10 December
Quail Ridge
Huachuca City, AZ

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I placed an order with Bradd and Hall Inc yesterday for a Lambright Lazy Lounger Swivel Wall Hugger Recliner with Chianti Ultra Leather. I sent two emails, the second one on 5 Dec, to Glastop RV Furniture telling them that I wanted to buy and for them to give me a quote - no reply. Bradd and Hall wanted to sell to me and promptly responded on 6 Dec. The downside is the delivery will take 6-7 weeks because Lambright is closed down until after Christmas.

I think I have everything ordered for the floor project now except for the floor moulding. When RV City gave me their estimate they said to wait until they had the floor in place then they would know how much moulding I would need. I'm also thinking about having them do wallpapering before adding the moulding. Spending money like a drunken sailor; not to belittle drunken sailors.
There were brief rain showers off and on yesterday morning with the sun trying to make an appearance. There was even a brief hail storm while the sun was shining. I expected to see some snow on the Huachuca Mountains and maybe the high peaks of the Whetstones this morning. A lot of cloud cover on the mountain peaks but yesterday afternoon I saw there was no snow on the Whetstones and only on the highest peaks of the Huachucas.

The 10 day forecast does not expect any more rain but it is going to be colder. The high temperatures to be mostly in the 60s and upper 50s with most of the lows to be in the lower 40s. Winter has arrived.

Do you want to know why the United States as a country is hated all around the world? Fred has written a post that provides one very good reason. I have selected only one paragraph about one country where the US has been improving the lives of its people.
Washington never sleeps in its campaigns to improve the lives of people whose most fervent wish is that America stop improving their lives. To give the Afghans democracy, human rights, and American values, the US has for eighteen years been bombing, bombing, bombing a largely illiterate population in a nation where America has no business.
It is a coward’s war with warplanes butchering peasants who have no defenses. The pilots and drone operators who do this deserve contempt, as does the country that sends them. How many more years? For what purpose? And how were the German Nazis different? On Rogues and Rogue States, Fred Reed

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