morning. Not just my usual weekly items that I knew where they were so it took me a bit longer to do my shopping today - but not much.

When I left there I gave El Cafecito another try. This time I had their omelet which was so-so. This seems to be THE place, maybe the ONLY, place to have breakfast in Grants. They had a full parking lot at 8:45 when I got there and almost full when I left. I can not recommend it.

2 June 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

When we went for our afternoon walk yesterday we were on our route near the Petro truck stop. I noticed a van and trailer that I thought I recognized and sure enough it was kaBLOONie at the Park filling his water carriers.

He suggested that we let Coffee Girl and Patches run in the Park and I did so without giving it a lot of thought and there was no one else in there at that time. A few minutes later we are talking as the dogs are running and I look to see where Patches is and she is approaching a woman that has entered the Park with a small dog.

I knew what was going to happen but it was too late. Sure enough Patches wanted to meet the dog and the woman thought she and her dog were under attack. She grabbed up her dog which only made things worse because now Patches wanted to stand up to see the dog.

I apologized to the woman and she went on her way. On her way to get her husband that would not accept an apology. I have no idea what he wanted from me but I could not give it to him. I apologized, I groveled and nothing appeased him so I finally just walked away and that was the end of it. Not a good walk for me although Patches enjoyed it.

I can not get the incident out of my mind. I am thinking that perhaps I am getting too old and non-attentive to be responsible for a dog? I'm thinking perhaps Patches would be better off with someone that has other dogs that she can learn to play with? I'm thinking that she may be better off anyplace but with me on the road living as I am? Maybe these thoughts will pass - then again maybe they will not?

I finished a quilt block yesterday that I had started some days ago and then got distracted. It was a block that was relatively easy to draw now that I have learned some things from the Geometric Design lessons. I'm not sure that I could have drawn it before going through the lessons I have. There were too many angles that were not 90s or fractions of 90s that I could not do before now.

I also made a good start on drawing circles inscribed inside a triangle, pentagon and octagon. These were the shapes, other than a circle segments, that were to have circles drawn inside them in the latest lesson.

The hardest part was finding formulas for the incircle radius and for the centroid. Yesterday I found how to compute the radius and then just through trial and error (and eyeballing it) found a place that looked like it was the centroid. Today I found how to compute the centroid and the computed numbers were within one or two pixel of what I eyeballed except for the octagon. The formula did not appear to work with it giving me a centroid that was 'off' by 2-3 pixels which drove me nuts until I finally said enough is enough and used my eyeball placement.

I read this book on Kindel downloaded from Gutenberg Project but what the Customer review that I copied says holds true. As the reviewer said there are a few of the stories that are not so great but not so bad. Overall this book was better than the previous ones that I have read by Wells although I don't know that it has made me a fan. I will read more by him that are available at Gutenberg.

This review is for the paperback edition of the "Oxford World Classics" edition edited by Michael Sherborne, with 33 stories collected. It's probably the best place to start on HG Wells' short fiction, containing the title story, his most well-known, and also many other masterpieces including the quite chilling realist revenge story "The Cone", a great example of his early comedic style in "The New Accellerator" and the story that is in my opinion his best, "The Door in the Wall." This is a story that is all atmosphere, sentiment and heartbreak; not typical of Wells but he carries it off in an extraordinarily powerful way in just a few pages. Certainly one of the most significant and influential stories of a door into another place....
Wells proves to be a master of most of the popular shorter forms of his day - the psychological horror, the monster story, the odd invention story, the romance, the harsh and gritty realistic story of crime. There are a few pieces here that I'm not crazy about, but nothing out and out bad. At any rate, if you don't find something to love in the stories I've mentioned, or most of the others in this collection, you are probably not a Wells fan. This is a touchstone. - Amazon Customer

1 June 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

The low temperature yesterday morning was 37° and we had a 48 for the low this morning. Both of those were very nice and the 10 Day forecast is guessing that there will be 10 more of them.

That is the good news, the bad news is that the high temperatures will now be in the mid to upper 80s with a 90 in the forecast for this Friday. Patches does not DO 90s and does not like upper 80s. She was doing the 'poor me, tongue hanging out bit' the past two days with it at 79. It is tough to please everyone in this household when it comes to what temperatures should be for a walk.

I finally arrived at a solution for drawing 3(2).4.3.4 (also called a Snub Square) when I saw within the pattern a shape that was NOT the tile. What I saw was a STAR. If you will look at the top left corner of the pattern you will see two red squares on a diagonal. If you look to the right you will see one positioned horizontally and has a yellow star point attached to each side. Then on a diagonal toward the top left you will see that there are two more stars. If you look at the diagonal below those stars you will see a line of squares that are tilted to the left.

Once I saw that relationship within the pattern it was relatively easy for me to draw it. I drew a STAR using JavaScript arc points then knowing where that center was I could move to the next STAR center on the diagonal and draw the next one. I could do the same with the TILTED SQUARES.

I learned a lot while drawing this pattern. The most obvious lesson was to look past the shape(s) of the tile and look for patterns within the overall pattern. Second, I knew that I could have a shape within the borders of Canvas that would 'lap' over the edge and Canvas would not show that portion that was outside the lines. What I found out by accident (I simply tried it) was that I could place the center of a circle that I was using to draw my shapes outside the lines.

