19 January 2020
Quail Ridge
Huachuca City, AZ

no pic
I am undergoing another psoriasis flash. While on our afternoon walk yesterday I started feeling like I did back in October but not as severe and it did not come on as quickly. When we finished the walk I checked and sure enough there was the flash. I also took my blood pressure and heart rate almost as soon as I got in Desperado. Everything looked normal, for me, and I did not faint although I did lay down for 15 minutes. Not much of an appetite but I did eat. Feel good this morning so can only hope that it is a mild flash.
More cooking today. This time I have garbonzos in the pot which will be the base for my daily salad. Most of the time I add avocado, tomato and olives then ladle on some of my buttermilk dressing.

I could tell that it was warmer this morning but not sure that it was above freezing. It was 33.3° so not freezing but not the 37 that was forecast. The weather guessers think the low tomorrow morning will be 41 with no freezing mornings in the 10 Day forecast. Let it be so!

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