Sort of a coloring outside the lines or thinking outside the box moment. I can use a negative 'x' or 'y' coordinate or have a positive 'x' or 'y' that is outside. This drawing might(?) have also weaned me away from the habit of trying to draw these patterns by starting with the borders as if I were putting a jigsaw puzzle together. They look like a puzzle but I can not draw them that way.

Hillary Clinton’s Emails Now Might Finally Take Her Down by Dan Metcalfe is a well written article . Metcalfe is registered Democrat who has long said that he will vote for Hillary Clinton in November “if she escapes indictment and manages to become the Democratic presidential nominee.” He also believes that she should be indicted; recommended read.

So what you must contemplate, as a leader of the Democratic Party, is the very real possibility of your likely presidential candidate actually being indicted, on criminal charges, sometime between now and, say, (a) the time of the convention at the end of July; (b) the time of the general election in early November; or (c) Inauguration Day in January. Which possibility would you prefer? Obviously, the answer might well be possibility (d): No indictment at all. But if that were not a realistic possibility, and remembering that your absolute imperative in this election cycle is to avoid at all costs ending up with a President Donald Trump, your preference is clear: You want a Democrat other than either Clinton or Sanders to go up against Trump in November, unorthodox as that might now sound....
And you get that only one way: 1) Clinton gets indicted as she ought to, but not until shortly after the convention; (2) the evidence presented in the indictment (as well as that proffered to her and her attorney privately) overwhelmingly proves to her that she in fact has bigger concerns in the coming months than running for the presidency; (3) Clinton is thereby forced to step down as the nominee (a difficult prospect to conceive of, to be sure); (4) the Democratic Party (translation: President Obama, as its leader) declares an “unprecedented” emergency and asks everyone to rally around a replacement ticket; and (5) slyest of all, the Democratic Party asks Senator Sanders to please not fight this, which he could not so easily do anyway once his “clout” is dissipated upon the convention’s conclusion.

31 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

As I was posting to this web page yesterday my NetWorx tracker informed me that I had used 100% of the daily quota that I have set up. On most days (the day before for an example used .16GB all day) I do not reach 100% during the entire day - something hammered me again.

I am well within my monthly plan usage limit so there has been no harm no foul - but there could have been. I checked to see if I could find the culprit and just like last month none of the likely suspects seemed to have done it. I now have a growing suspicion that the spikes in usage are being caused by Verizon. The daily and monthly usage that they show on their web site claims that it is estimated. If that is so then I assume that at some point the estimate is 'adjusted' to what I have actually used. That may account for the spike these past couple of months but I did not see that happening in the past. Another of the mystery in life - Verizon data usage.

This is what Verizon has reported my usage to be for the first time 'cut' of the day for the week leading up to the spike on the 30th. My usage did not change much from day to day but suddenly I used my entire self imposed daily quota in the first 'cut' of the day.
05/30/2016 6:36 AM 0.20861
05/29/2016 6:37 AM 0.10349
05/28/2016 8:38 AM 0.07943
05/27/2016 6:28 AM 0.07377
05/26/2016 6:31 AM 0.08155
05/25/2016 6:37 AM 0.06839
05/24/2016 6:34 AM 0.05014
05/23/2016 6:33 AM 0.05343

The second approach to drawing a tiled pattern of 3(2).4.3.4 tiling was a step in the right direction. It took a third try however before I found a solution to the problem. I'll finish drawing it today and show the result on this Home Page tomorrow.

Today I'm going to describe the problem(s) I had. These two pictures are from the web site where I am getting my inspiration to draw the tile patterns. The picture above is of one tile which is made from 3 equilateral triangles and 2 squares all meeting at a common vertex. The first problem that I had was how to draw this tile. I could draw it but I could not see how it could be placed next to another tile like it that would create the pattern.

After doing some drawing and failing I saw that if I drew the entire tile that a second tile could be placed so that part of it overlapped the first. That was the second problem. How do I determine what part of the tile is to be placed at what x,y coordinates on the Canvas? I could also see that sometimes I could take two complete tiles place one of them on Canvas, then rotate a second tile 180° thereby placing the two single triangles together forming a pair like on each tile. But I still had the problem(s) of drawing the tiles in place and could not wrap my head around where those places were. I'll let you contemplate these problems and be back with my solution and the finished drawing tomorrow.

If you are still working and not aware of what ObamaCare may be doing to you, beyond the increase in premiums, then please read this interesting article The Obamacare Cliff: redistribution and the disincentive to work.

30 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

It was colder this morning than yesterday - 31° or down one degree and below freezing again. The guessers came close yesterday with their 50 degree spread on the high and low. It was 81 high versus the 32 low.

They have it getting really hot in a hurry starting this Friday with predictions in the upper 80s and a 90 forecast on 7 June. My next camp has guesses that are 5 degrees cooler during that week. I might have made the right decision and the timing might be right for a change - perhaps.

When I drew the 3.6(2) tiling with only hexagons I used a Javascript 'If Loop' to draw a row of them. Then changed the coding by a couple of numbers and drew the next row. I thought I could do the same thing with the 4.8(2) that had only octagons. I could draw the rows but there was also a line drawn through the completed octagons. I did managed to find the cause and cure and got it drawn but it had temporarily defeated me.

I am now working on the 3(2).4.3.4 tiling which is very complicated and I have failed in my first attempt. Now have a second approach that looks like it could work but much too soon to claim success.

That plus reading on my Paperwhite and walking with Patches are what fill most of my days and this one is not any different.

There Has Been A Coup In Brazil by Paul Craig Roberts is another of his scathing articles against the Establishment. I am very surprised that they let him live. The parting shot in the article is so true but no one wants to believe it.

In the Western world voting is a waste of time. The election hype is nothing but cover for elite control. Electorates, always hopeful, never catch on.

29 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

This morning remained cold at 32° but the weather guessers continue to predict the lows will be in the 40s. They just keep pushing the date when that is going to start happening forward by a day when it does not happen.

They think that the high today will be 82°. That would be a 50 degree difference between the high and the low. Not something that is unheard of but not something that happens very often nor something I would be predicting.

I finished up another Uniform Tiling this morning. This was almost the same tiling pattern that was created in Lesson #3 when a Grid of Equilateral Triangles was drawn. I made up my own reference grid using hexagons but I could have probably used this tiling.

The Uniform Tiling 'name' is 3.6(2) which means that there are two equilateral triangles between two hexagons that are joined at their pointy ends. If the hexagon where divided into their 6 equilateral triangles it would then match what was drawn in the lesson.

It was rather easily done and I thought the next one in the list would be also. Found out that my thinking was faulty or my execution - perhaps both because I failed and have gone back to thinking about it again.

I can not say that I understand the mathematic formulas that made these drawings possible. The circle segments were the easy part but to then put an inscribed circle in each segment was the very hard part requiring the formulas. For the third row where I show the inscribed circles as rosettes I could have made it easy by simply covering the center with white. Which is what I did but first I cut the circles where their tangents met. You do not see the resulting pattern now but the far left had a square, the center a pentagon with the point at the bottom, and the right a hexagon.

I will now be moving on in the lesson to learn to inscribe circles within other shapes. I can not believe the mathematic formulas will be any easier for me to understand but I am hoping that what I have learned so far will help.

28 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

It was colder again this morning and I felt it. I was wishing that I had my gloves on before we had gone the first half mile. I have been here for two weeks now and seven, that is half, of the mornings have had a low temperature below freezing.

It is the yin and yang of being a RV Fulltimer. I 'wintered over' in Yuma, AZ for 3 months and did not have one morning low that was below freezing. In fact I only had four that were below 40°. Woe is me!

We were off to Smith's again and arrived right on schedule - 5 minutes before they opened. Still no Greek God Honey Vanilla but there were 3 cartons of Honey in the case so I was able to get two that I can 'doctor'. However, this week they had no white mushrooms; they did have some very expensive portobello mushrooms that I gave a pass.

Tried El Cafecito restaurant for breakfast which is the place to go in Grants, NM. It is a very nice restaurant in the declining town of Grants. The waitress was attentive, the coffee was good but the El Cafecito Special was only so-so. I may give them another try just because of their positive points.

Yesterday I did finish the first four drawing from Lesson #4 which is about working with circles. The four drawings were four different ways to draw a spiral using a compass. I found a lot of mathematic formula on the internet which I think would be much easier to use if I were to code the formula into Jaascript. But, I mimicked the compass method and was able to get them drawn.

The lesson then showed how to draw a Golden Spiral using a compass. I could have mimicked that process as well but had no interest in doing so. IF I even need to draw a Golden Spiral, or any spiral, in the future I will be using a mathematic formula.

I moved on to the next part of the lesson which was to inscribe a circle in a larger circle sector. The manipulation of compass and straight edge to accomplish this has me in awe of those that first discovered how to do it as well as those that have kept the skill alive. I have managed to do it using mathematical formula and Javascript coding which took some doing also but nothing like the skill needed to do it with a compass and straight edge.

I may have something drawn that I can, or want to, show tomorrow or the next day. The drawing at the culmination of the lesson is a very good one that I hope I can duplicate.

27 May 2016 Bar S RV Park (Milan, NM)

Read Will Rogers column 88 years ago: WA283 May 27, 1928

I worked on my latest Uniform Tiling drawing yesterday afternoon and evening. Got it to the point that the coding would be repetitive and was able to finish the pattern this morning. I really like how these look when I finish them.

I have also started to read Geometric Design Lesson #4 and started to draw the first thing presented. I have not finished that yet and do not like what I have done so far.

It has warmed up some this morning but still in the 30s at 36°. The expected high is to be back in the low 70s which is good but there will be winds this afternoon. They even started early today with a strong breeze blowing by 9:00.

I have updated the Drawing Archives with the page that has everything that I drew for Lesson #3. Some of those shapes will be used in later lessons and I may want to use some of them for other drawings so I did them and now can go back to the coding if I need/want one. Without them being in some pattern they do not do much for me.


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